August 14, 2022

Fox News seeks dismissal of Smartmatic election lawsuit

Fox News Media just filed a new response on Monday to request Smartmatic to drop its $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against them over voting fraud allegations during the 2020 election.

Fox News hosts Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro and (now former host) Lou Dobbs were targeted in the lawsuit and filed responses as well.

Fox claimed Smartmatic did not prove they were acting maliciously while reporting regarding the election, asking for an end to the voting machine company’s defamation suit.

The media giant noted “virtually every media outlet in the country covered the President’s election-fraud allegations without fear of being sued if they were disproved in court.”

The Fox News Media statement added, “Smartmatic’s efforts to erode that bedrock constitutional protection are dangerous and should be rejected.”

The Fox hosts identified in the defamation suit focused on the claims they did not make defamatory statements, but presented their views as political opinion.

Further, many of Smartmatic’s accusations involved the claims made by guests on Fox News. They argued claims made by others on their programs were the free speech rights of the particular guests.

Smartmatic has certainly made a name for itself in the 2020 election. The company’s ongoing litigation may end up causing additional harm, as the legal actions continue to extend the emphasis of voter fraud allegations.

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Connie (@guest_1230326)
Reply to  MAze
1 year ago

And that is why you are single. You interject garbage in normal conversations.

rb (@guest_1230222)
1 year ago

So FOX is saying no reasonable person should believe what we said, that sure sounds like Sydney Powell’s statement

syble l.christensen (@guest_1230223)
1 year ago

I still say it was voter FRAUD i watched all the tapes showing the Democrats Putting many ballots in the machine after sending all the republicans home and it was after hours Also the people pole watchers during the daytime had to try to watch out side the rooms with card boards covering the windows so no one could see what they were doing with the ballots.

Elvira Jaensch (@guest_1230266)
Reply to  syble l.christensen
1 year ago

Yes I saw that too ,I was watching the election counting.😡🥜 Job🔩

Nancy Portia Barberis (@guest_1230293)
Reply to  syble l.christensen
1 year ago

Fraud Period

Patriot (@guest_1230227)
1 year ago

As usual the truthful and innocent are condemned. Falsely accused of doing what the Democrats do everyday. When are Clinton, Biden and his son, Comey and other traitors going to be brought to justice. We need someone who is going to uphold the law as head of the FBI, CIA, Justice Department and NSA. Not Democratic Hacks

Maria (@guest_1230230)
1 year ago

Who are they kidding. They all should be locked up for voter fraud. Get those imposters out of the White House, SCOTUS,CONGRESS ETC. WE ARE A REPUBLIC. NO LONGER DEMOCRATIC.

Lin (@guest_1230264)
Reply to  Maria
1 year ago

Absolutely never again!

Rufus (@guest_1230237)
1 year ago

Sounds like the owners of the machines are a little bit scared to be found out. let the law seize the machines and check them out. prove it wasn’t illegal. you won’t convince me it wasn’t a crocked as a dog leg.
I can’t for the life of me believe there are that many dumb people in this country.

Deborah (@guest_1230242)
1 year ago

What other reason would you send all the Red side home & only keep a chosen few Blue to count ballots in secret. How could anyone deny the wrong doing here!

Nancy (@guest_1230261)
1 year ago

Watch Mike Lindell’s newest video “Absolute Interference”. Tons of evidence, including all voting machines were hooked up to the internet. Voting officials claim they were not. Proof showed they all lied. What else is new?

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1230262)
1 year ago

The 2020 election was a complete fraud and everyone knows it but the democrats don’t really care that everyone knows it because they got away with it and that’s all that matters to them. They will do it again in the next election in 2021 midterms unless these people are held accountable and brought to justice and made examples out of that this fraud in our elections will not be tolerated in this country.

Ray Valentine (@guest_1230275)
1 year ago

It is MUCH LIKE, leaving the Fox inside the Chicken house, to “Protect the Chickens”!

franklin archambault (@guest_1230283)
1 year ago

the thing about this fake lawsuit againts fox is there are videos and news storys put out by dominion and others that prove the 2020 election was rigged from the start

Texas Tea Partier (@guest_1230288)
1 year ago

Electronic vote counting machines = banana republic.

bruce (@guest_1230315)
1 year ago

Smartmatic provides the core software upon which the Dominion vote system is built. This is the same software used by Chavez in Venezuela to steal the election way back when that destroyed that country. It contains the same application “Ranked Choice” where 1 vote can equal only .87% of a vote or 1.13% of a vote..The data feed from the election indicates this may have been used in some states. In this example, it guarantees one candidate a 26% victory. To do this they need to flip voting and still get the right numbers. 9 states had more ballots than registered voters. Why are these states not addressing this issue?

Texas Girl (@guest_1230957)
1 year ago

I totally believe the election was rigged, stolen by the democrates and the people working the poll counting.

Billy (@guest_1231428)
1 year ago

You and your people did the crime now its time to pay!

Karen (@guest_1232334)
1 year ago

Stand your ground FOX NEWS.
Look no further than Antrim County Michigan… PROVEN IN COURT ELECTION FRAUD!!



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