May 28, 2022

New Georgia Rep. promises to file articles of impeachment against Biden

Freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced on Twitter that she is planning to reverse the impeachment fight and put the spotlight on President-elect Joe Biden by filing articles of impeachment against him the day after his inauguration.

On January 21, 2021, I’ll be filing Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden for abuse of power.#ImpeachBiden #QuidProJoe#BidenCrimeFamily

Greene made the announcement right after the House Democrats, and a few turncoat Republicans voted to impeach President Trump for the second time. Democrats don’t seem to understand that they are making President Trump a martyr and the most famous American president ever.

Referring to Biden’s past shady deals as vice president with foreign governments, Greene said Biden is willing to abuse his power as president.

We have to make sure that our leaders are held accountable, we cannot have a president of the United States that is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments …  Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies. So on January 21, I will be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden.”

Explaining her motivation for filing the articles of impeachment, Greene said, “75 million Americans are fed up with inaction. It’s time to take a stand. I’m proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored.”

Greene went after the weak-kneed Republicans who let Democrats ravage the country and abuse their power. She told Newsmax:

I’m tired of Republicans who lay down and allow this country to be ravaged, allow Democrats to abuse their power in their positions, and I believe it’s time for Republicans to stand up for the American people and do a good job in Congress. 

Pulling no punches, Greene called Biden a criminal and cited Biden’s shakedown of the Ukrainian president Poroshenko to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma or forego $1 billion. She said, “We don’t let criminals serve in our office as president.”

Only 10 days in office, Greene is making headlines as she pushes back against the Democrat juggernaut in the House. She said, “The American people need hope; they need to know there are Republicans in Congress that are willing to stand up and fight for them, regardless of being in a minority, regardless of having all odds against us, against me, or against anyone in Congress.”

Go here for a video of Greene’s interview on Newsmax.

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Terry Bell (@guest_1104760)
1 year ago


Carol A McKinney (@guest_1104900)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

You go girl, I will support you, prayers for you

Curtis Climer (@guest_1104928)
Reply to  Carol A McKinney
1 year ago

Same here

Susan LINDAUER (@guest_1104936)
Reply to  Carol A McKinney
1 year ago

There’s already so much to fear and loathe about Joe Biden.

1. Engaging in election fraud in the States of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico. Those actions include buying votes for Walmart gift cards on Indian reservations; dumping Biden ballots purchased under the table from a Michigan printer; paying an Organized Crime boss $3 MILLION in Philadelphia to fill out 300,000 Biden ballots; poll workers caught on CCTV cameras in Georgia at several locations stuffing ballots 5-6-7 times into voting machines; Audits of Dominion voting machines showing an 83 PERCENT error rate in Michigan and a 95 PERCENT error rate in Georgia causing Tens of Thousands of votes to switch from Trump to Biden.

2. Deploying ANTIFA and Black LIves Matter as PAID violent enforcers of Democrat politicians, terrorizing our cities by looting & burning down local businesses and demanding extortion payments from seniors and whatever businesses survive. ALSO the infamy of PAYING ANTIFA & BLM to infiltrate the Trump Rally on January 6, and instigating riots dressed up as Trump supporters.

3. Multiple Biden Family Pay to play schemes with foreign governments in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia

4. China’s interference in the Election and pay to play schemes, resulting in skewed China First policy by the incoming Biden White House

5. Dictatorial attacks on Free Speech by Big Tech allies of Biden/Harris to silence criticism of corrupt practices in government. It is Tyranny.

These are all grounds for Impeachment or Removal of Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris on the 25th Amendment. We anticipate more legitimate justifications to follow in the first 100 days as Biden/Harris attempt to transform the Presidency into a Dictatorship against the American People.

Susan LINDAUER (@guest_1104945)
Reply to  Susan LINDAUER
1 year ago

We support Rep. Marjorie Greene as a Defender of our Constitution and Freedom.
Unhappily in the next few weeks, more crimes against the People are sure to follow.

Janet (@guest_1104964)
Reply to  Susan LINDAUER
1 year ago

Agreed! Finally a NEW voice with a backbone!

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1104993)
Reply to  Susan LINDAUER
1 year ago

Well said. There are many people in agreement with your post. You tell it like it is. The Democrats have gotten away with so much and never made to pay. But then they could lose everything if they cross Soros.

