October 2, 2022

George Conway takes aim at wife Kellyanne on Twitter

This is going way too far… George Conway just publicly mocked his wife Kellyanne for Twitter likes. 

The disgruntled lawyer called out his spouse, one of President Donald Trump’s closest advisers, after she made fun of a bizarre rant from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe. We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?” she tweeted.

“Your boss apparently thought so,” George Conway replied.

Hate “trumps” marriage

With President Trump’s ouster continuing to prove elusive, Mr. Conway, an inveterate Trump hater, appears to be lashing out at his wife’s boss with more malice than ever. But he has seldom attacked Kellyanne directly, which made Monday’s tweet a bit of a shock, even by the low threshold of restraint that Conway has shown.

Mr. Conway couldn’t hold back when his wife laughed off the core allegation at the basis of the impeachment — that President Trump wanted to investigate Joe Biden, presumably because he feared losing to him in an election matchup — underscoring the silliness of the charge with a resurfaced video of Biden rambling about the hair on his legs.

“I got hairy legs that turned … blonde in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach into the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again,” Biden said, adding that he “learned about kids jumping on my lap, and I loved kids jumping on my lap.”

With no small hint of jealousy, Mr. Conway lashed out at “your boss” for wanting to investigate Biden. It was just the latest passive-aggressive jab from Mr. Conway, who has also called his wife an “enabler” and a “cheerleader” for Trump in a reply to a random Twitter follower, Fox notes.

Conway feud goes off the rails

It’s a strange conflict that has captivated bobbleheads and gossips in Washington for months. Behind the scenes, George Conway has reportedly been telling friends that he thinks his wife is in a “cult” and that their marriage can’t be salvaged unless she quits the White House, according to Vanity Fair — this, despite Mr. Conway being spotted partying in Manhattan with well-known members of the “Resistance” like Kathy Griffin.

For her part, Kellyanne Conway has suggested that George Conway envies her success, telling a reporter for the Washington Examiner that “he gets his power through me.” And Kellyanne Conway has defended Trump from her husband’s broadsides while lashing out at the media’s interest in her marriage.

When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer off-handedly mentioned that there were “issues” with her marriage during a recent interview, Kellyanne Conway turned on him: “What did you just say? Did you just say there are issues there? You don’t want to talk about … why did you say that? I think you embarrassed yourself.”

President Trump mocked George Conway recently as the feud attracted more media attention, suggesting that Kellyanne must have done some “bad” things to George because he’s “a total whack job.”

Some unsolicited advice for Mr. Conway: put your marriage ahead of your desire for greater Twitter clout.




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