November 23, 2020

Fox reporter rips Rudy Giuliani presser, declares allegations of voter fraud are ‘baseless’

First, it was the botched election night calls that left Fox viewers scratching their heads. Now, the network seems to be zeroing in on President Donald Trump and his campaign’s legal fight against possible voter irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.

Kristin Fisher, Fox News White House correspondent, called Thursday’s news conference with Trump’s legal team “colorful” but “light on facts.” Fisher went after the credibility of the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, citing his “bold and baseless claim” of voter fraud in the election, Breitbart reported.

Fisher made the comments on Thursday’s “The Daily Briefing” on Fox News. She was speaking about a news conference Thursday in which Giuliani and former Michael Flynn attorney Sidney Powell spoke about the ongoing litigation to overturn election results in places they contend were hotspots of voter fraud.

“So much of what he said was simply not true or has already been thrown out in court,” Fisher said of the former New York City mayor. “He opened by making this really bold and baseless claim that a lot of this alleged inside voter fraud he is referring to all came from one centralized place. He called it a nationwide conspiracy, and yet he failed to provide any hard evidence to back up that one specific claim, especially when it cuts to the core of the democratic process.”

Fisher cited differences between what Giuliani was saying publicly and what he was saying in court, such as in Philadelphia where he declared fraud to the press but explicitly said it was “not fraud” when in front of a judge. Similarly, according to Fisher, Giuliani’s claim was “not true” that Michigan de-certified its results after two election canvassers flipped their previous decision to accept election results in Wayne county after facing immense pressure despite their misgivings. “The results were certified in Michigan on Tuesday, and Biden won,” Fisher pointed out.

“Now up on that stage with Giuliani was a big poster with the headline ‘Multiple paths to victory,’ but Giuliani never credibly explained a single path, let alone multiple ones,” Fisher continued.” The fact remains that the Trump campaign has yet to provide — at least in court — hard evidence of voter fraud and irregularities widespread enough to overturn the outcome of the election and to effectively challenge President-Elect Joe Biden’s stance as the president-elect.”

Another Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, came under fire for similar doubts. He also expressed skepticism in a monologue during Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday broadcast where he alleged Powell did not provide any proof for her allegations. Powell said she did provide Carlson with affidavits from witnesses who had the mathematical evidence to prove problems with Dominion voting machine software, thus backing up her claims of fraud with the machines.

Whatever the outcome ultimately is, a troubling trend has emerged with Fox News repeatedly taking sides against Trump in his fight for the presidency. Fisher and Carlson are right to express a healthy mistrust of some of these claims, but it would be better to wait until all of the facts are in before completely undermining the process in advance; Fox owes that to their viewers, and to the president.

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85 Responses

  1. Dems. you rigged the election. The world knows it. Stop your friggin lying. That’s all you do. You create lies for smears. You are the most racist people I have ever saw.

      1. Fox better watch themselves …. if they keep this crap up they will and are losing viewers …. how stupid of them… those Murdock boys had better get their ducks in a row b/4 they screw up a network that has been in command for quite some time…. I would love to see a alternate network and take Tucker, Shawn, Laura, Greg, Jessee, Dagan, and those I have forgotton and start their own network…. they would go to #1 like a shot in the dark….. I just know there are many out there that feel the same … and as for the election… are you kidden me…..there ain’t no way in this man’s world Plugs won the election…… anybody with a sane mind knows that…..

        1. Ditto, my friend! I”d LOVE to see a true right wing, honest AND intelligent people reporting the news!!!! Let’s try to coerce them to do just that…..form their own station and set their own rules.

        2. FOX is already losing viewers, we are going to OAN(I call them a baby FOX because they are honest like FOX used to be, I can no longer get OAN so a lot of us travel to NEWSMAX. I will watch certain spots on FOX like Levine on Sunday and the 3 from 8-11 during week and sometimes even get upset that they are turning sour.

    1. Exactly !!! This election should be thrown out and require only In Person and Absentee Ballots, with the exception of our armed forces. All Votes Should Be Verified.