Georges Metellus (@guest_1105029)
Reply to  Susan LINDAUER
1 year ago

Susan you know you are lying. How do you explain that not one Court out of fifty was able to show that the election was ragged. Even the supreme Court did not buy it. Remember that most of the judges scattered throughout the country were nominated by Trump. In addition, the government is in a better position to rag the election since it possesses all the tools to do that. In most cases where elections have been stolen, this is always the government in place that instigates it. In addition, Trump knew that he was not going to win the elections, this is why way before the election he started preparing his people’s mind in case they would have to do what they have done the six of January. He tried to eliminate the post offices throughout the country, He even fired the postmaster. He tried everything possible to prevent people (particularly black) from voting
Also it is unfair to try to drop the responsibility of the January six’ events on ANTIFA & BLM. You should know that 100% of the people arrested in this event belong to the “white supremacy” group, the KKK the Qanon…not one of the of persons who participated in this insurrection belong to Antifa or BLM. Dishonesty is one of the sad characteristics of the Trump’s doctrine. why do you think it is Okay to throw dirts on this respectable and beautiful country. Is it just to satisfy your greed and/or your prejudices. SHAME ON YOU! LONG LIVE AMERICA!!!!

Bill Smith (@guest_1104944)
Reply to  Carol A McKinney
1 year ago

We are 100% behind you congresswoman Greene

Toni (@guest_1104956)
Reply to  Carol A McKinney
1 year ago

I’m with you! This has gone on way too long! 47 years tooling!

Toni (@guest_1104957)
Reply to  Toni
1 year ago

Lol **too long

Cherie hacht (@guest_1104978)
Reply to  Carol A McKinney
1 year ago

Bless you Bless you!!!! Trump has been so mistreated for so long … we stand behind you … get those Lair

Mike Hayes (@guest_1104963)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

I hope so…couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. just kidding. hope it is fatal.

daniel boone (@guest_1104969)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

he cannot have a heart attack he does not have a heart

Barbara Smith (@guest_1104972)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

Good. We need someone to stand ;up for our rights. I have said for a long time that the Biden family is corrupt.

loyalvet (@guest_1104853)
1 year ago


Hilda Pitman (@guest_1104899)
1 year ago

Good for you!! We need lots more GOPs who have your courage. YOU GO GIRL!!

Patrici Mckenzie (@guest_1104901)
1 year ago

I am thankful she is standing up to the democrats. I pray God takes them all out of office

Carol McKinney (@guest_1104902)
1 year ago

You go girl, I do not think Joe Biden won the election and charges should be brought on many others, especially Nancy Pelosi,

Joe zeimet (@guest_1104954)
Reply to  Carol McKinney
1 year ago

The problem is if you remove Biden, we have to deal with Harris and then Pelosi. Biden might be less dangerous.
to our cointry

Michael G Warren (@guest_1104903)
1 year ago

Let’s get Bad-fingers Joe IMPEACHED today, and his U.S. Citizenship revoked tomorrow. KAG!!

Rose (@guest_1104905)
1 year ago

Some one has a backbone and is afraid to use it.

Bill Smith (@guest_1104946)
Reply to  Rose
1 year ago

Amen to that and it is way way past time

wm clifford (@guest_1104906)
1 year ago

I admire yr efforts! An oldster who is 85 yrs young would like to be as aggressive as U.

earl (@guest_1104907)
1 year ago

good for her we the american people demand whats good for the goose is good for the gander biden has been a cook for 40y years its time he does jail time and lets not forget hilliary and have the FBI their all crooked and dirty

Shuggs (@guest_1104908)
1 year ago

Love it! It’s about time a newly elected Congressional representative showed a back-bone. Congresswoman Taylor-Greene as a freshman representative isn’t intimidated by her veteran colleagues. Screw the seniority protocols. This statement is not meant to be demeaning, “You Go Girl!”

Richard Bale (@guest_1104911)
1 year ago

Hilarious. I would love to see Biden get sworn in and then buffaloed back out of office impeached. I’ll laugh out loud.

Betty W. Hill (@guest_1104917)
Reply to  Richard Bale
1 year ago

Would never be convicted but he deserves to be dragged through the dirt like Trump was.

carol greene (@guest_1104912)
1 year ago

Yes Take Biden and his Crime family out!

Judy G (@guest_1104914)
1 year ago

I’m so proud we’ve finally voted somebody in that’s got enough moxie to take on these people. You get it going, Lady, and we’ll fall in behind you and give you all the support you need.

