August 18, 2022

Fox News to expand Tucker Carlson brand with podcast, investigative specials

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been an unstoppable force in the political commentary world, and he’s about to get even more untouchable.

Fox announced on Wednesday that Carlson has been tapped to launch a new podcast and a series of investigative specials on Fox Nation, the network’s online streaming platform.

According to a press release from Fox, Carlson has signed a multi-year contract with Fox Nation to produce a series of “Tucker Carlson Originals” that will become available on the platform in April 2021.

He also plans to release at least three video podcasts per week in which he’ll take a deeper dive into topics covered on his main show. He’ll continue hosting “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on weeknights as well.

Carlson confirmed the news in a statement, noting that “This is my twelfth year at FOX News and I’ve never been more grateful to be here … As other media outlets fall silent or fall in line, FOX News Media’s management has redoubled its commitment to honesty and freedom of speech. I consider that heroic at a time like this.”

Carlson’s weeknight show is currently one of Fox’s most successful shows ever despite the leftist push to silence him. Carlson’s bold proclamation of the truth resulted in a record 3.6 million viewers in January and granting him the highest-rated monthly viewership in cable news history.

The decision to expand Carlson’s brand appears to be a part of a larger restructuring of the Fox News network. Fellow Fox host Greg Gutfeld’s show is also being expanded — from his longtime Saturday primetime spot to a weeknight slot due to the show’s “incredible success,” Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott said last week.

The restructuring push brought other surprises with it as well, as longtime fans of the network were stunned to learn last week that popular Fox Business host Lou Dobbs was being eliminated from the lineup entirely.

Fox News has come under fire from many longtime supporters since the November election, but Carlson affirmed his commitment to the network on Wednesday, declaring that “whatever you may read about Fox News on the internet, the truth is … they’re principled defenders of free speech” that have resisted the cancel culture calls to yank him off the air.

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Norman Caudle (@guest_1141418)
1 year ago

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! He usually has his facts very correct. Glad Fox is staying with a great reporter such as Tucker!! Thank you FOX

Allen (@guest_1141430)
Reply to  Norman Caudle
1 year ago

That is the only thing Fox News has done in the last four years. OK, two. Hiring Larry Kudlow was a good move also. But, I still do not watch. They have gone the way of CNN, MSNBC, etc. as far as I am concerned for “news.” I understand that Tucker Carlson is not considered news, but I have reruns of Hogan’s Heroes to watch.

Dennis L Ruffin (@guest_1141509)
Reply to  Allen
1 year ago

Do you, actually, think anyone cares who/what you watch?

Reply to  Allen
1 year ago

With the huge audience of Lou Dobbs, why was he dropped? I don’t trust the Fox executives who would change successful conservative programming.

Frenchie (@guest_1141519)
Reply to  Allen
1 year ago

I’m never going back ..FOX lost this advid watcher .

Craig (@guest_1141529)
Reply to  Allen
1 year ago

I like Tucker, but with the firing of Lou Dobbs it is a big strike against them, imho.

They need to fire Chris Wallace before I go back watching Fox.

Mary (@guest_1141567)
Reply to  Craig
1 year ago

I agree. There are plenty of places to watch idiots like Wallace.

Gloria Rose (@guest_1141572)
Reply to  Craig
1 year ago


Judith Marlowe (@guest_1141594)
Reply to  Craig
1 year ago

Agree and rehire Dobbs.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1142428)
Reply to  Craig
1 year ago

Carlson can go anywhere he wants because I will go with him. He is proof that common sense “TRUMPS” DEM “slogans” no matter how long they chant them! Remember the “no one is above the law” chant they had after anyone with a brain can see they are the ones placing themselves above the law! How many obvious ethical issues in the DEM ruled house has Pelosi investigated? It is incredible how THAT MANY PEOPLE ARE TUNING IN TO CARLSON, but apparently none of them voted for TRUMP? Pretty obvious to me. I would like him to review the FAKE ELECTION, THE FAKE NEW OATHS MILITARY HAVE TO TAKE, WHY BIDEN HATES THE FLORIDA AND TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD, CUOMO, PELOSI (I STILL WANT HER CENSURED FOR TEARING UP THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS!), AND OTHER OBVIOUS FRAUDS BEING PULLED OFF BY THE COMMUNIST DEM PARTY! IF WE EVER GET HONEST VOTES AGAIN THEY ARE GONE! I think it is funny how BIDEN is backpedaling on most of the promises he made to them on the campaign trail! The radical Marxist DEM voters are getting what they deserve! AND WE ARE GETTING ZERO JUSTICE AND ARE GETTING ANGRY! FIRE WALLACE AND YOU CAN WATCH YOUR RATINGS SPIKE YOU MORONS!

