August 18, 2022

GA governor rejects backlash against new election law

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) argued the state’s new voting integrity law is worth the boycotts and lawsuits after Major League Baseball (MLB) reported it will move the All-Star Game and Draft from the Peach State.

“Free and fair elections are the foundation of who we are as a state and a nation. Secure, accessible, fair elections are worth the threats. They are worth the boycotts as well as the lawsuits,” Kemp said during a press conference Saturday.

“I want to be clear: I will not be backing down from this fight, and neither are the people who are here with me today,” he added.

The new voting law includes new requirements for photo ID requirements. President Joe Biden and others have claimed the requirement is similar to Jim Crow laws that legalized racial segregation in parts of America.

Rob Manfred, the MLB commissioner, wrote in a statement that the decision was “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport.”

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” Manfred added.

Other Georgia companies have expressed concerns with the state’s new voting bill. Both Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines have released statements opposing the measure.

Kemp responded to these groups by name in his speech. “We will not be intimidated, and we will also not be silenced. Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola and Delta may be scared of Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden and the left, but I am not, and we are not as Georgians.”

Many conservatives criticized Kemp’s handling of the 2020 election. Now conservatives are supporting his strong stand on voter reform, challenging the governor to remain strong despite progressive opposition.

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rt534 (@guest_1197663)
1 year ago

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CW (@guest_1198356)
Reply to  rt534
1 year ago

This is a scam perpetuated by American Digest. Shame on you for running this S**T. Cancel American digest!

rick (@guest_1197718)
1 year ago

If Kemp the Wimp had done this for both elections in GA since Nov., Trump might still be in the Oval Office! Too little, too late, but better late than never! EVERY SINGLE ONE of you so-called “Republicans” take note! This is the only way you’re going to keep this Constitutional Republic alive!

Lottie G (@guest_1197748)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

Amen and well said, Rick. I have read what the new Georgia voting law says and it says nothing that would restrict/prevent legally registered individduals of any race, color or creed from voting. Good for Georgia. Good for the United States of America.

Nell (@guest_1197803)
Reply to  Lottie G
1 year ago

I agree with your comment 100%. Biden keeps talking about Jim Crowe – that was in the 1870’s – more than 200 years ago. We the people of the USA, moved on from that along time ago. Biden & the rest of the Demwits should do the same. Let it go for the GOOD OF OUR COUNTRY.

rm (@guest_1197830)
Reply to  Nell
1 year ago

No. The whigger in the White House wants another civil war. The US doesn’t need gun control AT ALL, what is needed is COURT CONTROL and capital punishment of convicted killers…. the 2nd Amendment defends ALL of the Constitution…The civil rights acts have been in effect since 1965 (52 years) so blacks and other minorities HAVE rights in the USA…

John Galt (@guest_1198035)
Reply to  rm
1 year ago

No, Bidet does not want a civil war. He simply wants to disarm us and then shoot us.

Paul Subbie (@guest_1198190)
Reply to  Lottie G
1 year ago

I totally agree. When any Political Party is afraid of fair voting, then that Party is corrupt beyond repair and does not deserve to be an American Political Party. Only corrupt nations use illegal voting practices to keep Dictatorships in power.

Constance (@guest_1197870)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

Rick you are 100% correct about Kemp.

Margie (@guest_1198760)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

This Texan agrees with you Rick!!!

Gary m (@guest_1199222)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

And we might have two more senators?

Jesse (@guest_1197720)
1 year ago

I suspect that none of the decision makers at these companies have ever read the old voting system and compared to the new system. From what I have read, their nothing to keep people from voting. Personally, I believe we must have a system that puts an end to voter fraud by any party. Our current system clearly sucks!!!

Nell (@guest_1197805)
Reply to  Jesse
1 year ago

So true Jesse

catonsville 233 (@guest_1197722)
1 year ago

Until Sport Teams learn to keep their nose out of Politics, my TV will be watching something else.