      1. JMichael270, I am a chair-bound, disabled individual who routinely votes by mail. I am on the permanent early voter list in Arizona – ballots requested, signature required. Doesn’t count if mailed in late, Otherwise I agree – in person, WITH ID, absentee for armed forces and those with legitimate medical reason. Honestly, I am saddened by the fact that the integrity of our electoral process has been destroyed by the fraud in this election. I will never trust an election to be legitimate ever again. I know the signature was verified on my ballot but did my vote for President Trump go to President Trump or was it switched to Biden?

        1. I also vote absentee because I cannot stand in lines, but, my signature is on file and I sign across the flap to make sure it is my vote, then in a week I call to make sure it was received

    2. I agree with you!
      Just keep our faith!
      Fox News is the only station I watch. But something is not right there since the election!
      God Bless America!

      1. You need to change over to News Max like most people are doing! Fox lost its credibility with most of its used to be fans. They have become the radical left except for a few! News max tells the truth & is for our president!

    3. I agree….and Powell had every right to not release that info. until the courts see it first. Keeping your cards close is not a bad thing. Anyone should know this.

    4. The Democrats have become a mafia of hit men and women, their target is President Donald J. Trump. They have used deception, made false accusations, used phony documents and has the main stream media backing them up. They are the epitome of corruption in government. How they are able to live with themselves and face the American people without one iota of shame tells all of us that their conscience has been seared. They are souless dead spirits who walk the earth looking for those they can hate.

      I hold no respect for these misguided and ungrateful human beings.

    5. Remember: the media is worthless AND dangerous to decent humans. If they are so stupid that they cannot see, that is not OUR fault….it is THEIR fault. I have learned that the media people are WORTHLESS TO HONEST PEOPLE.

    6. You are so very correct, it almost makes me cry. I am so disgusted with all of the liars who are 1)left wingers OR 2) those who obey the leftist liars. They are doing everything in their power to DESTROY OUR NATION so that THEY get all of the POWER and all of the MONEY. Worthless pieces of ……. Guess I should shut up.

      1. no don’t shut up, Speak that’s what we need . people to speak up ,WE have the say they dont They work for US we don’t cow down to them .

    7. HEY Neen, Know what, I was a FOX Only Viewer, Now I watch OAN. Hurry up Shawn, Judge Jeanine, we need you At OAN News Channel, FOX IS NOW, ” FUBAR ”
      BOBBY ~!~

  2. I can’t believe Fox isn’t backing and helping the best President we’ve ever had and I’ll be 90 next week so I’ve lived through many Presidents I’m now watching Newsmax more then Fox.

  3. Tucker Carlson needs to just shut up and quit offering his own opinion of events and just listen to the guest he has…used to like his show somewhat, but now I don’t even watch it…what a spoiled baby brat…another ivy league spoil kid that has been pampered…well so much for Fox News…

    1. I think they need to have a recount in Illinois. I know that there are far more Trump supporters than corrupt Biden. Please consider recount in Illinois. It is fun but corrupt Democrats.

  4. I was at one a very avid fan of Fox News, no longer they have become another CNN. I have deleted Fox from my channel list. I now watch NewsMax to get honest and fair national news.

  5. I suppose one could ask for visible facts that would lend credence to the upcoming court cases. Yet, remember you do not expose facts where a jury pool would have access to them. This creates prejudice and potential jurors can be thrown out. Tucker should know that. I suspect he is protecting his unbiased protestations now that Fox has made him a favored son.

  6. Newsmax is the new network for conservatives. Fox is over it’s head with liberal leaning bigots. Parler is much better than Face Book, Twitter or Goggle for real Americans.

  7. Kristen Fisher is a pretty face with no brains. The lawyers had just explained their position and why the witnesses and lawyers had to be protected because the Democrats machine has threatened them and their careers and families. For Fisher to shoot her trap off about where is the evidence is a kiss on the butt of every democrat! She should be fired for stupidity! The cases need time to work through the courts. The Democrats want to shove it all away because they have cheated till their cheeks fell off. The courts should take all of this and trounce the Democrats as the most corrupt in our history!

