March 3, 2021

Ruth Ginsburg hospitalized for the second time in a month

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been admitted to hospitalized once again after undergoing a “non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure,” a SCOTUS spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday evening. 

Ginsburg, 87, was last admitted to the hospital roughly two weeks ago for an infection. She also revealed that she has been receiving treatment for liver cancer for several months as well.

“Justice Ginsburg underwent a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure today at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City to revise a bile duct stent that was originally placed at Sloan Kettering in August 2019,” the court statement said.

“According to her doctors, stent revisions are common occurrences and the procedure, performed using endoscopy and medical imaging guidance, was done to minimize the risk of future infection,” the statement continued.

Further details about Ginsburg’s latest health episode have not been released, but the court revealed that Ginsburg is “resting comfortably” and is expected to be released from the hospital by the end of the week.

Ginsburg has not provided any further updates in regard to her ongoing cancer treatment since her initial announcement in mid-July. She said at the time that the chemotherapy course is “yielding positive results.”

She has also indicated that she plans to continue to serve on the court until it is no longer physically possible, and said that she is working “full steam” despite her recent slew of health problems.

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71 Responses

  1. Old Baby Killers never die they just hang in there until they can kill the last baby before they go to hell.

    1. RBG is on her death bed. I pray she makes her peace with The Prince of Peace. It is time to relinquish your position. You are hanging on to something you no longer have control of. May God bless you Ruth

    2. She Ruth BG has made unwise, unrighteous decision and I pray she repents before standing The Mighty Throne of God. His Son, yes, died for her as well.

      1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Jewish, so she does not believe in Jesus as a son of our G-d. We do not believe in Jesus. She has nothing to worry about in that department. Everyone has a right to believe in their own religion, and not impose it on someone who does not have the same beliefs.

        1. There are MANY Jewish Christians. I would doubt that she is a practicing Jew, after all, though shalt NOT murder!

        2. Under our Constitution everybody has the freedom of religion so that gives everybody the right to be wrong if they do choose.

          1. Freedom of religion you say. Well the founding fathers said freedom of religion speaking of Christian beliefs. Constitution was written with Christian beliefs. Not Muslim. Muslim is not a religion. Its a cult and Mohammad is a pedophile

          2. Joan, NO ONE has the “right” to
            sin They have the freedom
            to choose to do so, but not the right
            to disobey God. Adam and Eve had the freedom to choose to disobey God, but
            they did not have the right to. God warned them of the consequences if they did eat of the “forbidden” tree.
            And God has commanded ALL to

          1. She voted to make abortion a legal law. This makes her a contributor to murder. God gave us the 10 Commandments, one is thou shall not kill.

        3. Wow, are you guys REALLY splitting hairs over Jewish vs Christian? Really?

          Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a hate filled monster who has taken her stand with the slime of humanity. She hates babies, real marriage and the rights of working Americans to stay in their homes if a giant drug company wants their land — look up “Kelo vs New London”. Her contempt for both We The People and our constitution couldn’t be more plain. She has gone out of her way to shoot off her big fat mouth about any number of issues during softball interviews, but has said NOTHING about the vicious rioting led by hate filled communists going on all across America. In other words, she’s on our nation’s highest court, but has zilch to say about organized violent law breaking.

          She is unique in having no redeeming features whatsoever.

    1. Maybe someone should step on you. Your not God nor a representative of my GOD or must of anyone else’s. Leave this child of GOD alone! She is a good Child of HIM, better then you ever will be!!!

      1. We do not know her heart as to
        whether or not she has been born again, but I’ve not seen anything to convince me she has. But, I leave that up to God.

  2. Poor lady! She should retire and stay home. What is her death with? Destroying the country as it is already? Last 60 years of Liberal’s agenda has been ruining this great country.
    I am an independent. I love to see a politician like JFK: “Ask Not What your Country Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for Your Country!”
    It takes a lot of courage to say that. If any politician says something like that, he or she won’t get elected. That’s how wrong this country has become. Very Sad indeed.

      JFK had SOME good points, it’s just a little difficult for me to see. JFK saw to it that Ft. Knox got emptied of OUR gold and GAVE it to china. he was just as liberal as they come. Richard Nixon was the last REAL president this country had until we were very fortunate to have Donald Trump. It is my belief it was a bunch of demoNrats were the ones that “broke in” their own “secret place” then planted the “evidence” so it could be “found” so they could force Nixon out. Unlike Donald Trump, Richard Nixon did NOT want to make any waves.

  3. I dont wish her ill, but I do think its time for her to retire, resign or be removed. she can no longer do her job and obviously are trying to stretch her life till election so Trump can not put another Judge in her SCOTUS position.
    God Bless and go in peace Ruth. Let go .

    1. RBG’s goal is to live long enough to prevent Pres Trump from nominating a Conservative to fill her SCOTUS position.

  4. RGB’s Faustinan bargain with the devil isn’t complete – he keeps her a walking corpse so she can help destroy thie only Republic ever consecrated to God.

  5. I do not wish her anything bad but her health is terrible and she should retire and spend her last days with family instead of in and out of the hospital. I take it she does have a family.

