June 30, 2022

Fox to partially replace Lou Dobbs with former White House fixture Larry Kudlow

Fox News fans were stunned when it was announced last week that longtime star Lou Dobbs’ show had been abruptly canceled by the network.

Even more shocking is the network’s choice for Dobbs’ — partial — replacement: Former White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Former Trump White House adviser Larry Kudlow will be taking over for Lou Dobbs — at least partly — on Fox Business Network.

Kudlow, a longtime CNBC fixture before joining the Trump administration, will host a new show on Fox Business starting Feb. 16. The untitled show will air at 4 p.m. ET weekdays and replay at 7 p.m. The latter slot previously hosted a replay of Lou Dobbs Tonight — which Fox Business abruptly canceled last week.

The network will continue to air Fox Business Tonight in Dobbs’ 5 p.m. time period.

“We are immensely proud to add Larry to our incomparable FBN lineup,” said Fox Business Network president Lauren Petterson. “His expertise will greatly inform our audience and we look forward to his return to business television.”

Said Kudlow, “I am thrilled to be part of this new venture at FBN and for the opportunity to really drill down on the most pressing economic issues impacting everyday Americans.”

Fox still hasn’t explained their real reasoning behind cancelling Fox Business’s most popular show, simply claiming that the elimination of the show is part of a massive post-election restructuring of the network’s lineup.

However, Dobbs’ abrupt cancellation came just a day after voting machine manufacturer Smartmatic filed a massive lawsuit against the Fox network, specifically naming Dobbs and fellow Fox personalities Maria Bartiromo and Judge Janine Pirro.

The choice of Kudlow as Dobbs’ partial replacement is somewhat bewildering as well, considering the fact that many speculate Dobbs was let go due to his unwavering support for former President Donald Trump and his claims of election malfeasance.

Kudlow also stuck with Trump till the bitter end, refusing to throw Trump under the bus when the pressure was on — though he did tell the Washington Examiner just before leaving the White House that he wished Trump had “played his cards differently” and that Trump’s January 6th rally “went too far.”

Fox announced the partnership with Kudlow just six days after Joe Biden’s January 22nd inauguration.

Are you upset that Fox cancelled Lou Dobbs’ show? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know your thoughts.  

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Rocco Yorlano (@guest_1129050)
1 year ago

Hopefully Lou Dobbs who wasn’t afraid to call a fraud when he knows one reappers.
FOX. Went cancel culture and forgot us deplorables. Even left wont watch them. Will pick who I watch on Froxed up. But Oan and Newsmax better choice for me. Not crazy about some on Newsmax especially when they have something against pillows.
With this installation(not elected) of outright crooks and riot sympathizers (as seen on news clips) we are in for a violent time. Beware of Reichstag antics by the left and a George Goebbels medis. Check history. Unite dont sit back deplorables.

swede (@guest_1129059)
Reply to  Rocco Yorlano
1 year ago

Watch Mike Lindells documentary on voter fraud on Rumble it certainly tells all

J Lara (@guest_1129081)
Reply to  swede
1 year ago

And to get even many had his stock elininated from their stores! WE all call it like it is FRAUD and then they get stupid when called on it! Never convince me or millions of others that we DID NOT see with OUR OWN eyes all the illegal activity. Everyone who worked on the ballot counting where there was such fraud should be fined! BIG TIME! Maybe these folls will mend their ways when they start suffering under these evil ones! Yep rats you will suffer too!

Carrie Ann Campbell (@guest_1129473)
Reply to  swede
1 year ago

Of course when u get someone good on a show and tells it how it is (the truth) the other side complains, cry’s, calls the media, and wants u to resign or get fired because u don’t believe the way they believe. What is happening around here is crazy! I stopped watching Fox the day after the election and will not bother watching it again. It continues to decline because they r getting rid of the best people. Lou should start his own show or radio.

CJM (@guest_1129497)
Reply to  Carrie Ann Campbell
1 year ago

I believe Lou Dobbs does have his own radio show. I don’t know the call letters or have any other information about it. However, I have seen it mentioned every once in a while on the boards. Are there others out there who could provide information regarding Lou? Thanks.

wledhw (@guest_1129740)
Reply to  swede
1 year ago

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Raff Cafa (@guest_1131073)
Reply to  wledhw
1 year ago

vaffanculo .

