July 28, 2021

Fox’s Chris Wallace presses Jen Psaki on border transparency

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace — who is typically sympathetic to the Biden administration — shocked many by criticising White House press secretary Jen Psaki regarding the lack of media access at border facilities during Fox News Sunday.

“So why not allow reporters and camera crews in if on a pool basis safely to take pictures and show the American people what’s happening in those border patrol facilities right now?” Wallace asked.

Psaki answered the administration is “working to get that done as soon as we can.”

Wallace then noted, “But just to clarify, you allowed a camera crew in to see the HHS facilities, but what we’re talking about here are the border patrol facilities, the detention cells.

“At this point, in terms of allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump Administration.”

Psaki responded with criticism of the immigration policies of former President Donald Trump. She repeated the often-used phrase “turning kids away at the border.”

Wallace accurately depicted the immigration situation, leaving Psaki little room to escape criticism. The press secretary can only share what she is given from the Biden administration, leaving no clear answer to the current immigration situation.

Leaked media from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other sources over the past week have led to the need for a new response from the Biden administration. The White House website now offers its own access to images and video for reporters.

Regardless of media access, the immigration crisis deserves attention–and a response. Both Democrats and Republicans have a clear duty to intervene to stop ongoing problems along the nation’s southern border.

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70 Responses

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    1. Why does Fox News have Chris Wallace on its staff?? I love Fox news but I hate that Chris Wallace. He is more suited for CNN or MSNBC. Fox needs to get rid of that scumbag.

      1. Chris Wallace must have ENDED his romance with Shifty Schiff!
        They were practically holding hands on his program!
        NOT one question about ALL OF THAT EVIDENCE Schiff CLAMED
        to have to prove without a doubt the Russian Fiasco!
        Over 40 Million dollars later spent on Mule-Faced Mueller !
        Mueller and his Wild Bunch of ALL DEMIs proved it was
        Slick Willie’s Wench and Obama who created the TALE!!!!!!
        HA! HA! HA!
        They both belong in jail or at least pay the american people for
        the useless expense!!!

      2. Chris Wallace is now trying to. Save his show. But it will not work bye bye Chris america had spoken.

      3. All of a sudden he has woken up to what the Biden administration is all about? Too bad he turned against Trump before the election and said the Biden’s speech was the greatest ever!

    2. I do not care about these kids at all. Send them all back. We have American children who need help and low income families who need help. If people want to come here then do it the right way and be able to support themselves and not tax payers. FU.K ALL ILLEGALS!!!

      1. Michael, on top of that the bum in the whitehouse already ran gas prices up 60 cents/gal in two months. States already shoulder the costs of illegal aliens (health care, housing, school, etc.) All you see of the bum’s cabinet are FACES OF EVIL and arrogance!!!

        1. I know what your saying. Gas prices in my area are already above $4.00. I have a couple of friends who hated Trump and voted for Biden. I ask them how they like things now and they are far more upset with Biden and they told me they feel like fools.

      2. The young kids didn’t have much choice. Their parents are responsible. The children’s parents are more than likely either on the Mexican side of the border (send their children back) or have been kidnapped and are being trafficked. Those are the kids to rescue. If we finish the wall, closing the gaps, add more personnel (highly screened!), then maybe we can get this under control.
        No child should be treated like this. Biden has escalated this crewelty with his open border policies!!!

  2. They don’t want the public to see what a disaster Biden has caused at the border. If everything was “hunky-dory” they would be insisting the press to come and take pictures!

    1. I agree Jesse. AND The pictures they would show on the White House website are a joke. So pathetic is this mess that is unfolding right before our eyes !!

    2. Biden had NO PLAN to handle the situation as it now exists at the border, so it’s a STALL tactic until they can clean up the mess there.

  3. Pisshicky is an ABSOLUTE PATHETIC JOKE!!!! She can’t answer the question “what color is the sky? Blue?” Her: Let me circle back after the earth has circled the sun! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Well, praise God some of us still have a righteous humanitarian heard and Chris Wallace just revealed his and I hope the Biden administration hear and recognize the catastrophic mess they have created at the border. AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT THIS NEW ADMINISTRATION CAN NOT BLAME THE TRUMP LEGACY. AMERICA AND OTHER NATIONS ARE WATCHING YIU

  5. Send them back. I don’t want to have to pay to raise an illegal alien child. I raised my children without government help. Let their parents and their government take care of them.

