August 8, 2022

Georgia State Senate approves bill requiring photo ID for absentee ballots

After the GOP suffered stunning losses in Georgia’s Presidential and Senate elections in November, it appears state lawmakers have rallied to fix one of the glaring issues in the state’s voting system.

Breitbart reported that the Georgia state Senate voted 35 to 18 on Tuesday to approve a law that will require voters requesting absentee ballots to provide valid photo ID prior to receiving the ballot.

According to the Hill, the legislation will “require voters to submit a driver’s license number, state identification card number or a photocopy of an approved form of identification in order to vote absentee in the state.

Democrats have fiercely decried the new rule as a form of “voter suppression” because those without a valid driver’s license or state ID card will no longer be able to request absentee ballots. Those voters will still be allowed to vote in person, State Sen. Larry Walker (R) noted.

Democrat activists have made it clear that protecting the integrity of our elections is the last thing on their minds, instead championing new ways to get as many people to vote as possible with the fewest legal barriers — opening up federal and state elections to fraud at all levels.

“It’s not about disenfranchising voters,” Walker, one of the GOP co-sponsors of the bill explained. “It’s not about overly burdening the electorate. It’s about efficiency, integrity, allowing the Georgia public to have confidence in the vote. The public can have confidence and trust in the integrity of our election results.”

Bishop Reginald Thomas Jackson, presiding prelate of the Sixth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church cried racism in protest of the bill’s passage, claiming that the GOP-led effort is another attempt to suppress the black vote in the Peach state.

“It was these very same Republicans who passed these laws a few years ago that provided for absentee ballot, that provided for early voting, that provided for ballot boxes,” Jackson lamented.

“These very same Republicans, when it worked for them, it was nothing wrong with them. But now that Blacks and people of color are using these processes to vote, that’s why now they say we’ve got to stop it,” he declard.

The controversial bill will now proceed to the Georgia State House of Representatives for approval.

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Jim (@guest_1153964)
1 year ago

Every person who is of voting age HAS some sort of Government issued photo ID, or can easily get one. How else can they legally prove who they are or cash a check, even a welfare check! ANYONE WHO WANTS TO VOTE SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROVE THEY CAN. It’s that darn simple.

Betty Rickmond (@guest_1154176)
1 year ago

Congratulations Georgia !
Let’s hope some other states, I could
name, will do the same to protect
voter integrity for future elections.

Jo (@guest_1155751)
Reply to  Betty Rickmond
1 year ago

I agree one hundred percent with you it’s about. Hopefully others states will follow same rule!!!

Dranda (@guest_1154421)
1 year ago

you need a valid ID to go banking. you need a valid ID if pulled over. you need a valid ID to enter State/Federal parks. you need a valid ID to board a plane. The list goes on. One of the most important things you can do is vote. valid ID is a must. no paper IDs, NO excuses.

Jo (@guest_1155752)
Reply to  Dranda
1 year ago

Well said!!

daledor (@guest_1154440)
1 year ago

I can hardly post anything for editing will re try

daledor (@guest_1154451)
1 year ago

This is a ridiculously controlled post don’t waste time on truth

Karen (@guest_1154923)
1 year ago

Way to go Georgia!! Let’s get back to what is right and transparent! Our voting system had worked quite well until last year!

People have to have I’d for everything – voting should be no different. And how about making sure deceased and people who have left state be taken off the roles prior to Election Day!

Mark A Murray (@guest_1155249)
1 year ago

The parasites will do anything to rig the elections in their favor!!!!! Thank you Georgia for doing what’s right !!!

Barbara Cook (@guest_1156318)
1 year ago

I agree with everyone in Georgia. You need an ID for any type of business or traveling that you want to do.

I wish our Governor of North Carolina would enforce our voter ID Law, unfortunately, he doesn’t. Every time that I have went to vote during the Presidential Election’s or the Mid-term Election’s, I always pull out my driver’s license and I always show it to the person at the first table that I walk up to, and that person looks at it, and then they look at their list of residents that are registered to vote, to make sure that I’m on that list. Even though I’m not required to show my ID, I always pull it out and show it. I have to have an Id for driving, banking, and for purchasing an airplane ticket to travel for Business out of State.

Having an ID doesn’t interfere with my right to vote, and it want interfere with anyone else’s rights to vote either.

Marlene (@guest_1157464)
Reply to  Barbara Cook
1 year ago

I live in Florida and it is the law here. No ID no vote. It keeps elections honest.

Marlene (@guest_1157459)
1 year ago

That Bishop is saying black Americans are too stupid to get a photo ID? Even welfare recipients black or white need a photo ID. His arguments don’t hold water.

Javiernop (@guest_1245548)
1 year ago

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