May 26, 2022

Georgia Senate Democrats who opposed school choice sent their children to private school

Democrats often make rules for others that they don’t want to follow themselves. That’s particularly true when it comes to school choice.

Four Democratic members of the Georgia Senate Education Committee who opposed school choice were caught sending their own children to private schools, the Daily Caller reported. State Sens. Lester Jackson, Elana Parent, Sonya Halpern, and Freddie Sims voted against the “Georgia Educational Freedom Act” despite their own children benefitting from private school.

Jackson admitted that his son, Lester Jackson IV, attends the $22,000 per year to Savannah Country Day School. The parent had also previously admitted to sending her child to private school with the excuse that the “public shouldn’t pay for it just because he has ADHD.”

Halpern fessed up to send some of her children to private school during a hearing ahead of the vote. “I have kids in private school and I have kids in public school,” she admitted.

The only one who was cagey about it was Sims, who cryptically said her three daughters “made that choice” years ago on where to send her children. This statement was from a video the Daily Caller unearthed in its investigation.

None of the politicians would directly answer the Daily Caller’s questions, but Parent told the news outlet about her reasoning for voting against the measure. “This legislation only provides $6,000, and 71% of Georgia private schools, including almost all in metro Atlanta, cost far more,” Parent said.

“Therefore, this bill provides the illusion of allowing kids to go to private school but the tuition will still be out of reach for the vast majority and meanwhile the money siphoned from the system will make it more difficult to provide a quality education for the millions of kids who will remain in the public schools,” she claimed. Somehow, giving parents zero help is better in her mind.

The people in government apparently consider themselves above the laws they pass or vote against. It’s clear from their choices that acknowledge private schools are a better option, but that’s all the more reason they should support school choice.

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