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 September 30, 2022

Gavin Newsom accuses Ron DeSantis of being "insane" and "sick" for shipping migrants to Martha's Vineyard

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been a disaster for his state. Instead of making his own state better, Newsom is going after GOP governors in other jurisdictions.

Newsom has been campaigning against DeSantis whom he called "insane" and "sick" after the Florida governor shipped migrants to Martha's Vineyard, Breitbart reported. The California Democrat made these remarks and others on MSNBC's "Alex Wagner Tonight" Tuesday.

Despite having nothing to do with DeSantis or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Newsom has been smearing the Republican governors on everything from abortion to immigration. "They need to be called out. They can't just get away with it," Newsom said.

"They can't claim to be pro-life when they are just pro-birth. They can't claim to embrace freedom, where they're denying freedom for women and girls reproductive rights. They can't attack vulnerable communities without being called out," Newsom said.

"Are you paying attention to what these guys are doing, how many books have been banned here in Texas? Eight-hundred-and-one books have been banned," Newsom continued his screed. "Ron DeSantis arrested an elected official. He is sending swat team for people in their underwear at six in the morning because they register to vote and voted."

"That is insane," Newsom added. "Just think about. It that's insane. He went to another state to find migrants and use state money that was intended for unauthorized immigrants, not those seeking legal asylum and send them to an island," the California Democrat said referring to Martha's Vineyard.

"It's sick. I am a parent. Man how do I explain that to my, forget Democrat, Republican?" Newsom said

"It's like, what? Someone did that? They would do that to kids? To other people's kids? To human beings? What kind of person does that?" the Golden State governor added. "They are bullies, nothing more than bullies."

Newsom can't tout his own good record because he's run his state into the ground. Instead, he is going after Abbott and DeSantis with exaggerations, prevarications, and slanderous lies.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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