    1. You are so right. Why aren’t these other countries taking care of their own? Are Americans allowed to force our way into other countries? Hell no. These stupid parents should be ashamed of themselves putting their children in danger. Stop having kids if you can’t support them.


    2. Kenya is better at taking care of their own than Biden is at our border. When Creepy old Joe goes to the Border, watch him take little girls and smell their hair.
      Then he’ll probably order one to be taken back to the White House.

  6. What do you expect? When ever in recent history has a Dimocrat ever been “transparent”?? That senile demented perverted old fool that calls himself President lies and Psucky swears to it. That’s why she was put in that position. Only problem is she sucks at it.


  7. For the first time I have some respect for Wallace. He has been way to easy on the Biden administration. They have so much to answer for as our country goes to hell. I’ll bet you wish Trump were here, at least it was a safer country and we all had jobs. So many families are suffering under Biden and the whole world knows it. Why is it that the rest of these dems just let Biden go on with this dementia and mumbling and misstepping? This really is elder abuse.

    1. Sorry I still have no respect for Wallace. He asked her a question that everyone should be asking and still didn’t hold her feet to the fire. It was his only chance and he blew it. He will never have the opportunity to interview her again after these softball questions. He also permitted her to get away with lying when she said that Trump let the children starve

    2. Chris Wallace is cut from the same cloth as donkey face fake VP. Both wishy washy jacka..es. Can’t stand either one.

  8. The border is in total chaos! The Obama / Harris, administration should be charged with crimes against humanity. The Obama / Harris, administration’s chaos at the border policy, also threatens our national security, and is spreading hazardous health situations all across our country! How much longer are the American people going to have to put up with this illegal, corrupt administration that was installed by the deep state?

  9. She’s still “circling back”. Just like an animal chasing its tail. We’ll get no transparency from her or the Biden administration. The truth they do not know or tell. Lies and more lies. Criminals all!

  10. Biden broke what was working at the border before he issued his fiat through executive order changed all that. I doubt that he knew what it meant. He is a mindless soulless noncognitive shell of a human being. He needs to go with Kamala on a permanent vacation to Honduras. Pelosi and Schumer can carry their bags.

  11. Biden Administration wants to weaken the USA so China can take over, what did you think the payout from China to Biden was all about! Keep your guns loaded! This is a Treasonous event!

  12. They have a bigger problem in the country now with them using our monies to pay for their upkeep, I feel this will cost them in the next election.

  13. With the coronavirus pandemic still plaguing the world and with the utter failure of the drumpf administration to recognize the realities of the coronavirus and the resulting pandemic, the current American government is having credibility problems globally. The Democrats appear to be trying to clear up the failures, neglect and willful ignorance or insensitivity of the drumpf administration to the real facts of the coronavirus.

    1. You are so full of it!!! Trump had our country running the way it should have been!! BEFORE OBAMA, BUSH AND CLINTON RUINED IT!!! SAD to see our America go down the crapper!!!

    2. Obviously you drink the liberal kool aid. Your hatred for Trump out weighs your intelligence. For anyone to believe that drivel you just pontificated, would require an intellect of an insect. But I have witnessed some insects with longer attention span than a goldfish (3 seconds).

    3. Roland,
      What fairy land have you been living in. Donald Trump did more positive things for this country in his term as President than Obama did in 8 years. Do you really believe that Biden is in charge, well let me inlightrn you!!!- Obama is pulling the strings and PIGLOSI is right beside him. They want to control us body and soul, take away our liberties and dictate how we live. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

    4. Roland, are you just now waking up from a coma? Look around, observe, research and then, when you are fully informed, decide which side you are on.

  14. Wallace is only doing that because he is despised by most
    Fox viewers and he knows it.!He must think that what he is
    saying is going to save his bacon with the bad publicty.!
    I’ll bet if someone could take a look in his wallet there
    would be a picture of Biden signed with the words “To
    Chris,Keep living off your fathers fame”Joe

  15. Well chris maybe if you hadn’t been SO biased against Trump and SO pro Biden! You do realize people are easily LED by the nose right. They still cheated, but you helped! And you turned a whole lot of conservatives against you!

  16. They say the remainder of the wall is bought and paid for, why not put some people to work and finish it? Can somebody tell me the last time a Government funded project was completed in a time and cost effective manner? Biden wasting our money again.

  17. The truth is; the clown biden and his band of merry nitwits do not have a plan,that is why they cannot articulate a valid response to the american public,they are like a deer in the headlights, they never really expected to be where their at, an now that they, for the first time in their life, actually have to solve a real problem; by just doing the one thing in the world that worked ,the Trump border policy; their stupidity and lack of common sense and hatred for the citizens of the United States prevents them from doing so !!!

