June 18, 2021

Georgia Democrat arrested while protesting new state election law

Republicans are trying to ensure fair and secure elections, but Democrats don’t want it. One lawmaker went so far to stop a voter security bill that she was arrested.

Democratic Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon was apprehended in the state capitol building Thursday for attempting to disrupt a General Assembly session, according to the Post Millenial. Gov. Brian Kemp was signing a bill to ensure voter security when Cannon knocked on his door to disrupt his livestream proceedings.

“I am not the first Georgian to be arrested for fighting voter suppression. I’d love to say I’m the last, but we know that isn’t true,” Cannon tweeted. “But someday soon that last person will step out of jail for the last time and breathe a first breath knowing that no one will be jailed again for fighting for the right to vote.”

She was taken to Fulton County Jail and charged with “preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings of members” as well as obstruction of law enforcement, according to The Hill. Cannon was released shortly after midnight Friday morning.

The bill that Cannon was against is the S.B. 202. The law simply enacts commonsense changes to the voter system like ID requirements for absentee ballots, safeguards and limited drop boxes for early voting, as well as restrictions on passing out food while voters wait in line to discourage incentivizing voters.

Cannon and others have called this voter suppression and are predictably hurling accusations of white supremacy. In a follow-up tweet to her release announcement, Cannon went on to link the bill’s signing with white supremacy and another tragedy.

“The closed-door signing of #SB202 and the senseless murder of #AAPI Georgians are both products of a white supremacist system,” she said, lumping in the Atlanta spa shooting that killed eight, six of whom were Asian although the shooter said racism was not a motive. “Different tactics, same goal: fear and control.”

There is no evidence the measures in the bill are race-based or would even have an impact on voter turnout except for those that would be fraudulent anyway. However, the left has one note, and that’s the new claim of white supremacy for everyone who disagrees with them. As long as the left can paint their opponents with this ugly charge, they will never have to debate in the arena ideas — and they know they would lose if were a fair fight over policy without the name-calling.


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78 Responses

    1. Just a simple Google search shows 84.1% of Americans have a driver’s license. What’s wrong with flashing it at the polls?

        1. You have to show your identification to buy a pack of cigarettes or to buy booze and when you fly!! Airports DEMAND IDENTIFICATION!! Your saying that having to present IDENTIFICATION to cast your vote for the people we are voting for to represent us ISN”T REQUIRED?? I really disagree with you on this! It has NOTHING to do with WHITE SUPREMACY! It has to do with PROVING you ARE THE PERSON CASTING THAT VOTE, THAT YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE!! I see NOTHING wrong or it doesn’t STOP anyone from voting! It just MAKES VOTING LEGAL, and the CHANCES of VOTER’S FRAUD LESS POSSIBLE! Especially if those who INSIST they are incapable of going to the polls and want to MAIL IN their Votes that THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE!! That is ONLY common sense……..Otherwise we will have a repeat of the 20/20 elections with voter fraud up the ying yang!!

      1. all they really need is a state issued id card.but the libs come back with the poor can’t afford it.my solution is to isssue one free of charge.than that will eliminate the cost factor!

        1. They can have a FREE id if they can’t afford to pay for it. My God. How stupid can these Democrats be?

        2. Most states have reduced rates for welfare and food stamp recipients. Basically the demonazis are saying the poor and minorities are too stupid to get an ID. Or they want fraudulent voters to vote.

      2. Ron Mitchell You have to identify each driver license ID and make sure they live in that states where they are registered to vote 🗳 what’s wrong 😑 with that ??

      1. I agree and there is nothing wrong with requesting valid ID for voting. People have to show valid ID for a lot of other things so the crooks can shove their stupid crap.

      2. Yeah, and why isn’t this hag censored from Twitter with all the hate spewing slur? Another Demon rant getting away with it. Twitter won’t last much longer without Trump and his own media coming soon! Joke is on Jack!