  6. She wants to stay a judge until President Trump has left office. Then I guarantee you she will retire. But she will not last the next 4 years of Trump’s re-election, so she should leave now. Those democrats will do anything to have power. Instead of the people having the power. Which is the way it’s supposed to be. They have taken away our voice in government. Voting is not the only voice we are to have. We need to take it back. Maybe Trump will see to it when he gets re-elected. Along with letting us vote for term limits. Which the democrats are scared to death we will do.

    1. When a Supreme Court Justice does not interpret our laws in a just and unbiased manner, their affirmation becomes a political snowball. When that happens to the point of no recovery, that will be the time we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. I truly fear for this country!

      1. The old girl needs to stay home but she said she would stay until after the election for trump cant replace her.all of these old hard core Democrats that vote the Democrats way good or bad needs to retire.

  7. That old bitty is just like ted kennedy ( small letters intended), she’ll be there till they have to pick up her cold scrawny hand and lay it on the anything against Trump button.

    1. That is the reason we MUST have term limits. This BS of idiots dropping out of sandbox after 25 years there, getting “elected” via mob connections into politics and just staying there until they die has got to stop. I have no idea whether she got elected the same way the kennedys did or not, wouldn’t surprise me.

  8. I think she should have retired several years ago she’stoo old to keep doing that working in the supreme court we need a supreme court justice that are healthy not to keep rocking back-and-forth with bad health that’s my opinion you can take that a dollar and a half by a cup of coffee. Al

  9. There should be term limits just like the president. It’s about time they did the same thing for Congress! It wasn’t meant to be that way. Do your job and then go home and go back to work not live off of the people for the rest of your life And do absolutely nothing!! Politicians are nothing but a sore on her behinds!!

  10. I can almost see it now. Bader’s transition from here to eternity. A cushy ring of fire just made for her tushi. She shall no longer rule upon people’s lives. Conversely, she will be ruled, forever!

  11. The Democrat party is continuing telling her to hold off until after the election. They want her to stay in there until, if Biden wins so they can put a Liberal in there. She needs to retire and spend time with her family with the time she has left. LET HER RETIRE !!!!

  12. I love Israel and the Jewish people. I pray they all receive the true Son of God as their saviour.

  13. Why does a wonderful man, Hermann Cain, die and horrible people like RBG, Soros, Pelosi, Shumer, etc. live seemingly forever? We need another 4 years of Trump to finish his work. God bless him and the American people.

  14. Is she still alive or is what we’re getting prerecorded pap to get pest the elaction.

  15. The genocide puppet – they all work with UN and the underworld leaders to get rid of as many people they can.

  16. This jurist needs to submit her resignation to allow the Nation to get on with the process to replace her. She is irreversibly ill!❗😱❗

  17. Ruth is way to old to be on the court, probably doesn’t know what she is voting for. Sick like that she can’t read all those reports. Stay home and retire.

  18. I am a cancer survivor and I know for certain she is not able to do her job. Chemo takes your muscles and leaves you to weak too do much of anything. I am fortunate to be able to live alone, do my shopping and I still drive my car but I have difficulty walking. I am 87 years old and my mind is good. It’s time for Ginsberg to retire let President Trump do his job and elect someone who can do a good job. Term limits!!! Trump 2020

    1. I am sorry for your suffering, but I am glad you are able to be somewhat self-sustaining. I agree that she is past any good service to the Supreme Court. she will not resign until after the election, but I can give her a word of advice, do it now. Trump will win re-election in November. the debacle that was the House of Representatives questioning of Mr. Barr on Monday guarantees that. on another line of thought, lets hope that Nasty Nadler leaves office soon. after all, he says the riots are just a myth. lets send him to Portland to shelter with the brave people of the federal Marshalls office in the courthouse there. he can go outside to extinguish the fires that the “Wall of Moms” doesn’t set, and a the peaceful protesters will not throw projectiles, bottles, laser lights etc at him. he should be made to stand in front of the courthouse for several hours at nite so he can personally attest that all this crap that is happening is truly a myth. also, piglosi can go with him so she can see these stormtroopers and gestapo people herself. after all, as a dim-witted demon rat said, this is all a trial run by President Trump prior to his starting a civil war in America. will someone please tell me what planet the demon rats are from?????? VOTE RED IN NOVEMBER. MAGA. KAG. WE LOVE OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!

  19. The DNC is run by the chinses communist party, not the chinses mafia…………………..Oh……………. I am sorry….. I didn’t realize that there isn’t any difference.

  20. Old Bag Ginsburg needs to stepdown and resign. She cannot do the job of a Supreme Court Justice by listening to recording and reading transcripts. She is useless

  21. Ginsburg is useless on the court, she is being paid not to step down, and that makes her a traitor to this country, she is a traitor to the court

  22. Vote RED! VOTE RED!!!!! IN PERSON… mail in fraudulent “votes”!
    Patrick Henry said “Give me freedom or give me death.” If we don’t get our duty done, we will be signing our own Death Warrants!

  23. The DNC has been using duct tape and super glue to keep old hag Ginsberg upright . She should have retired a long time ago , but she hates Trump so she’s keeping her robe til at least Nov. as long as she’s taped upright in a chair . The good news is , when Trump wins in Nov. , she won’t go another 4 years ,,,,,, 6-3



  25. She hates 2/3’s of America and will stay there as long as this election, then she’s gone. If Trump wins, she’ll leave because she knows she won’t last another 4 years. If Biden wins (I’d rather be dead than to see my America destroyed) she’ll still leave because, well, Biden won.

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