Sharon C King (@guest_1141437)
Reply to  Norman Caudle
1 year ago

I agree 🙂

DD (@guest_1141559)
Reply to  Norman Caudle
1 year ago

Next to the man “RUSH”, Carlson is next in line to follow in his footsteps, then Hannity, and then Ingraham , Gutfell, and then Waters!!!

Bj (@guest_1141609)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

My group as well. However, what you did in November burned us badly. I cannot fall into the trap again. You had a fabulous team and I was a loyal Fox soldier. I shut you off on Nov3. Have not watched since! I watched Lou Do bs on my phone but that is it. M. Murdoch you really f…..ed up! This was about a President we loved This stolen election is Huge!!! We needed you and you were not there. At the end of the day, I don’t watch any of it anymore!

Fortunate (@guest_1141824)
Reply to  Norman Caudle
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is one of the better journalists , he tells the truth , does not betray his country, nor the American people, nor should any one else , those who do & have bad karma will receive the bad karma back in return , by the hand of /god . dishonesty is not approved by God

Debra Greenwood (@guest_1141426)
1 year ago

Wonderful news love his style of providing us the facts! Looking forward to it and THANK YOU FOX

James A. (@guest_1141429)
1 year ago

Tucker is the greatest voice for America beside Donald Trump.

Action Jackson (@guest_1141434)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is the BEST out there!

allen (@guest_1141435)
1 year ago

Good news for a change.

Betty Ello (@guest_1141452)
1 year ago

Glad we can get the truth from Fox News.The Democrats are trying to kill ,steal and destroy.( same tactics as the devil)

Teresa (@guest_1141453)
1 year ago

I am in between. Let go of Lou Dobss but keeping Wallace?! My local Fox station lies, Fox kept Nick Cannon on Masked Singer?! Juan Williams- UGH!!!! can’t stand the guy, but love it when the others are all over his stupidity. So many good guys, but the bad ones taint their reputation in my book.

Joseph C. Moore (USN Ret) (@guest_1141524)
Reply to  Teresa
1 year ago

Teresa, Your thought co-insides with mine. I am also wary of Fox’s decisions. I am not so quick to dismiss what I feel are eminently unwise choices for a supposedly conservative forum.

Richard G. (@guest_1141455)
1 year ago

Great show. Watch it every night. Nice to hear the truth as opposed to talking heads of CNN, MSNBC and oher peddlers of trash.

Virginia Smedley (@guest_1141462)
1 year ago

If you take tucker off air I will never watch fox again. I used to turn onion morning and leave on all day and nite through Laura. Now only watch the ones I feel we’re not evil to. Trump. Like tucker Hannity and Laura . Wake up Fox.

Ann Lucier (@guest_1141464)
1 year ago

Happy to hear this. He is one of the few who puts news out there just as it is in facts. Some fight it as the truth hurts & doesn’t fit their agenda.

richard g newman (@guest_1141467)
1 year ago

Watch him every evening. Nice to hear the truthas opposed to talking heads of CNN & MSNBC. Especially when they laud our President who has the ability to foul up a two car procession.

Medic RN (@guest_1141482)
1 year ago

Not so sure about Tucker. He may be the best of FOX shills.
Has failed to delineate Vivid deaths from flu or natural causes. Election fraud is the largest issue. FOX laying down, letting us get screwed from the start of early announcing Biden as “winner”.
FOX is fraudulent fake news. That makes Tucker the best at it. Read between the lines. FOX is a deception with MSM.

Marilyn M M Lindsay (@guest_1141520)
Reply to  Medic RN
1 year ago

I like Tucker and a few others but I don’t like Fox after what they did against Republicans during in the election and the first presidential debate. Wallace should go to the mainstream media. I don’t watch nearly as much of Fox after they sabotaged Trump. Wallace was the worse because he deliberately steered the debate away from anything derogatory against Biden – he kept news from voters and that should be illegal. He should be sued and Fox should have fired him if they want conservative followers.

