August 9, 2022

Georgia elections officials say Biden statement on election bill amounts to ‘blackmail’

The swift and sweeping action against Georgia election law is severe and unprecedented. At least one official is speaking out about the damage caused by corporations boycotting the state.

Georgia elections official Gabe Sterling called Major League Baseball’s decision to pull out of Atlanta for the 2021 All-Star game “disgusting” and “economic blackmail,” Breitbart reported. Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp passed election security measures last week that many have mischaracterized.

The new regulations were simply commonsense measures like voter ID requirements for mail-in ballots and tighter security around ballot drop boxes. Still, several corporations have drawn a line in the sand against the state, including MLB which moved the game with the full support of President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Biden had explicitly articulated his support to move the game out of Georgia. “I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly,” Biden weighed in. “I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them. They’re leaders.” Biden went on to point to the NBA and how “the very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports, and it’s just not right.”

This didn’t sit well with Sterling. “I think it’s morally reprehensible and disgusting that he’s perpetuating economic blackmail over a lie,” he said in a Friday interview. “It’s a lie. This is no different than the lie of Trump saying there was voter fraud in this state. And the people who are going to be most hurt by [a boycott] are the workers in all of these places that are going to be impacted.”

It seems eagarly MLB piled on with other Georgia-based giants like Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola Company which have also publicly opposed the law. As Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) pointed out, the airline doesn’t have an issue with communist China’s humanitarian abuses but was quick to speak out about a state’s election laws.

At the same time, Coca-Cola has simply gone fully leftist. Its anti-white diversity training curriculum made headlines in February after leaked presentation slides showed how employees were told to be “less white” and insinuated that whiteness meant oppression, arrogance, and ignorance just for starters.

There’s nothing wrong with making elections more secure, but the left insists that anything that would do so is voter suppression or part of a white supremacist conspiracy. This is asinine and destructive as the state’s workers and economy will now needlessly suffer because the state’s politics are not radical enough.

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Michael S Dowling (@guest_1196573)
1 year ago

One state less a guarenteed victory for democrats

Junebug (@guest_1197459)
Reply to  Michael S Dowling
1 year ago

Yes that is what it is all about! We have to pull together and get this trash out if our White House

Forgetaboutit (@guest_1196632)
1 year ago

American’s of every Color and Nationality Do Not Like To Be THREATENED OR BULLIED. This will only Blow-Back into the Pushy Democrat Parties Faces. Everyone Is Sick To Death Of The Cancel Culture Bull Dung. This Cancel Culture never Stops and has Zero Limits! I already see it going after Left Issues already! Enough! If Sports or Movie Stars say anything about Politic? I Shun their responses. I have my own mind. I will not be told what to do? And who to Vote for? And then you go and Threaten Me? Forgetaboutit!

Barbara Markie (@guest_1196980)
Reply to  Forgetaboutit
1 year ago

I am not buying anything coke again and the hell with delta airlines shame on both of you to threaten a state for doing what is normal responsible approach to voting.

roseann (@guest_1197090)
Reply to  Barbara Markie
1 year ago

I agree. Why should we support a company that wants to listen to lies. There are a lot of soft drink companies out there so why buy coke products? Enough

Junebug (@guest_1197455)
Reply to  Barbara Markie
1 year ago

I won’t be buying coke either!

james hunt (@guest_1196638)
1 year ago


luci (@guest_1196839)
Reply to  james hunt
1 year ago

I totally agree! What is the problem with these people calling this racist? In all my years of voting I’ve always had to show ID (45+yrs) and now I keep seeing it being called racist! Just shows us they’re up to no good! I never knew other states not to show ID, this is something that should never of happened! ID is very important as far as I’m concerned! Can’t show some kind of Identification then you can’t vote simple as that!

Junebug (@guest_1197456)
Reply to  james hunt
1 year ago

Amen! This is not fair! P

Al Rodriguez (@guest_1196643)
1 year ago

Biden and the left are all communist and could care less about America. This country belongs to us Americans and not to Joe Biden. As what he think he is president, he is NOT! His whole thing is to destroy this country. Biden has said time and time and time again that he want to be transparent and YET not once has or does he allow complete coverage of anything, He lies, and lies, and lies and no one will confront him or his comments. Where are the TRUE Americans journalist they cower like the COWARDS they are! I as a layman will confront any of them.
May our God bring us back to sanity and destroy the people such as this administration has and the fellows of Satan.

Sue Rich (@guest_1196690)
1 year ago

It’s not the first time the government high-and-mighties have blacked mailed a state, but this needs to end now. No blackmail, no broken promises, leave our states alone. Biden, the Democrats or Harris, have not and are not doing anything for the good of this country. It’s time to legally take down this destructive government.

Lee Bray (@guest_1196697)
1 year ago

I will not be watching any MLB. including world series games. I hope other fans will do the same.Lee Bray Maybe loss of ad money will be a wake-up call.

Fran (@guest_1196793)
1 year ago

No more baseball for me. Also, I will never fly Delta and will drink or serve Coca Cola Products. I pray more people will do the same. If we do not take a stand now, we may never get our country back.

Patty (@guest_1196813)
1 year ago

Agree with all posts! When has ANY demonrat behaved responsibly? NEVER! They are destroying our country with this insanity! As far as the MLB goes, don’t watch it, never will! Sorry coke, you gotta go! Don’t fly either, so no loss!

Marlene (@guest_1196815)
1 year ago

Let the MLB refund all tickets. It has been my experience that athletes, with a few notable exceptions, are the most arrogant, rude, self-centered, spoiled brats that came down the pike. They play a game for a living, and most are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Roger E Carmichael (@guest_1196880)
1 year ago

Voter ID laws ensure that VOTERS R counted, NOT BALLOTS as we did in Nov2020 election
Stalin said “It’s NOT your VOTE that counts, it’s WHO counts your VOTE that matters”

Jono (@guest_1196955)
1 year ago

How stupid

Anna Donnelly (@guest_1197018)
1 year ago

I will never fly Delta, I will never spend one dine on Coke again. Hope they both go out of business for turning their backs on America. Money will make crooks out of people every time. One important thing they forget you can’t take the money with you when you die.

Fran granko (@guest_1197279)
1 year ago

(I think everyone should have and I d. Card to vote.get to the e driving and get yourself a state I’d. They are free! You need one to get a drivers license, & many other things.

robert timmons (@guest_1197395)
1 year ago

Democrat’s are a lying cheating and even criminal bunch. There ring leaders and i think we all know who they are should go to jail for the actions they knew full well was wrong. What’s instore for this country is going to be devastating under there rule .It seems there getting bolder every day due ti the fact we don’t correct there total crap. There agenda is going to sink this country .I can’t believe with all the polls and question’s about how government is doing under Biden that they are still in power. What does it take to get a better run system in place.

Don (@guest_1198783)
1 year ago

The Demonrat party is nothing more than a mafia run gestapo.

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