    2. they and for you to trust them. The ones that the devil has blinded or the ones that got paid off, as usual, are the ones that voted these people in. The dems want you to bow down to them and for you to do what they say. In other words they want control of every thing. LOOK OUT

    3. Listen, the fraud that took place in 2020 was in the works for 4 years. I truly believe that some in the D.C swamp worked with China on the virus. How convenient that it came out during an election year so that mail in voting could happen and that is the number one ingredient for fraud. If this virus was as bad as they have been telling us why then have we seen so many Politicians braking their own rules? They have inflated the numbers greatly. It ALL OF US really knew the truth there would, without a doubt, an uprising.

      1. I believe that too… look at Virginia… Virginia’s governor approves of killing babies at birth, supporting abortion clinics, open borders, etc. He is a true Democrat.

      2. I agree. If there was anything there it would have come out years ago. Trump has been investigated extensivily . If there had been one iota of anything there, they would have used it After all, they accused him and charged him for over four years doing it illegally on every front. Nothing found they could charge him with. Still they try. You would think they would give up by now. They hate that man so greatly, they can’t enjoy their own lives for the hatred. They are disgusting.

    4. Jay, the cops should have kept Park Cannon in jail. 30 days hath September, April, June, and PEACE OFFENDERS! Same for these marchers and rioters who disrupt businesses and destroy property. (ANTIFA, BLM, NAACP, etc.)

    5. No kidding….aren’t the very obvious FACTS OF THE MATTER sufficient to put these
      folks in their place and shut them up.
      Among other things…VOTER ID(PHOTO) Required.
      Dead folks must be removed from voter rolls.
      Now there are two things they are fighting against. Really????

      1. There was a PhD paper written by an individual in Chicago that showed most big cities (70+%) don’t have a regular procedure to remove deceased voters from the election rolls. He found that more than 10% of the total votes cast over a number of elections were from dead people……some dead folks voted two or three times !!!!

      2. People who have voted republican all their lives suddenly become democrats after they are dead and buried.


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  1. This article isn’t showing the video like it did yesterday of her arrest. I am sure you know that she is Black and she is basically resisting. The 2 Officers are White so I think we know where this is heading. Stand by Georgia.

  2. You have to have ID to buy alcohol, you have to have ID to buy cigarettes, you have to have ID to get into an R rated movie so then tell how having an ID to vote is voter suppression.

    1. The leftist Democrats claim that voter ID is racist because black people are not sophisticated enough to register to vote. That claim itself is racism 101.
      If it were true, then drivers licenses should be eliminated altogether because by their own reasoning, drivers licenses are racist.

  3. W;hat is this world coming to?? What happened to our “freedom” of speech…equality” etc.? It is all in the Democratic Rule…The Gestapo form of Rule brought in by them…Why are they not impeached – as “they” cried for every Republican rule?? I am 96 and I pray to God that I live to be 100 so I can VOTE THE PRESENT REGIME/ THE “DEVILS” OUT OF OFFICE!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  4. all democrat’s wont is to rig the election in there favor the all common cheaters. just look how screw up things are now with this stupid president and vice president. the USA is so bad now and we still have 31/2 years of these IDIOTS.

  5. I am sick of the Democrats calling us white supremacist, they are the racist as everything they do is based on skin color. They have no intention of fair elections or unifying our country. I am ready to organize a group to revolt against the tyrants as they dont believe in our constitution or way of life. Time to take back American one state at a time.

  6. “I am not the first Georgian to be arrested for fighting voter suppression. I’d love to say I’m the last, but we know that isn’t true,” Cannon tweeted. Apparently she thinks clearing Voting Roles of Deceased People is Voter Supression? Can’t make this shee-it up…

  7. One thing about all these people, the only thing they have is “THE RACE CARD”!!! THAT’S INCLUDING PELOSI AND ALL HER CURMUDGEONS!!! And the truth is, this administration is the most corrupt, racist and evil that this country has ever seen, in all my YEARS and that’s a long , long time! Ever since Biden was in office!!

    1. I have noticed most of those charging racism are for the most part, white. Why is that? During those riots last year in Kenosha, Wisc., Portland, Seattle, etc. the BLM and Antifa folks were mostly white people. They were never censored for rioting, burning buildings, businesses, and all the killings. In Chicago every weekend, nearly 100 blacks are killed by blacks, and all that the media never reports on it, Kamala Harris took up donations to bail the rioters and killers out of jail, with no charges. How many young black children’s lives were killed by gunfire by blacks, and nothing was done about it. Why? Were they expendable? They had their whole lives snuffed out but media never reported a word about them. Some were babies in strollers. An 8 yr old black girl playing in her grandmothers front yard. A young boy sitting in his mother’s car.