James Bumgarner (@guest_1197734)
Reply to  catonsville 233
1 year ago

You and I both.

andrew (@guest_1197792)
Reply to  James Bumgarner
1 year ago

i agree let them go play ball in china

Gary m (@guest_1198638)
Reply to  andrew
1 year ago

After they go to China we can start new teams, with all patriotic Americans players, and maybe some of them will be token whites, sounds good to me.

Paul E (@guest_1197733)
1 year ago

What better way to prove you are a registered voter than to show your ID? You have to show your TD to buy tobacco products, alcohol, applying for welfare, and PICKING UP YOUR TICKETS AT THE BOX OFFICE FOR SPORTING EVENTS AND CONCERTS THAT WERE ORDERED ONLINE.

mbr722 (@guest_1197736)
1 year ago

Finally Gov. Kemp comes through for Georgia. A day late and a dollar short. Why oh why couldn’t this all have been done sooner? We certainly wouldn’t have been in this current mess. Democrats would be in their place just telling lies but unable to do anything but obstruct!

Nell L. Masto (@guest_1197766)
Reply to  mbr722
1 year ago

Most likely, the selected pair had to show their true colors for some thinking folks to wake up and smell the rotten garbage that they have been throwing out for years! Fear is the best way to control people Adolph Hitler knew it best!
Knowing when you made a wrong choice and making restitution is s good thing! Good for Georgia GovernorKemp! Blaze the trail for the other States to follow. Make it impossible for the abuse to be repeated!

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1197737)
1 year ago

People are tired of the sham democrats are trying to pull. Companies best wise up to what they are backing as it is well known what group forces businesses to move outside our borders.

Buff (@guest_1197739)
1 year ago

You need an ID to do almost anything now days so to have to show one when voting is not the big deal that everyone is making it out to be, in fact it should be a requirement in all fifty states. If you can’t get a photo ID then maybe you shouldn’t be voting. Maybe Pinocchio Joe should actually read the dam bill before shooting his mouth off about something he knows nothing about. Tell him to compare it to his state of Delaware then tell us who is suppressing voters. He’s an idiot, PERIOD.

Gary m (@guest_1198667)
Reply to  Buff
1 year ago

If you can’t get an ID, then maybe you should not be in the country?

Gina77 (@guest_1197742)
1 year ago


Gary m (@guest_1199070)
Reply to  Gina77
1 year ago

Now that Kemp has taken away Biden’s cheating at the ballot box, all that is left are that voting Dominion machines, and Smartmatic. Once these are gone Georgia will be red once more. Biden can’t stand it. More and More states are finding that these Dominion machines are rigged for cheating and are doing away with them.

Gary m (@guest_1199224)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

This why Raffensberger does not want an audit of the paper ballots, only the images on the machines. It would show the difference between the two in a real count. And just how really bad he is.

William Baker (@guest_1197745)
1 year ago

MLB will lose.

Tim hatch (@guest_1197751)
1 year ago

What you really think low lifes like us get a say in polytics, our new way of polytics is reality tv format, keep everybody cuntfused, do whatever they want inside the safety of capitol buildings… WAKE UP AMERICA,!!!!!!

Janice (@guest_1197752)
1 year ago

I hope every State does the same tired of cheating that’s the only way we can have honest voting

Peggy (@guest_1197754)
1 year ago

Stray strong and keep communism out of the USA

Maxine Wagner (@guest_1197755)
1 year ago

Way to go Gov. Kemp! We’re with you all the way. Fair elections are the way to go!

Brenda Meyers (@guest_1197763)
1 year ago

I, as a former Georgian, am so annoyed that both Delta and Coca-Cola are bending to the liberal left. Have either of their legal departments reviewed the old and new voting laws? As shown by the 2020 elections, many charges of voter fraud were leveled, primarily due to mail-in ballots with questionable authenticity! Neither corporation has the common sense to stand up to the liberal left. I know that you must provide a valid ID to board a Delta airplane and I suspect the same requirement exists to enter the Coca-Cola corporate offices! My main quandary now is what to do with my Delta miles! I now live in Texas and American is being pressured as well. Guess Southwest Airlines will gain another customer!

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1197764)
1 year ago

Our Commissioner is a fool if he thinks we are going to have fair elections without “restrictions”. What a ditz!!!