    1. This is not the first time Kristen has been negative to Trump…she asked a stupid question at a news conference that appeared to be a trap for Trump.

    2. Yes, that side of Kristen has been showing for some time now! Given so many others have removed their cloaks since the election, it must be pretty easy to let the words flow out!!!

  8. This is another Obama supporting journalist, what else can you expect from a political hack. I left FOX and will only watch Hannity, Ingraham, Dobbs, Varney, Bartiromo. Newsmax and OANN are my stations now, to hell with FOX

  9. This network lured people in on purpose for trust reasons, then effed everyone over beginning election night. They are useless shills for the Deep State. Don’t bother to watch that network at all. Fake news.

  10. Actually it is true the 2 Michigan people DID de-certify their votes . After being threatened, doxxed & bullied by he left .

  11. Fisher sounds like just another liberal brainwashed nitwit; evidently not smart enough to know any good attorney does NOT release “evidence” to the public realm before it’s introduced in a court of law! Stupid/ignorant is what it is and it is NOT curable.

    1. Do not take me off here! The last time I knew this is still a free country! ! ! Biden rigged this election ! It’s so obvious when he never left his basement to campaign knowing he didn’t have to that the election was already rigged for him. Look at his pitiful rallies then look at Trumps! There is no way senile. Lyin, corrupt Biden won. Wake up people! Does the word free damage your brain ? Nothing is free with no strings attached. Do you like freedom to live your own life or a life controlled by the demonrats!

  12. Fox News lost a large segment of their audience for their liberal left lean on election night. And I dare say they will not get them back. I’m one of the ones they lost and I personally know of dozens of others , so I know of what I speak. Their bosses are Libs. and they are fearful for their jobs. Therefore they will say or do anything that insures their present lifestyle. We can just hope and pray that the evidence is so overwhelming that the courts will throw out the so called “contested States” votes on the fact that the fraud was so prevalent and indisputable that there can be no other course of action. If not , then we the people are in for one hell of a ride.

    1. Angelika….i am starting to rely on Fox myself after being a faithful follower. I probably will continue to watch Hannity, Ingraham and Shannon Bream.

  13. This inbred Fisher from LIBERAL Fox is an idiot . Do you really wonder why millions of conservatives have left LIBERAL Fox ?? NEWSMAX does give conservatives a voice , PISS on LIBERAL Fox , we bailed them two weeks ago for NEWSMAX . BYE BYE LIBERAL Fox , your ship is sinking !!!

  14. The election has to have been rigged. I know there are a lot of stupid democrat liberals out there but some of them are pretty smart people who have voted democratic all their lives because Mom and dad voted democrat and that’s all they know. But this time we have a demented old guy that spent 47 years in politics who never did anything and a back up VP who is so far left she could be a Marxist. They promise Higher taxes, Open borders, gun confiscation and a green plan that will drive us into bankruptcy. Who in the hell would vote for them? Not 80 million liberals. There can’t be 80 million stupid democrats…can there?

  15. I am sure not watching as much. I get so disgusted when they talk about Biden being the Elect. I turn it off every time, and that has been quite a bit recently. I watch Tucker and Laura every evening, Waters, Steve Hilton, Levin and Judge Jeanine on the weekends. I think they are going to lose a lot of people. We’re all starting to look for something more Conservative. Too bad!

    It is so obvious that Biden has not really won the election and that there has been a lot of fraud. Fox had better wake up or they be the losers.

  16. Well except for Tucker, Sean, Jeanine, plus the crew on Fox Business News (less Cavuto and one or two of the lesser players) other wise its Newsmax, OOAN and parler as a great replacement for twitter. . .we wont miss the new and old snowflake sites. And what will be nice we will see more real journalistic endeavours such was the norm 30 years of so ago when J schools taught good journalism not fake news !