    1. Joe & his band of merry nitwits have TDS ( Trump Derangement Syndrome ) & will continue , as long as the are in power, to UNDO anything Trump instituted, & do NOTHING to solve or benefit the American people.

  18. Those of you old enough to have seen and remember the animated Movie of “Gulliver’s Travels will remember the scene where Gulliver is washed up on the beach of Lilliput and all the tiny Lilliputons are beside themselves not knowing what to do with the beached giant. In this case Gulliver is the counry’s immigration problem and President Biden and his administration are the tiny Lilliputons overwhelmed and scared to death of this monster.

  19. Why isn’t anyone asking the question about the separation of children from their parents in this way:
    When a parent in Central America lets their kids go on a 1000+ mile journey unaccompanied, with only a phone # or address of supposedly someone in this country, ISN’T that ” separating their children VOLUNTARILY from themselves ? ( the parents ) So when kids are separated from someone (Their parents ) after crossing the border & put in a facility with other kids for a much shorter period of time, than the days or weeks it takes to walk from their country in Central America to the southern U.S. border, why is one called ” Inhumane” but the other is looked upon as ” getting them to a better place than they left “.?

  20. FOX Star? This guy is a Liberal Democrat and I can’t stand him, the second I see him I switch channels!!

    1. I just quit watching Fox after the election. If I wanted lies and softballs sent to Biden, I would still watch CNN.
      I changed to Fox during Bathouse Barry’s administration. But after listening to Wallace during the debate and election. I realized Fox is just like MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS. Why do I want to listen to lies?
      So I usually listen to conservative radio. Sometimes I watch OANN, The Blaze or News Max. I haven’t watched Fox since

  21. I feel sorry for you ! You are A flat out liar. Circle back and find a different way to tell your boss what being a president means. Start off with the lame brain who is supposed to be protecting our country! ThT is a joke and you are committed to lies. Just pathetic. Does your toubg burn your brain?? Trump was taking them out of the arms of the child trafficking!!!!!!!!!’ This is all paid for by Anone other but George Siri’s. This is the only way this old man votes!! You are all so fing transparent!!!!

  22. Pres. Trump was very transparent about the border. Wallace being the lying fake news moron that he is, can’t give Pres. Trump the credit he deserves. Biden has lied his whole 40 years plus, he has been in government and accomplished absolutely nothing. He is one of the most racist Politicians ever in Government. He is right up there with the Grand Wizard of the KKK Senator Robert Bird of W. Virginia, his good friend. Him and Circle back around Psaki stand in front of Cameras everyday and lie just about everything. He takes credit for the vaccine and its distribution. He had nothing to do with the vaccine and distribution. Him and circle back around blame Pres. Trump for kids in cages and the chaos at the border. Him and obama put the kids in the cages and Pres Thump was getting them out of the cages and he had the border secure. Now under biden its anarchy.

  23. Its time WE did the responsible thing and start sending these kids back to their parents! with a note saying “Nice try, but we’re not responsible for your children. ” What kind of mother sends her “babies” out into the world without proper clothing, food,etc., We need to fit out 3 or 4 big troop-carriers and start making a ” reverse-Berlin air
    lift”campaign and return the kids to their own countries and families. I will gladly contribute to that end’ anybody else want to join in?

  24. Voter fraud in 2020 election, that’s the problem. The communist have now taken over!!!! The media is not only complacent but was instrumental supporting the communist party.

  25. Impeach Biden for not protecting our borders or our countries health, but has illegally opened our borders and is placing illegals who are carrying disease throughout our country.

  26. just be carefull, if he is after jen, wait for the other shoe to drop.
    i do not trust him at all, and long befor the never trump debate, they do not come more 2 faced then him

  27. Don’t treat us like we are stupid. We know what is going on at the border and we know whose fault it is. Biden was handed a border under control and getting better by the day. He broke all of that and is now paying the price, or should I say we and the illegals are. Several have died trying to cross the Rio Grande. Many more are suffering overcrowded conditions during a pandemic.

  28. Psaki is trying to give The Looney Toon administration time to get their lies straight. Meanwhile someone has to keep Dementia in Chief away from the cameras.

  29. Wallace does what all democrats do when they are being tested change the narrative he has been and will always be a democrat who has now fallen from grace…….good by to Wallace and anyone like him ….

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