  8. Is there nothing I can say that will get posted? Is my name on a blacklist? What are the key words that we shouldn’t say in order to post a comment? I see a lot of pretty nasty things said and get posted. Let me know if I am blacklisted and I won’t waste my time anymore.

    1. Katydid, I get censored all the time. No profanity, no racism, just when someone says or does something really stupid, I point it out, and POOF, it goes down the memory hole. I immediately write another post pointing out how I have been censored, and it gets posted. Go figure. There’s no sense to it that I can determine, it sometimes seems completely random, but it’s really annoying. And it always seems to happen when the post I’m commenting on leans Democrat. Maybe that says it all. And you’re right, other posts have profanity, name calling, and can be really nasty, and get posted. If it really is a blacklist, why do some posts go up and others don’t? It’s inconsistent, but it’s real. Maybe it’s just that the people running the internet are really that stupid. Just know you’re not the only one, there are a lot of us.

  9. “Different tactics, same goal: fear and control.” Oh like the fear of a virus with a 99% survival rate? And like the control of wear masks, now double it, maybe 2 more years. stay 6 feet apart, now maybe 3, and lockdown, maybe again since illegals are bringing covid in by the thousands and being sent all over the US. But do not fear the Democrats,they are here to save us all from those evil, white supremacist conservative Republicans!

    1. I agree. CONTROL your life entirely, open borders, higher taxes, killing babies at birth, (introduced by Virginia’s governor Northam) supporting emigrants, not supporting veterans, abolishing the 2d amendment (Another item Virginia’s Governor Northam supports) killing the economy, (closing the pipeline), buying oil from foreign countries, green new deal etc. Biden will be replaced by (jokes) Harris, VP Pelosi, The only chance is to change the election process starting with gaining the majority in the upcoming Senate race…

      1. I said the same thing in a different way and they wouldn’t post it! It is about Control! I totally agree!! Their LIE’S just keep getting Bigger and Bigger to keep us AFRAID! From FEAR comes the CONTROL!

  10. Demrats cannot win with policies, plans, and ideas. They have none whatsoever. Cheating and fraud only way they can win.

  11. Voter suppression is a good coverup, distraction, smokescreen , diversion for THE MONUMENTAL FRAUD PERPETRATED ON THE AMERICAN PUBLIC . Let me thank FAKE NEWS, and all those who looked the other way and “DID NOT DO THE RIGHT THING.”

    1. The media supports the Democrats for sure…they will never ” do the right thing”. THEY HAVE STOCK IN THE MEDIA.

  12. She is trying to stop voter security. Id’s are so easy to obtain now, and are needed t cash checks you may not know what those are. They are personal bank drafts. By the who would not have a valid id card?

  13. I Hate ANTIFA AND BLM Cannon should of stayed in jail where she belongs! She had no right doing what she did and I do not care what she is or who she thinks she is. If she does not like USA then get out!

  14. Mississippi and Texas both have opened everything back up. Did away with the Mandates about masking and social distancing. Deaths and cases are both dropping, after this happened. Why can’t these other states look at this and do the same? Somebody has to go back to work so the government will have enough money to pay for these illegal aliens that Biden is inviting into the country costing the taxpayers billions of dollars.

    1. Florida has been open for a long time and Biden threatened us with a BAN! DeSantis has taken a stand against this Government and their policies, especially in the schools! Not worth a dime of taxpayers money to teach gender equality or to hate the fact they are WHITE! Not in this State! I thank God for our Governor every single day! He told the people in this State that the Government WILL NOT FORCE A LOCKDOWN on us!! ENOUGH! Other States SHOULD make a STAND also against the POLICIES of this ADMINISTRATION! I will not be SILENT! That is what they are insisting on, SILENCE! To QUIET US! Will YOU ALLOW THAT?

