November 28, 2021

Fox’s Janice Dean exposes NY Governor Cuomo in savage op-ed

Fox News star Janice Dean has been very vocal about her disgust for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic — and she’s not letting up.

In an op-ed published by Fox News on Sunday, Dean blew Cuomo’s grift wide open, exposing Cuomo’s poor leadership and manipulation of the media, warning Cuomo that “the more you try to silence us, the louder our voices will become.”

Dean is Fox News’ senior meteorologist, and as such, is not the typical candidate to go up against one of the nation’s most powerful politicians — but the tragic deaths of her in-laws in a New York nursing home as a direct result of Cuomo’s leadership set a fire in her that appears to only be growing.

Dean wrote in Sunday’s op-ed:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “leadership” memoir “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” was written and promoted in 2020 while over 30,000 New Yorkers died from the coronavirus (the largest number of deaths of any state) with an overwhelming percentage of those deaths coming from residents in nursing homes.

American Crisis” landed on the New York Times bestseller list in October and has lined his pockets as he continues to profit off the deaths of tens of thousands of New Yorkers.

Two of those deaths were my husband’s parents, Mickey and Dee Newman, both of whom contracted the virus in their separate elder care facilities in New York City.

I believe the deaths of thousands of seniors who have died from COVID in New York State could’ve been prevented, and that’s the reason why I became an advocate over the last eight months trying to expose Cuomo’s own “mistakes and shortcomings,” while the national media crown him as one of their finest politicians.

Dean calls out Cuomo’s early reaction to the virus — dismissal and outright denial of its seriousness — and his later reaction — issuing a shocking executive order that shunted thousands of COVID-19 positive patients into NY nursing hopes — in her exposé.

“On March 18, the governor reassured everyone there would NOT be a shelter-in-place order for New York. He told people to go about your life and do not be afraid,” wrote Dean. “The very next day, Cuomo began his shut down of New York. He would sign an order that helped kill thousands of seniors six days later. We were all confused. And scared. But none of us knew the tragedy was yet to unfold.”

As Dean pointed out, Cuomo actually acknowledged the grave danger his state’s seniors were in as the most vulnerable population to the devastating virus — but then just days later, issued the order that led to still-unknown numbers of preventable deaths.

“Not only has Cuomo and his administration failed to provide any information to the Justice Department, lawmakers, Hammond, or countless reporters and grieving families who have asked they be disclosed, he also prefers to blame others for his disastrous mandate and instead says all of it is politically motivated,” Dean wrote.

Dean explained that she was even invited to testify about the state’s nursing home tragedy at a state hearing, but was mysteriously uninvited just before she was slated to appear.

“Your mistakes cost us the lives of our family members, governor,” Dean concluded. “But rest assured, we, the People will be strong in our fight for answers and accountability. And the more you try to silence us, the louder our voices will become.”

Read Dean’s full exposé here.

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Ted (@guest_1097987)
10 months ago

My heart goes out to you and your family Janice. Keep up the good fight….Ted.

Robert W (@guest_1097991)
Reply to  Ted
10 months ago


Betty Salsbury (@guest_1097996)
Reply to  Robert W
10 months ago

Not Awoman!!!!!!!!!! So be it!

MAGGIE IN FL (@guest_1098274)
Reply to  Ted
10 months ago

The mayor said on TV he was sending all the older folk to nursing homes because they were old and going to die soon anyway. You can find that quote I believe it may have been FOX but I was watching TV and being 77 years young I thought he was stupid to have said that. He also said regarding the respirators they had 1000 but he was not going to tell the administration so they would give him more. If I was not so far away I would have said something to him like “have you looked in the mirror lately? You ain’t no young rooster yourself.

Lorretta (@guest_1098487)
Reply to  MAGGIE IN FL
10 months ago

I heard that quote too. I back then only watched fox but not sure which program

I thought the same. But of course left media remembers quote it was totally what person above said when he was falling apart asking President Trump daily as he had no idea what to do
Then when deaths occured he lied and misquoted (lied) that CCP guidelines said to do it.

Carol (@guest_1097988)
10 months ago

Good for her. I hope she buries Cuomo…he deserves it.

D. Richard Tonge (@guest_1098038)
Reply to  Carol
10 months ago

Cuomo won an Emmy; Janice Dean did not. Chew on that.

Chazz (@guest_1098043)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

Richard tonge, you are a fool.. do you also have two left hands? (are you in the far-leftest group?…)

The Mayor (@guest_1098047)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

I could say that you were “tonge in cheek”, but, it`s more like head in rear end.

Robert (@guest_1098186)
Reply to  The Mayor
10 months ago

I totally agree.

D-Day (@guest_1098058)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

Emmy’s are obviously handed out like “every child gets a trophy” these days. Cuomo gets a little trophy for killing thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes? How disturbing is that?

Carol Ann Taylor (@guest_1098099)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

Really You have the right to be Wrong!
Cuomo has no ideal what he is doing
and the Left Media is helping him
tell a lie long enough and the weak and uneducated will believe it!

Diana Rosado (@guest_1098122)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

Won an Emmy for what? He still is a useless unworthy governor who is killing New York with his insane policies. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I

Rebert (@guest_1098181)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

what did he win a big dumb a__ award ?

New Republican (@guest_1098312)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

And Obama got the Pulitzer for absolutely doing nothing…it’s the Democrat way of doing things. Cheat anywhere and anyway possible!

Lorretta (@guest_1098488)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

You are really a bad manager of character. Feel bad you get taken in.

