July 28, 2021

Gaetz asks if the ‘transition’ of power from Biden to Harris begun

As concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities continue to grow, it has become obvious to most that a second term in the White House is likely not in the cards for the 78-year-old commander in chief.

Taking those assumptions a step further, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) posited this weekend that the replacement of Joe Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris has already begun, just weeks after Inauguration Day, as Breitbart reported.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Gaetz and host Maria Bartiromo speculated about what is really going on in the White House and precisely who is calling the shots on major policy issues.

Gaetz expressed particular alarm in the realm of foreign relations, recounting the fact that Harris has already been tasked with speaking directly to foreign leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu without Biden’s participation.

These developments also drew the curiosity of Bartiromo, who asked, “Kamala Harris meeting with international leaders…what is going on? Are we getting ready for some kind of transition?”

The Florida lawmaker took things a step further, saying, “You have to wonder whether or not the transition to Harris has already begun.”

Gaetz and Bartiromo are not alone in their suspicions that Biden may not be long for the Oval Office. Last summer, as the presidential campaign was heating up, a Rasmussen Reports survey indicated that 59% of likely voters thought it “likely” that Biden would not complete a four-year term and that his running mate would ultimately assume power.

Adding fuel to the fire of doubt concerning Joe Biden’s longevity in his current post is the prominent roles undertaken by Jill Biden in matters not typically the province of presidential spouses. This includes the emergence last week of news that the first lady has been tapped to be the public face of the administration’s migrant family reunification work amid a deepening crisis at the southern border caused by an influx of undocumented youth.

In his characteristically blunt manner, Gaetz asserted that “Joe Biden’s had more nap time than he’s had questions from reporters,” and the media’s apparent lack of curiosity about who is truly pulling the levers of power at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is, sadly, all too predictable.

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91 Responses

    1. yup, it is going to back fire on dominion the statistics prove they committed voter fraud. dominion will trying bringing in their current base code but any programmers will simply say sorry dude but you have to have the code that was on the machines at the time you committed the fraud. not five hours before and not five hours after. If you don’t have that you are not providing any information what so ever.

  1. Good, that will finally open up the Pandora’s box to investigate this side of the FRAUD that they so blatantly are guilty of! In one deposition, Dominion rep said they do not use WiFi access, yet in the same sentence he followed through with, “oh, just to transfer information”! Oh, really?!?!
    There it is!! The link to the fraud…one of many examples. Be careful what you sue for! FOOLS!!

  2. It was the plan all along that Biden wouldn’t be able to be President and then Kamala would be. The whole election was based on fraud. We need to have a new election based on the fact that the whole election was illegal.

  3. Thank You! To all the morons who voted for these two idiots I hope you are hanging your head in shame!

    1. They ALL should be HUNG from a light post in D.C. The could not make it stink any worse when they rot.

  4. The Democrats duped their party supporters! Harris was their choice all along but Harris couldn’t even get more than 6% of the Democrats to support her in the primaries so the only chance that the Democrats had of getting her to the Oval office was with Dementia Joe. He even stated that during the very few public appearances that he did make so the marriage was made. The Democrat voters wanted Joe, to get Joe they had to accept Harris. Everyone with an once of brains knew Joe was not going to make through the first year let alone the first term. The Democrats also knew that none of their Biden can’t think on his feet. He has to have the questions before hand so that his staff and the Democrat party can give him the answers. That’s why Harris has been doing all of the Foreign Diplomatic work. So not only do the Democrat voters get stuck with someone whom they have shown they do not want, the whole country gets stuck with her. Which means that the Democrats will do everything in their power to eliminate Elections entirely or Rigg the system again. Harris is a very strong follower of Barack Obama. Leadership wise she only do whatever he advises. So Through Harris Obama takes a third term. He almost ruined this nation during his eight years at the Golf courses. But I don’t know which is worse . This country looses no matter which one is making the decisions.

  5. Transfer of power of power was on the first day in office. She has been handling overseas nations for weeks. The old man is just a front for the CCP.

  6. Shame on those few that voted for a visiably demented man amd a HO that only got where she is on her back and knows NOTHING about politics……They will also suffer the consequences,,,,,,,,,Stuid is as Stupid does..

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