September 29, 2022

French citizens over 65 now require booster shot to keep valid vaccine passports

French citizens over 65 years old who have not received a booster shot will no longer have valid vaccine passport credentials, even if a person was previously vaccinated.

As many as 400,000 people could be impacted by the measure. Many more will be added to this number as the age range drops at future deadlines for those under 65 are applied.

The validation remains important in France as it is necessary to enter many locations, such as restaurants, cafes and for travel.

The new rule applies to those who were vaccinated seven months ago or earlier. The new change is also leading to the emergence of new fake Covid passes to bypass the Draconian system.

Breitbart London noted this week that more than 400 investigations are underway over fake Covid passes in France.

The new French requirement may soon be expanded across Europe. The European Union is considering three shots to be the new definition of fully vaccinated.

The controversy will certainly continue, but many French citizens are angry over concerns that shots and regulations will never end.




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