Margaret (@guest_1098535)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
10 months ago

Cumo is a murdererby his ow ego and stupidity

mike grunewald (@guest_1097989)
10 months ago

just look at his evil eyes that should say all

Robert W (@guest_1097990)
10 months ago

You nailed right square in the head. The entire political spectrum in NY is scandalous and corrupt. Keep up the great work, former NJ resident!!!

Phillip C Gleason (@guest_1097993)
10 months ago

Bravo ms. Dean!
Cuomo is a liar and an accessory to murder of elderly people. After Trump gave new york state and city everything and more cuomo asked for, cuomo stuck china virus infected people into nursing homes, killing hundreds if not thousands of at risk seniors! Between cuomo and deblasio, they have ruined new york and should both be in prison!

Mary (@guest_1098281)
Reply to  Phillip C Gleason
10 months ago

I totally agree, Cuomo is nothing but a muderer and should be in prison right now!!!!!!!!

John Toutloff (@guest_1097994)
10 months ago

Way to go Janice, you are in the path of a very hard hearted person. May God be with you and your family.

kae (@guest_1097998)
10 months ago

He has many bull eyes on his back. He cannot hide for ever.

Kathy (@guest_1098009)
10 months ago

How wonderful it is to read such a great article with the GUTS to say it like it IS. I congratulate you, Janice. I am an old woman and cannot do a lot to help, but I sincerely wish I were a few years younger.

ee (@guest_1098017)
Reply to  Kathy
10 months ago

Amen ………you go girl……………..we will support you………… refreshing for someone to tell the truth………….

patricia overbey (@guest_1098084)
Reply to  ee
10 months ago

Amen they are never made accountable you go girl Janice God bless you & your family. God see’s all.

kelly (@guest_1098010)
10 months ago

she is right. Coumo only cares about Power and any way he can get it.. He has no concern for any other American Human Being. We all need to start being more vocal and writing elected officials who will listen. We need to join Janice in bringing him down. He needs to take responsibility for all the New Yorkers whose lives he is destroying.

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1098015)
10 months ago

New York wap’s have a all history corruption, it’s nothing new. They have people voting them in with the IQ of a root vegetable…

edward angell (@guest_1098022)
10 months ago

No amount of factious awards will save this murdering lying s.o.b. from true justice one of these days. Hope I live to see it.

James Voss (@guest_1098024)
10 months ago

Good Job Janice

John L (@guest_1098027)
10 months ago

That Cuomo and Deblasio aren’t in prison for Gross criminal negligence, With hundreds of civil suits waiting on them if they ever do get out is a testament to the decline in our Justice System. Career politicians who are clearly Criminally corrupt Traitors Allowed to go unchecked by the CIA and FBI because they are just as corrupt. our country is in trouble.

Michael D bobier (@guest_1098030)
10 months ago

The only voice that needs to be silenced is his. The rest of his life in prison so far back they have to pump sunlight into him. Bologna sandwich and stale bread too fitting for him. He is the face of pure evil, just like bidets, Harris, pelosi , Schumer, Clinton’s and Obama to name a few

David (@guest_1098039)
Reply to  Michael D bobier
10 months ago

I believe the lying, corrupt, murdering, P.O.S IS ON STEROIDS which has affected whatever brain he had left.

MELINDA L BIGELOW (@guest_1098040)
10 months ago


JP (@guest_1098042)
10 months ago

Why is it all these Evil pathetic murderer’s think they can do whatever and get away with murder? I know because they do ” They’re never ever held accountable…… I Pray for your family and I Pray he ” IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE ….GO GIRL

lynn from minnesota (@guest_1098051)
10 months ago

Cuomo did not lie——He Planned it so Older Folks would Die, Just as he’s a Big part of killing babies.. Less people “out there” makes his Job Easier & that means more Money in His bank Account…
Have You EVER seen a Democrat or Swamper do ANYTHING Good for us Average folks?? Here in Minnesota, We have Walz & Ellison, 2 Very Big Democrap Phoneys…New York is no Different. MAGA…..

patricia overbey (@guest_1098083)
Reply to  lynn from minnesota
10 months ago


Lorretta (@guest_1098490)
Reply to  lynn from minnesota
10 months ago

That is so true. Communist thinks older people are expendable. If Pelosi would not of won now she would of been in exile. Too bad she won.

Leon (@guest_1098052)
10 months ago

Dean is A HERO! Cuomo is A ZERO!

patricia (@guest_1098082)
10 months ago

My heart goes out to you Janice Dean & your husband in the loss of Mickey & Dee Newman may God bless their souls. President Trump sent the Naval ship “Mercy” to NY to house positive cases of the China virus however the great one man of the year hero Gov. Cuomo sent it back to Calif, we don’t need it. causing thousands of seniors to die when the positive cases were put in nursing homes. God help us. This would have been all over the news & President Trump would be persecuted if the story was of President Trump & not Gov. Cuomo.

She Conner (@guest_1098088)
10 months ago

Thank you Janice for taking a stand for your family and the in-laws you have lost! The Cuomos and de blasio have done more to destroy NYC and the people who have made it great. You are a STRONG WOMAN AND WE are sorry your family has paid such a high price for OUR FREEDOMS.

Dot (@guest_1098106)
10 months ago

To all smart concerned Democrats (hope there are SOME still). REREGISTER your party affiliation. It’s a start to putting the demon Democrats out of business. They only see one thing-who is a Democratic…

Willie T (@guest_1098360)
10 months ago

I hope you take him down, I have been angry since I first heard about it. Though some find it amusing, I don’t refer to him as Cou Mao Zedung just to be funny.

Homepage (@guest_1141759)
9 months ago

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