CintiCB (@guest_1132714)
Reply to  swede
1 year ago

Everyone should see it. I saw it, yesterday. There’s a lot more proof along with all of the affidavits.

Someone had the link in their post.
It’s pretty unbelievable!!!

Jands (@guest_1134500)
Reply to  CintiCB
1 year ago
R. J. Hunt (@guest_1129056)
1 year ago

Lou Dodds was the best at focusing on the real issues. No spin. No lies. Only truth. As a long time viewer of his show, it bohgles the mind that he is fired, Chris Wallace is still on after his blatantly biased and appalling performance as debate moderator. You have lost what was a longtime viewer. No more

jo walczak (@guest_1129111)
Reply to  R. J. Hunt
1 year ago

Me too! So disgusted with these people at Fox. Now they
have “screwed the pooch” canceling Lou Dobbs. OAN is my go to or now.Newsmax is another channel to watch.

Lynn (@guest_1129426)
Reply to  jo walczak
1 year ago

I turned off my tv when I was watching Fox on Election night and they called Arizona for Biden! There were hints that they were leaning left but nothing in your face until that night! I haven’t watched Fox since and have no intention on returning. I got on my computer and started the search for TRUTH! I’ve learned so much about these Corrupt Politicians! Was a wake up call also after the election and you realized that so many Republicans were playing the President! Same SNAKE just two heads! Disappointing but I’ll live. I heard Donald Trump say one time I wish I would loose everything and then I would know who is truly LOYAL! Well HE SAW! As most of us Republicans saw also…..A HANDFUL of Loyal followers! The REST ARE TURNCOATS!! I commend those who are still loyal to him, We loved his agenda, it was fair and balanced UNLIKE FOX!!

Phred Symthe (@guest_1129197)
Reply to  R. J. Hunt
1 year ago

But he is a scambag from the swamp. Sorry Chris, you are terrible. Worthless.

Roger Volk (@guest_1129503)
Reply to  R. J. Hunt
1 year ago

If Fox New wishes to become a second hand new agency like CNN its on it way, taking off Lou Dodds. Next thing you know they will want to take off Hannity. Why didn’t they take off the biased Chris Wallace I have stopped watch Sunday because they keep him on and whenever I see him I turn to another station. Get A clue Fox before you lose millions more remember 74 million plus register vote support trump.

Robert Boyd (@guest_1129060)
1 year ago

Five on Fox remains one of their best programs that offers a balance of opinions to mainstream media propaganda. The speakers are well informed and present two sides to issues. Williams is liberal and rarely gives other than to critical comments loudly impolite and disparaging to other speakers, and is usually prejudicial. He should be more polite.

Lynn (@guest_1129433)
Reply to  Robert Boyd
1 year ago

Williams is a hopeless Democrat and goes for anything that they do no matter how ridiculous it is! Never enjoyed him. When Trump won he was almost in tears and had nothing good to say about him in four years! Well they have their power back now, cheating but hey whatever works for the Democrats. I get annoyed at the LIES of the LEFT and the MSM, my room mates watch it constantly and are full of the propaganda and it’s just plain sick!

CJM (@guest_1129499)
Reply to  Robert Boyd
1 year ago

When they kick Juan Williams off the FIVE, I’ll tune them in again. Can’t stand the liberal wuss; he never has anything of substance to say.

Rita Downey (@guest_1129068)
1 year ago

Am very upset that Lou Dobbs was cancelled without explanation. I feel we Dobbs watchers deserve at least an explanation! He certainly did not deserve this kind of shabby treatment!

J Lara (@guest_1129086)
Reply to  Rita Downey
1 year ago

AGREE! He was on the side of TRUTH and the rats and filthy rich can’t stand that! Keep it up Fox. if the 4 I watch go I believe many of us will all follow!

Jane Collins (@guest_1129237)
Reply to  Rita Downey
1 year ago

Hi Rita,

You are absolutely correct. I really like Lou Dobbs and I don’t think his show deserved to be cancelled. I do like Larry Kudlow too. He’s a fair person.

