June 30, 2022

‘Fox & Friends’ host accuses Pelosi of ‘selectively’ invoking her faith to attack Trump

On Sunday, Fox & Friends co-host Lisa Boothe accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of “selectively” invoking her faith “as a shield” to justify the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

According to Mediaite, Boothe said that “sometimes, [Pelosi] invokes her faith and uses it as a political shield. She’s saying, ‘Well I’m Catholic, so I can’t have these terrible feelings about the president, I can’t have hate in my heart,'” Boothe lamented.

“That’s a low blow”

Boothe’s co-host Ed Henry similarly characterized the speaker, claiming she says she wants to “pray for him, but then she puts a shiv in him.” Henry also noted that the House speaker invokes prayer when she talks down Trump’s health.

“It’s like, let me take a shot at him that’s unfair, that’s a low blow, but I’m praying,” Henry commented.

The sentiment that Pelosi’s faith is selective may stem from the fact that Pelosi is Catholic, but hasn’t invoked her faith to talk about abortion or homosexuality, both of which the Catholic Church condemns.

“We don’t know what’s in the speaker’s heart. I’m not going to speak to that,” Boothe concluded. “It’s just, don’t selectively invoke it for political reasons would be my only beef with it.”

SNL spoofs Pelosi’s faith

According to Mediaite, the hosts made their comments while discussing Saturday Night Live’s recent sketch showing Kate McKinnon as Pelosi talking to fellow cast member Colin Jost about praying for Trump, and then saying prayers on camera that Jost characterized as “passive-aggressive.”

McKinnon’s Pelosi told Jost that he was wrong: “Some of them are aggressive-aggressive.” She also asked God to “take” Trump somewhere — “not to Heaven or anything, but somewhere else” — because “Mama needs a break.”

SNL often spoofs politicians on both sides, although they seem to come down harder on the right than the left.


While the country attacks her faith, Pelosi has taken to attacking the White House. On Thursday, the speaker called on the House Judiciary Committee to draft articles of impeachment, according to Fox — despite a lack of widespread support among likely voters and a widespread acknowledgment that there isn’t much (if any) direct evidence that Trump committed impeachable offenses.

But the Dems can just keep digging themselves further down the rabbit hole if they want to. Come Election Day 2020, the American people will finally get to put in their two cents — and President Trump will finally be able to get back to running the country.

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