Charles Neet (@guest_1141491)
1 year ago

Fox thanks for Tucker I never miss his show its my sanity in these times medication. His truthfulness can be counted on without fail. Again I and likeminded individuals across the nation are thankful for his reports and look forward to the up coming Podcasts.
He remains a man of honor and integrity.

Tess (@guest_1141495)
1 year ago


DD (@guest_1141565)
Reply to  Tess
1 year ago

Tess, I agree, but there are some others that need there TICKETS PUNCHED, Brazil, Tarlov, Harfe, and Chris Hahn and there is another one on that is part of the group at noon time that is blatant fat Demwitt supporter! FOX has to decide are THEY IN or are THEY OUT, the middle of the road NEVER WORKS!

Denise (@guest_1141507)
1 year ago

We love Tucker. We always watch him.

Don (@guest_1141522)
1 year ago

I WILL be watching.

Alan (@guest_1141523)
1 year ago

Fox is trash .giving into the corupt Democrats as the rest of the fake new media’s .the only reason fox holds onto Carlson is cause of his ratings..the left stole the election and the media will continue to lie and cover for the unlawful lefts take over..

Donna McClister (@guest_1141533)
1 year ago

Keep Tucker Carlson, please!

Donna McClister (@guest_1141534)
1 year ago

Please keep Tucker Carlson, please!

Daniel J Colgan (@guest_1141543)
1 year ago

Tucker and Gutfeld are both excellent. They’re brilliant and do their homework and don’t need to refer to a teleprompter constantly as many other hosts do.

chris wolff (@guest_1141546)
1 year ago

bring back lou dobbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise i will only watch tucker and switch to newsmax.

Hate communism (@guest_1141553)
1 year ago

Don’t watch fox news anymore. Don’t care who’s on there. They brought in criminals and unamerican low lives. Fire true journalists and gave us Donna, Juan and the rest of the gutter rats from the Democratic party. No thanks. Trucker was about to blow his career with the voting machine crap. Money and lies make people do stupid things.

Frances Pascotto (@guest_1141555)
1 year ago

Please let Donna Brazille go and Chris Wallace too! PLEASE!

Rosalie Blunda (@guest_1141556)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson and Fox Mews are the best. I wouldn’t watch any other of the liberals channels. They are the ones that give people fake news ( they only tell it the way they want to ). They started a lot of trouble in this country because they sided with the liberals ( communist ) . Very vicious people and cheaters .None of them care about this country or the American people. They all had a hand in cheating the election. Sleepy Joe and the Laughing clown. Did you really want them to run our country ???? REALLY !!!! Take a real good look at what is running our country and ruining it already and its only been about 2 months. The damage they have done already is terrible.

Come on man! (@guest_1141561)
1 year ago


PurePurple (@guest_1141568)
1 year ago

Get rid of Donna Brazille, Chris Wallace and Juan Williams then maybe Fox News will get half of their viewers back, until then people are watching Newsmax, One American News, etc. We want these three off of conservative space. They have plenty of room on MSNBC and CNN to put them where they belong.

patricia overbey (@guest_1142571)
Reply to  PurePurple
1 year ago

amen I agree with you I like the five Jessie & the others keep Juan in check

Anoniem1985 (@guest_1141683)
1 year ago

Watch out for the Murdocks! They need you, Tucker, to save their bacon, but that is all. Make sure that you have an airtight cancellation clause with humongous penalties in your favor.

J (@guest_1141718)
1 year ago

Tucker was biased during the President Election 2020, then after he almost lost his job he eased up on going against Trump. He is wishy-washy and does whatever can save his job.

Tim (@guest_1141820)
1 year ago

Tucker is my favorite, hannity Lara,judge J ,gutfield. But when fox called AZ. That was it for me TRAITORS I don’t Watch my favorites because I don’t want to give them one micro of ratings.

Charles Neet (@guest_1141945)
1 year ago

I agree with Pure Purple about the three liars clinging onto Fox’s coat tails , we don’t need them spewing lies on Fox.

patricia overbey (@guest_1142569)
1 year ago


james b lawson (@guest_1142652)
1 year ago

Tucker is by far one of the unusual reporters that does not appear to be a “LIAR”. He is straight forward with his reporting. Thank you Mr. Tucker for a job “WELL” done.

brawl stars apk indir (@guest_1225779)
1 year ago

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