  17. Hey Tucker, did you not hear biden talking about how they… “created the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud system in the history of politics.” President Trump won the election!!! Good luck with your future Tucker.


  19. These people that claim to be reporters (brain freeze hacks) will get what they deserve!!
    Even with the biggest scam in history TRUMP is not Done with these Media clowns. He is not done with Adam the weasel or Jerry the myth. Stay tuned. His hand will not be on it but the MF CORRUPT LIARS WILL PAY THE FIDDLER,,,, they danced on the wrong man!!!! Drunk Nancy and Upchucked skin flute player yours too.

    ALL you that supported this Rigged rape of America. The Demonic rats will get you also .. just sayin’

  20. Tucker throws a spoiled brat tantrum, I saw the clip on NEWSMAX streaming on you tube easy to find live on you tube. Just type in NEWSMAX although Rumble is suppose to be the safer choice

    Greg Kelly show is fantastic, the entire NEWSMAX team are adults and reporting honest news all about Liberty and Justice for all. Once you start watching NEWMAX you will never go back to FOX……

    Fisher does not have dignity and behave like an adult either, . Ruper t’s trustfund babies have destroyed the network Oan is good Epoch times is great America’s Voice……
    they have no dirt under ther fingernails………

  21. I think FOX has made its decision to go “Democrat” and is in the final stages of the transition. The only problem is what to do with the remaining conservatives at FOX like Hannity, Ingram, Lou Dobbs etc. I’m afraid Tucker has made his choice and we’ll see more and more liberal opinions coming from him. I really like Tucker, but he has a choice to make. I’ve switched to OAN and Newsmax and only watch FOX when my old favorites or on. It’s been so refreshing not seeing Juan or Donna’s faces.

  22. The hard evidence will be presented in court. It will not be given to the Media as they are unable to present the truth. In all reality our glorious media outlets should be placed on trial for their continued efforts to deceive the American people. They have been doing this since an OUTSIDER was elected to be President. Our Democrats and all career politicians must protect the status quo by all and any means necessary. Term Limits must become a reality.

  23. Left Foxnews a long time ago and now on the Newsmax and reading the Epoch Times…
    All other news will sink like cement block in a lake
    Until then if Fake news continues…
    There will be a payback
    Remember bad news is a long time memory input where not easily removed
    None of that news will be ever forgotten either
    Bad news is remember longer
    Dimwits forgot that one

  24. We watched Fox News for many years and and we left after we saw what was happening with our election and showing their true colors going to the left. Plus we knew that in January and I know that it’s been going on for a long time that they made sure the only way they could try to get rid of President Trump is to rig the election and make it look like it was legal. Plus the Murdock boys listen to their Democrat wives to. We went to Newsmax TV and they are great they’re honest they’re truthful and very conservative and supportive of our president. At least they don’t do propaganda and lies like Fox News is. Try watching Newsmax give it a try. There also is OAN TV and they’re very good conservative Network. Democrats and the Liberals will pay for their lies. America needs to realize is to stay positive, want what is right and great for the our country and to live even a better life as we were heading that way when the China virus came and everything else which I have my own opinion that it was planned to even try to take down President Trump. For me God is greater and more powerful then man.

  25. If there is nothing to hide then there should be no reason to object to proper scrutiny!
    When I see complaints about checking the results of the election the more I suspect that they know and are afraid that their fraudulent activities will be exposed!

    In my 83 years I have observed a few elections and the level of fraud has become an issue, trust in elections have reached an all time low!

  26. Every day I read all the news I can get to hopefully let me know where we stand on this election. For some reason today it dawned on me that the Trump team should put all those voting machines, memory cards, and related software in a safe place and put a guard there before they just disappear or grow legs and walk off. This has happened a lot after Hillary Clinton got away with it.

  27. Fox taking sides against Trump? Hope Fox is happy to have Trump supporters forgetting to switch on Fox News. The only reason to watch Fox has been its almost reasonable treatment of this president. If that is removed, Fox will be off the viewing schedule of many Americans.

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