Will (@guest_1104979)
Reply to  Judy G
1 year ago

Support for what? A word and NOTHING more! This is just theatre designed to make you feel like you have a voice. You DO NOT! Democracy died with the illegal changes in election laws in swing states. So, what good is it going to do to label a crook a crook if there is ZERO consequence. Remember YOU are paying for it. Either way the real issue is the death of democracy. No impeachment or anything short of the evidence being shown to the american people and the corruption exposed will change that. As of Jan 20th you officially have no voice and nothing a republican says will have any value or merit whatsoever. You all did this to yourselves by putting politicians up on pedastals believing there bs and allowing them to live above the law for 100 years now. Impeachment? Who cares

floyd lane (@guest_1104918)
1 year ago

so happy Rep. greene is holding biden accountable its about time someone is not afraid of the democrats.

Wanda Kirkpatrick (@guest_1104919)
1 year ago

I am glad someone is standing up to these demonrats!

Aileen (@guest_1104920)
1 year ago

Ms Green has more guts and a stronger will to do the right thing than the majority of congressional republicans. Do your jobs that we pay you to do. Stand up for US!
Just what we need: is strong representation. More of these types of people should come forward.

Teresita (@guest_1104921)
1 year ago

If all Republican members of Congress and Senate have the balls and courage they are supposed to show on behalf of their constituents, SHOULD AND MUST BE IN AGREEMENT WITH THIS STRONG LADY AND SUPPORT HER INITIATIVE!!!! IT WILL BE ONLY FAIR BECAUSE CRIMINAL JOE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED TO THE END!!!!

Barbara-Ann Driscoll (@guest_1104924)
1 year ago

I agree. Do it.

Donna (@guest_1104926)
1 year ago

May God Bless you and keep you Keep your Faith. God. Is still in control. Our people need to look to God. He will not FAIL.

Spurn (@guest_1104929)
1 year ago

Thank God the corrupt Biden empire of self dealing will be addressed and investigated. What an apparent crime ridden family. Scary an apparent real crook gets to be President not a Hoax compromised by China, UKraine, and many more Bobalinski gave the FBI plenty of evidence to pursue. Its about time a Special Prosecutor needs appointed now to look at the whole Biden family. His brother James; Joe Biden son and wife.

Etta Miller (@guest_1104932)
1 year ago

you will be tremendously challenged by demorats and probably some yellow spined republicans, but hang in there I will be praying. I will support you completely with prayers and words. Put on the whole armour to fight against these demons. They will be after you like a pack of wolves. Good will prevail. God Bless you.

Betty Mealus (@guest_1104933)
1 year ago

But that would leave Kamela in charge and she isn’t any better.

Shuggs (@guest_1104967)
Reply to  Betty Mealus
1 year ago

The Dot-Head/Jamaican is next to be impeached for bailing out rioting felons and encouraged continued rioting.

pondman (@guest_1104935)
1 year ago

Finally a Republican with some balls! Good for her, as she said we don’t need a crook in the White House (Mr. Biden)!

Louis M. Feeler (@guest_1104938)
1 year ago

It’s about time that somebody stood up for America and Americans.I pray that you can take some of the crooks out of office and replace all of those Republicans who have betrayed us along with democrats who would sell out our country.

Peggy Akin (@guest_1104939)
1 year ago

Good for Greene but we have to get rid of Kamala Harris too. How about impeaching her for bailing out of jail the BLM and Antifa thugs destroying cities and businesses.

Sandra Castonguay (@guest_1104974)
Reply to  Peggy Akin
1 year ago

AMEN!! Maxine Waters also INCITED violence vs. the right, and her minions went out & did her dirty work as she instructed them to do! WHY is she still in the party? Harris incited riots & KILLINGS and FEDERAL BLDGS. w/ PEOPLE inside! We have to keep calling them out & contacting our representitives as some RINOS won’t! We have to do RINOS jobs until they r GONE!

E A C (@guest_1104940)
1 year ago

May God grant you wisdom and protection against the self serving members in our Congress who care nothing about fulfilling their duties to the citizens who voted them into power, but, instead, pursue how to misuse their positions for self supporting rewards.

Glen robins (@guest_1104942)
1 year ago

It about time someone did something about the Biden Crime Family. Everyone knows he is a crook. Everyone knows he took money as a payoff from foreign countries. I just hope he will be accountable.

Bonnie McVey (@guest_1104943)
1 year ago

Well there’s one woman that has balls unlike the rest of the Republicans who worthless cowards sitting on their butts with your thumbs up it like the old saying goes “if you want something done right you get a woman to do it” problem is the Democrats figured out how to hide stuff from the public so more power to you girl!! I will be praying for you because they will become coming after you with a vengeance

Robyn (@guest_1104947)
1 year ago

Thank goodness there is someone left that will stand up for the American people!! You are supported, and empowered!! Please do your job to right a wrong!!