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” Manfred added.

Come on man! (@guest_1197769)
1 year ago

Note to black Americans, Biden said you can’t use the internet, white liberals say you don’t know how to get an ID, you cant get to the DMV, you don’t have a bank………do you see what Democrats think of you? Yet you keep voting for the same bull…….they want to hold you back, call you victims and basicly Can’t do anything for yourselves…..time to stop voting for the real racists?

Robert Craig (@guest_1197787)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

don’t say that to the blm they have promised lots of free stuff and thats what they want….problem is ….what they promised the afroamericans they did not do…..what does it take for them to wake up and research the fact this is what the democrats have been doing to the blacks every since this country became a nation.

John Galt (@guest_1198051)
Reply to  Robert Craig
1 year ago

And when they don’t get what the Democrats promised them, they burn down neighborhoods and businesses, black-owned included. This is insanity.

Marlene (@guest_1198462)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

The democrat party obviously thinks any minority is too stupid to get an ID. They are telling every voter, sit down, shut up, and we will tell you what to think and who to vote for. Never mind that most liberal zombies never think for themselves.

Patti (@guest_1197796)
1 year ago

Way to go Georgia!! Stand strong for all!! Nothing is more precious than having true, free and unencumbered elections! Not Delta, Coke, MLB and/or any other corporation can or should put pressure on ANY state that is doing something to protect and ensure voting rights.

Jesse (@guest_1197808)
1 year ago

Where was Kemp in the 2020 Presidential election? Missing in action.

Medd (@guest_1197809)
1 year ago

Manfred needs to stay out of politics and “woke culture” and let the sports fans watch baseball without all the protesting and keeling for the National Anthem. I quit watching all sports because of these spoiled brats wanting to make a statement and go with the “herd” mentality. AMERICANS are the ones putting money in their pockets and they should get that through their thick heads.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1197816)
1 year ago

Hooray, awesome Bravo
now bye bye CNN too?

Oldschool (@guest_1197817)
1 year ago

Lot more States should do The same thing as Georgia and stand up to Joe Biden And stop the election fraud 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Michael Saunders (@guest_1197822)
1 year ago

The governor of Georgia and the people of Georgia should sue the MLB and cola company for what they are trying to do when the law is not on their sides.

Tom Hirsch (@guest_1197833)
1 year ago

Bravo! Gov. Kemp

You’re doing the citizens of Georgia and our nation proud. Here’s hoping governors of many other states will join with you in opposing these tyrannical Biden administration efforts.

Richard Y Matsukawa (@guest_1197838)
1 year ago

It is juvenile thinking that MLB thinks their actions will ‘hurt’ Georgia and Georgians. Election Integrity is so important it is a basic part of what makes America and being a citizen so great. For a single individual to have a voice in a national effort to choose their leaders, this valued act and personal ownership of a vote must be protected with every all effort. MLB happened and is but a pastime of entertainment albeit a popular game to play or watch. Georgia will not go away with or without their presence. The only people hurt are the ones that were entrepreneurial enough to make a local business of it. So, MLB is attacking and hurting regular folk, not the government or it’s administration. MLB leadership is as foolish as the DNC and it’s leaders (?).

Theresa Haswell (@guest_1197852)
1 year ago

Thank you Gov. Kemp!! Keep up the good work and stand strong. We need more like you to help save us from domination and extremism.

Wharf Rat (@guest_1197880)
1 year ago

Stand strong. Thats what the left cant defeat.

Raymond (@guest_1197890)
1 year ago

Screw you don’t post my comments then

Patty (@guest_1197900)
1 year ago

Bravo Governor Kemp! Stick to your guns, don’t be intimidated! It is YOUR state, YOU made the right choice for all Georgians! Now, ALL states should follow your lead. MLB, coke, Delta air lines and others have cut their nose off to spite their faces, they are the losers!

Wilbert C. Jennings Jr (@guest_1197921)
1 year ago

Biden and the Democrats all know well what Jim Crow was and voter ID isn’t keeping anyone from voting that are citizens and registered voters!!!! Biden is recorded as saying NO NEGROES IN OUR SCHOOLS!!!!