What really frosts me is that Mike Lindell’s video Absolute Proof produced with Mary Fanning was removed from view. I think what he showed the public is very likely to be true. I do feel that President Trump is still our legal President and I will vote for him again, if he runs.

Roberta King (@guest_1129074)
1 year ago

Looking forward to watching Mr. Kudlow!!! Perhaps Fox can find a place for Jason Jason. Chaffetz. he does a trrific job! It has to be soon before the left controls all media and we no longer have access to any truth though!

DONALD C FINK (@guest_1129078)
1 year ago


CAROL ANN TAYLOR (@guest_1129079)
1 year ago

Like Lou Dobbs also, The Murdoch Boys are all married to Lefties Wives are friends of Hillary. That says it all!

J Lara (@guest_1129090)
1 year ago

When lying ryan and d brazil came on it was done for many!

Stephanie Pflasterer (@guest_1129082)
1 year ago

.y husband and I are no longer watching FOX NEWS because they have gotten rid of the only people who were genuine and told the truth. I hope your shows and network fall off the face of the earth. You are worthless now! You deserve to go under. What cowards are running this fiasco ? They are the ones who need to go!

Jim (@guest_1129125)
1 year ago

Tenth try to comment. They won’t let me say what I want.

CJM (@guest_1129502)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

They dump some of my comments as well…..welcome to the club!!!

Jim (@guest_1129132)
1 year ago

Once again they won’t let me post. They’ll probably let this one post.

Jim (@guest_1129136)
1 year ago

Fox has sucked jimfor a long time.

Brenda (@guest_1129143)
1 year ago

You need to fire Wallace he is a hack and very biased in his opinion!

August R Scarpelli (@guest_1129202)
Reply to  Brenda
1 year ago

Amen, His real journalist father has to be rolling in his grave

Jim Harris (@guest_1129212)
Reply to  Brenda
1 year ago

Kind of makes you wonder why they fired Dobbs, but kept Wallace? Dobbs had a far larger audience. Most folks can’t stand Wallace, because he shoots from the hip and rarely has his facts straight. Kudlow is a good choice for a show, but the better move would have been to can Wallace and replace him with Larry Kudlow.

CJM (@guest_1129505)
Reply to  Jim Harris
1 year ago

They fired Lou Dobbs because he refuses to spread the network lies; he sees the truth and he tells it to the audience.

Wayne Johnson (@guest_1129160)
1 year ago

I no longer will watch FOX. I have decided to watch only NEWSMAX and OAN. There is a movement is the US to fundamentally change the US (I’m sure most remembers where this came from). It is difficult for me to understand why the left wants to change the most successful country in the world but then again, I believe that the folks on the left have a mental disorder.

Fitt (@guest_1129164)
1 year ago

Lou’s program debated real issues of concern to conservatives. A voice that should NOT have been canceled. Big mistake. FOX, your mistakes are turning you into a sinking ship. Hint: don’t give Paul Ryan an oar to help steer… unless you wish to sink faster.

August R Scarpelli (@guest_1129200)
1 year ago

Dobbs was Great Kudlow will be ok, Remember Fox watchers with the way gutless Fox operates now a days It could have been Donna Bazile replacing Dobbs. At least we still have a 95% Trumper

Dennis (@guest_1129241)
1 year ago


Leroy (@guest_1129315)
Reply to  Dennis
1 year ago

That only happens in Communist Countries, WAIT A Minute !! Hey, that’s what we are becoming !! Damn Man, this is Not good, we Must fight back !!

Donald Gallagher (@guest_1129252)
1 year ago

I’m a long time fan of Fox!!!!! Have ceased being so. Will watch Hannity, Carlson, and Pirro as long as Fox lets’em alone!!! Giving Dobbs the shaft shows what losers they’ve become!. Would bet good money they’ll not be long going after The Five and Hilton… They have obviously moved to the left or at least fear them!! Fear is something the Progressives love to make others feel.

L (@guest_1129395)
1 year ago

Fox you screwed up. Lou Dobbs was great. Larry will be ok, but you should have gotten rid of Wallace.

