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 June 13, 2024

Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Considering Leaving LA Because Of Growing Crime Wave

Following multiple incidents at her residence, actress Goldie Hawn is contemplating a move to Palm Desert to escape the increasing insecurity in Los Angeles.

Fox News reported that Goldie Hawn, the 78-year-old Academy Award-winning actress, has long been a fixture in Hollywood but with the deteriorating situation in Los Angeles, she seems to be planning on getting out.

Hawn has faced alarming threats to her safety at her own home. Hawn and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell, first encountered trouble when they returned from dinner to find their home had been burglarized.

Initial Burglary Shakes Hawn and Russell

The couple had been away for a little over two hours when burglars targeted their property. Breaking in through the balcony, the intruders forcibly entered their bedroom and closets. The extent of the invasion was not immediately apparent until Hawn walked into her closet.

"We came back and went in the house. I went up to the stairs and I walked into my closet. I just lost it," Hawn recounted. The break-in was both sophisticated and audacious, targeting a reinforced door to access valuables.

"And they completely knocked down my door, which is a safe door, so they're very, very sophisticated, and they got a lot of my goodies if you know what I mean," she added. Despite the initial shock, Hawn later rationalized that the likelihood of another incident was low.

However, the sense of security was short-lived. Four months after the burglary, Hawn experienced another unsettling event while home alone. A loud noise suggested an attempted break-in, reigniting her fears.

"I hear this big thump upstairs — and I was alone; Kurt wasn't there — and I went, 'What the hell was that?'" said Hawn, describing the incident. Following this, she decided to hire a full-time guard, particularly for the times she was by herself.

The incidents have taken a toll on Hawn, who has lived in Los Angeles for decades alongside Russell. The couple, who met in 1966 and began their romantic partnership in 1983, have woven their lives deeply into the fabric of the city.

Crime Statistics and Personal Security

The Los Angeles Police Department reported a 3.5% increase in property crimes earlier this year, reflecting a broader trend of rising crime rates in the area. Mayor Karen Bass has recognized the growing public safety concerns, stating, "My No. 1 job is to keep Angelenos safe," amid her initiatives to curb the crime rate.

Hawn, reflecting on potential alternatives to her current living situation, mentioned Palm Desert as a safer option. "What if we couldn't live in LA, where would we live? We both decided I think it's Palm Desert. … It's so safe," she said, voicing her considerations about moving.

The contemplation of relocation highlights the impact of crime on personal decisions about safety and residence, particularly for public figures like Hawn.

Hawn has two children from a previous marriage, and Russell has a son from another relationship; together, they also have one biological son. Their family's safety is a paramount concern, influencing their potential decision to move.

The couple celebrated their 41st anniversary this Valentine's Day, marking over four decades of companionship and shared experiences in Los Angeles.

"It's just 'cause L.A. is terrible. I mean, we were robbed once," Hawn expressed her dismay at the recent turn of events. Her experiences reflect a broader issue facing many residents in major cities experiencing spikes in crime.

The recent disturbances have prompted a reevaluation of what it means to feel secure at home. Hawn's decision to employ a guard underscores the measures some are taking to protect themselves.

"I've had a guard, especially when I'm alone now," she noted, highlighting the adjustments she's had to make in response to the threats.

As Hawn and Russell consider their future, their situation is a stark reminder

of the challenges facing individuals in high-profile communities and the implications for personal safety in urban settings.</detached from essential people and surroundings, but may prove necessary for their peace of mind.

The debate over relocating is driven by a desire for a safer environment, away from the threats that have disrupted their peace. Palm Desert represents not just a potential new home but a retreat from the fears that have shaken their sense of security.

"That's terrifying," commented Kelly Ripa during a conversation with Hawn about the incidents, echoing a sentiment many can relate to when facing similar threats.

"I couldn't believe it. What is happening here?" Hawn reflected on the surreal nature of the events, which have reshaped her perspective on living in Los Angeles.


In conclusion, the series of unsettling events at Goldie Hawn's Los Angeles home has prompted her to consider relocating for safety.

These incidents highlight the growing concern over property crimes in major cities and the personal impacts they have on residents, influencing decisions on where to live in pursuit of security and peace.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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