  15. Rep. Cannon is just another inbred trouble maker !!! The people in Georgia need to kick her to the curb !!!

  16. I think that to vote you have to have a
    photograph image to go along with your
    identification to prove who you are…
    and keep scumbags like Park Cannon
    in jail where they belong..

  17. Photo I D works we have been doing it in Ohio for years , not only you sign in a book that has your signature they make sure it matches the same one as the one you registered with . it works lock her up ,she is a demo idiot

  18. This woman trying to corrupt the system so her party of corrupt miscreants can cheat in elections is the real fraud ; she should be jailed for dereliction of her public office and lying to the american public so that her party will be able to corrupt the next election like her and Stacy Abrams and the demwits did in the last election !

  19. A perfect example of the democrat playbook… distract with blame, racism claims, faux outrage and finally physicality. The only way this clown got into office was the result of sham elections like the one we suffered through in 2020.

  20. I saw on another site where people were upset that food or water could not be given to voters in lines. They said the long lines and heat made it hard on voters and this was voter suppression. Sounds to me like they just want free water and food. I understand why they don’t want to hand out this stuff because people will be swayed to vote for more free things. If you are an ADULT and are going to vote and you know it may be hot and there may be long lines take some water with you.

  21. The fraud scheme used in 2020 election most likely has been in use in west coast states for many years. How else could such cretans be re-elected year after year?

  22. Guess voting law NOT so big for GA after all or we should see MORE protesting right like 1-6
    Guess NOT
    Dems Lose this one

  23. When I see a new Dr l have to show my driver’s license… no big deal dems. Seems democrats can get all kinds of items to voters before election day so surely they can get legal identifications to them too.

  24. Write to your Congress personnel and Governor… don’t just complain here. It doesn’t have the same impact. If everyone wrote one letter there would be 75 million or more… I think that would be an eye opener.

  25. Arrest try let a jury decide that if he tried to stop the signing, what his punishment should be I say prison time .

  26. THEY want to SILENCE US!! WILL YOU LET THEM? Florida fights this Administration and they HATE it! Why shouldn’t the STATES FIGHT this? EVERY STATE! I will NOT BE SILENCED!! I do not AGREE with what the DemonRats are doing to my Country! I HATE abortions! I HATE high taxes and ANYTHING that makes life harder on this countries CITIZENS! I am against OPEN BORDERS!! What a MESS that one is!! Biden says THAT IS NOT WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR!! REALLY? HAVE YOU ASKED US ABOUT YOUR POLICIES? YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT “NOT” what the CITIZENS WANT! We WANT FREEDOM!! Not CONTROL! We WANT FREEDOM “NOT” be YOUR SUPPORT as you THROW US UNDER THE BUS!! We want FAR DIFFERENT things than you are GIVING US! I thanked God every single day for being BLESSED to be born in THIS Country! I am 81 years old and REMEMBER FREEDOM!! NO FEAR!!

  27. I am constantly reading/hearing that white people are racist and more, how come anyone can make statements like that and they are not sued or jailed etc. Even the Congressmen and President Biden and Pelosi) insult the whole white race many times. I am a WHITE woman of 84years and I have NEVER insulted or even THOUGHT of
    doing anything so unjust. Unlike the people accusing the white race we are NOT idiots. We give black, Asian, Indians and ALL people credit for being intelligent decent people who need to be proud of their race. It is the ones who ARE RACSIST that spread these lies. THINK FOR YOURSELF and really check out the trouble makers. People can disagree about a lot of things food ,jobs ,sports and even your friends choice of other friends. The point is CHARACTER. Their honesty, their support by listening to truthful friends. Being a person who stands up for fairness ,not jumping to this believe that someone is RACIST just because another person tells you someone
    another person is a RACSIT . I have good friends of many races and from other countries. I thank God for each one of them as so many people do. Be proud of who you are ,just be a decent kind human being. SPREAD THE TRUTH,NOT THE LIES!

  28. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write on my site something like that. Can I include a part of your post to my website?

  29. What a total disrespect these people are….they want to do everything under the table..always illegally…thats the only wsy they can win is CHEAT AND LIE!!! IDIOTS AND TRUE DEMOCRAPS!!!

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