Gerald Leach (@guest_1198052)
1 year ago

Baseball has been losing the loyal long term fan for several years. Manfred is nothing more than a water boy for the left, and doesn’t have a clue what our new voting rights entails. My suggestion for MLB is to stay out of politics, and play baseball. That sound you hear is fans turning off their sets, and finding plenty to do rather than go to a ball game. If you don’t think it will happen, check with the NFL, and NBA. I cancelled my MLB subscription last year. Haven’t missed baseball at all. I support Kemp 100%

Old Sarge (@guest_1198063)
Reply to  Gerald Leach
1 year ago

I agree. Politics does not belong in professional or amateur sporting events. Many are also not amused by these shameless grandstanding prime-donas who take a knee or other theatrics just to make a political statement. It has gotten to a point that I don’t even watch or even care who wins. If they want to make a political statement, I am sure the media would gladly give them air time on their networks.

Politics has ruined The Oscars, The Emmy’s, the Grammys, the Miss Universe and the Miss America Pageants. Now money and politics is taking its toll on Professional and College Sports. The only way they will get the message is if they are hit where it hurts. The bank account. A nickels worth of free advice to the professional teams, owners, networks, sponsors and even the fans. If you don’t want to see record low ratings continue, get politics out of the games.

I haven’t gone to a professional or college sporting event in years. If I want to watch them, I prefer to do it in the comforts of my home. At home I can turn them off or not turn them on at all. At home, I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices for tickets along with the outrageous cost of hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.

JD (@guest_1198354)
1 year ago

an I. D. is needed to apply for welfare and food stamps,so most black people would have one anyway. What’s the problem?

Marlene (@guest_1198467)
1 year ago

Liberal zombies have no factual thoughts at all. They are told what to think by evil elitists who don’t care about them at all. Here’s a question for them, what have the democrats done for you? I mean really, name one action they have done that profits you in real everyday life? Not what they promise, what they actually have done.

Charles zion (@guest_1198477)
1 year ago

The Democrats do not want to give up their control of the Black population that they have controlled since the civil war. The Democratic Party is the party of slavery and Jim Crow politics not the Republican Party. The Democrats want to keep their boot on the neck of the Black population by encouraging voter fraud. This is sad because the Black Community continues to believe and vote for these practices.

John Stuczynski (@guest_1198672)
1 year ago

The democrats are spreading lies about the new election law in Georgia. Why? They do not want other states to vote in such a law even though a good number of other states have similar or even more restrictive laws. New York has laws that have shorter times to vote. Georgia’s polls do not close at 5 PM. A lie spread by our president.

Scott K. Thomas (@guest_1198685)
1 year ago

Now they need to start pulling their tax breaks and make them pay. Also make the Braves pay the price for the ignorance of their leadership. What they should do is get all the states run by Republicans together and put the screws to pro teams in their states and all stadiums ban Coke products from being sold in them. GET WOKE, GO BROKE

Gary m (@guest_1198936)
1 year ago

The left does not care that you know the truth, if you never hear it you start to believe the lies. this is what they count on.

Neen (@guest_1198964)
1 year ago

Yes The American Digest does not let some of my opinions go. Pisses me off. The democrats lie constantly and they are lying about this. You Americans on both sides need to read it. Georgia Governor is right. AMERICANS DON’T GIVE IN TO THE LEFT. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

Gary m (@guest_1199185)
1 year ago

Biden wants you to buy from the big box stores that are owned or operated by the Chinese while destroying the little American stores, there by putting millions of people out of work and bankrupting thousands of businesses, to help the Chinese who own his son.

Gary m (@guest_1199207)
1 year ago

These black MLB players, or is it BLM players, seem think that they would have it better in China than here in the USA. Under the Chinese system they would not get million of dollars. Just a subsistence wage just like the street cleaner. I think they call it equity, I think that we should let them move to China permanently. I mean the whole MLB setup.

After they go to China we can start new teams, with all patriotic Americans players, and maybe some of them will be token whites, sounds good to me.



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