Gary (@guest_1129453)
1 year ago

NO Lou Dobbs!
Then NO Fox News…Bye

CJM (@guest_1129481)
1 year ago

Cancelling Lou Dobbs is a really big mistake. Apparently, FOX has no idea who has the greater fan bases; and they have eliminated those with large followings. Lou was the reason I continued to watch FOX; now, I have no reason to do so. I suspect that Hannity and Judge P will soon follow since FOX hasn’t a clue as to why they have existed for so many years. Nothing like discarding the hand that feeds you.

JC (@guest_1129482)
1 year ago

Fox cut the wrong guy. Wallace sucks and is probably the single strongest reason ratings went down.

Beverly (@guest_1129534)
1 year ago

Fox has caved and become just another casualty of the knuckle under and turn coat media.

Rita Dingler (@guest_1129536)
1 year ago

FOX definitely f..up this time (and many others, actually). I have been watching Lou for a long time and enjoyed his truthful show immensely. I choose my shows on to watching on FOX and the are getting slimmer by the hour.

OR-Patriot (@guest_1129562)
1 year ago

There’re VERY few reasons left to watch Fox news OR Fox Business!!

Lynn Taylor (@guest_1129709)
Reply to  OR-Patriot
1 year ago

Only Reasons to watch FOX: Tucker, Hannity, Maria, Judge Janine, MARK LEVIN!!

eugene rodammer (@guest_1129658)
1 year ago

Can’t believe you fired the BEST newscaster in the business, I will be searching for another source to get RELIABLE information.

john hargus jr (@guest_1129662)
1 year ago

I will not watch fox any more untill lou dobbs is put back on air you people are crazy your ratings will go down it’s good enough for you you are un american and it shows

Rhoda (@guest_1129685)
1 year ago

Dobbs was a good one — that’s probably why he was canceled. Fox is headed down the drain!

Lynn Taylor (@guest_1129706)
1 year ago

Lou Dobbs was great and really unbelievable that FOX took him off !
Lucky for FOX that conservatives or President Trump supporters don’t have a lot of choices to watch news these days, because with the “cancel culture,” FOX would be gone!
Love Larry Kudlow as well, but he should be a “great addition” not a “replacement” for Lou Dobbs! Please don’t cancel Maria or Janine!!

ANTHONY COSCIA (@guest_1129757)
1 year ago

I have watched Lou Dobbs and others on FOX for some time and I felt that his commentary was insightful and creditable. However, I was surprised and wondered why Lou Dobbs’ program was off the air and NO EXPLANATION from FOX as to why it was cancelled. It seems FOX is not concerned with its audience by not offering some rationale for dropping Dobbs. FOX should NOT be taking its viewers for granted as there are other networks willing to welcome former FOX viewers.

Margaret and Alfred Morey (@guest_1129760)
1 year ago

Everyone in our area missed Lou Dobbs Woulr you reconsider and put him bsck on We just don’t even look forward to you news anymore Kuflow is OK but Lou Dobbs is somuch better You have lost several to your Foxc Business News We qwill go to newsmax or OARS ,Guess you can afford to lose the best newscaster evern on your show

dave a. Rurey (@guest_1130039)
1 year ago

Another stupid move by fox, thats why i quit watching them and moved to newsmax… there trying to move to the left,to try and satisfie the bottom feeders

Bonnie Miller (@guest_1130148)
1 year ago

I am absolutely disturbed over this. He was great for Fox News as being one who was truthful and would tell it as it is. I watched him everyday and will be very disappointed to see him gone. What do you mean by partially gone? Does this mean he could possibly come back? I sure hope so. You say Fox ratings are going down? Well removing Lou Dobbs is sure not going to help your ratings to go up for sure. Please bring Lou Dobbs back!

randy wall (@guest_1130500)
1 year ago

fox news is a sell out newsmax is in. thank you for pushing me away. miss you tucker, hanity and dana, greg, jessie,judge,lou and maria

Katie Baker (@guest_1132265)
1 year ago

My husband and I are so so very disappointed that they cancelled Lou Dobbs. We have been watching him for years and really did enjoy his programs even watching the reruns. It appears that Fox News higher ups are leaning more liberal that Lou is. We most certainly do not like the change they made at the 11 ET slot. We do not even watch Gutfield’s program on Saturday nights. Out TV goes to another channel. We would most definitely prefer to keep Shannon Bream at that time slot.

We do enjoy your The American Digest internet articles. Thanks for the good journalism.

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