Elizabeth Lussier (@guest_1104948)
1 year ago

Finally someone who is willing to stand up to these Democrats and Republicans put together I can’t believe some of the Republicans turned their backs on President Trump Shame on them the only problem is that Harris will become president then Pelosi is vice president all I can say is we’re all in big trouble God Bless us all.

Bernard Jackson (@guest_1104949)
1 year ago

There is a little hope now we had one American public servant now we have two maybe it just might be contagious. And we can clear out the parasites holding office.

Jenny Kraft (@guest_1104951)
1 year ago

finally a women with the guts to stand up to the crooked Biden family , bless her and may god protector her .

ajk (@guest_1104958)
1 year ago

Since “Impeachment” is “SO POPULAR” with the Democrats, let us give it to “them” to enjoy right from the very start!! The Biden Clan really NEEDS to be impeached!!! Yes, Marjorie Taylor-Greene…Go Girl…Go!!! God Bless America.

Shirley J (@guest_1104959)
1 year ago

I m so glad She is on our side and I thank her. it s to bad we don t have more Republican s like her doing what is right and honest. most in the house has no ball s or guts.. They don t want the democrats mad at them and don t care about the people who put them in office. Get rid of no good republicans that voted to put crazy Joe in(he s not my president and never will be.) Thank you Ms Green for all of us.

Sandra Castonguay (@guest_1104965)
1 year ago

This woman will go FAR in the GOP! The 75-80 million people who voted for Trump will have YOUR BACK! You are a brave woman of convictions, which I respect tremendously! WHO can live with themselves if they refuse to do what is RIGHT? Maybe Crazy Nanc, Biden, Obummer and the Harrises of the world, but you are the VOICE of silenced Americans, and I believe u have a golden future ahead of u, & I will be cheering u ALL THE WAY! One thing I don’t understand, though. WHY is HARRIS also not on her impeachment list? She publicly broadcasted her support for the RIOTS this summer, and proclaimed “this is a movement.They will continue this past election day & they should NOT STOP! That is a clear INCITEMENT of violence. Damn, she even bailed these killers out of jail! y FEDERAL crimes. She is ALSO an accesory to many FEDERAL crimes. (According to the LAW)!

Leon (@guest_1104971)
1 year ago

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) Georgia. America needs at least another 250 like you in congress, all with an “R” after their names and then they need to live up to being TRUE Republicans and stand behind you and your principles. Keep up your good work and standards.

flashy0ne (@guest_1104973)
1 year ago

Finally, a Representative with the intestinal fortitude to stand for America and Patriotism. I’m sick and tired of these “supposed” defenders of the Republic (democrat’s) who stand for NOTHING except ‘politics as usual’ !! These crazy and ‘useless’ political actions against President Trump — a TRUE PATRIOT !! It may take time but I believe his ‘greatness’ will eventually be recognized — the ‘war hawk’ who brought more peace to the world than the last EIGHT Presidents — The FIRST PRESIDENT to offer (and secure) peace to the middle east. His single fault — he was NOT one of the anointed politicians in Washington — he opposed the power hungry Washington ‘click’, the SWAMP !! They are currently ‘trying’ to erase his memory from history — big problem: HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Jimbo (@guest_1104975)
1 year ago

You all think this is going to stick. The democrats are Teflon and nothing seems to stick in anybody’s favor except for them. I have NO faith in the system after the election crap….

WhiteCloud (@guest_1104977)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is mentally and physically unfit for the office of the US President. Biden was not able to conduct a Presidential campaign comparable to the The President Trump re-election campaign in terms of energy, big crowds of Trump supporters, and frequency of his campaign appearances. In contrast, Joe Biden was sitting in his basement most of the time. Further, at least 75,000,000 of American voters consider the Nov.3, 2021 election being stolen. This has been documented in videos, documents, such Attny. Sidney Powell’s 270 pages document, and videos demonstrating how votes from Trump can be moved to Biden due to Dominion machines connections to the internet, affidavits o election fraud witnesses, mail in ballots harvesting, and preventing Republicans from votes counting among many other fraudulent activities documented by Rudy Giuliani, and the remainder of President Trump Team of Layers.. Foreign entities also participated in Us 2021 election frauds. These include China, Iran, Italy, Germany, and possibly many other foreign participants. some of these activities could be traced to candidate for President Joe Biden, senator Mitch McConnell, and other US high level Government officials. Many of them under Chinese influence. these include Joe Biden, senator Mitch McConnell, and Congressmen who spied for China.

Old Ed (@guest_1104981)
1 year ago

Sounds like we finally got a live Republican and also has a backbone. Very glad to have you Congress Lady Greene.



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