May 17, 2022

Gavin Newsom admits 12-year-old daugher still unvaccinated, despite state mandate

In a stunning admission sure to infuriate parents across California, the office of that state’s Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom, acknowledged that his own daughter – who recently turned 12 – has not yet received vaccination against COVID-19, even though he has imposed a broad mandate requiring the jabs for kids 12 and up, according to the Washington Examiner.

The outlet reported that representatives for Newsom stated that the governor’s daughter will indeed be vaccinated in the coming days, but has not yet begun the process, explaining that she still had “a series of other shots to get first.”

That revelation comes in the wake of the news that California would become the first state in the country to mandate vaccines for school children once full FDA approval is granted, with Newsom attempting to justify the decision by saying, “Our schools already require vaccines for measles, mumps, and more. Why? Because vaccines work.”

This apparent inconsistency between Newsom’s words and deeds is just the latest in a series of COVID-19 related moves that have been criticized as grossly hypocritical and which have landed him in political hot water.

Over the summer, as the Examiner noted, Newsom took heat for pulling another of his children from a summer camp when photos went public showing participants engaging in sports without masks, despite the governor’s insistence that other children in the state wear face coverings in such circumstances.

In November of last year, a firestorm erupted when the governor was photographed at an exclusive fine dining establishment with a group of unmasked associates, defying all of the COVID-19 protocols he had imposed on residents of his state.

The dinner party seemed to encapsulate the frustrations many Californians felt over the perceived double standard of stringent coronavirus mitigation rules for the general populace, which were routinely flouted by those in power, and it is credited as a galvanizing event in launching a recall initiative that ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Perhaps emboldened by the failure of the GOP-led recall push, Newsom announced the state’s vaccine mandate for children in what some critics have labeled more political stunt than actual accomplishment and decried the governor’s hypocritical willingness to back down on the imposition of similar requirements for certain categories of public employees.

The examples of “do as I say, not as I do” behavior among the left’s elite throughout the COVID-19 have been too many to count, but when, as in the case of Newsom’s unvaccinated daughter, the unequal application of the rules touches on the children of everyday citizens, the outrage should be all the more palpable.

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