September 30, 2022

Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo says Michelle Obama may be an ‘Oprah in waiting’

Ever since she and her husband left the White House in early 2017, Michelle Obama has been the subject of great speculation as to what sorts of personal, professional, or charitable endeavors she might undertake, but in the opinion of Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo, one path, in particular, appears increasingly likely.

Arroyo, who is known for his frequent appearances on the Ingraham Angle in which he takes a humorous look at cultural interest stories in the news, noted on Friday that Mrs. Obama’s recent appearance as a guest on the Rachael Ray Show made her seem “very much like a daytime talk-show host” in the making.

During her chat with host Ray, Obama almost seemed to take control of the interviewer’s job, asking questions of the show’s namesake rather than answering them herself, specifically probing how the longtime daytime personality and former celebrity chef navigated working from home during the pandemic.

“You were in the position to have to…recreate a production studio in your home and let people in. Talk a little bit more about what that was like for you,” Obama said to Ray, prompting Arroyo to remark that the former first lady gave the distinct impression of someone who is perhaps an “Oprah in waiting.”

Perhaps strengthening Arroyo’s suspicion that Obama does indeed have designs on greater visibility in front of the camera is the fact that she will make a highly-promoted guest appearance on an installment of ABC situation comedy Black-ish during the show’s eighth and final season.

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, in the episode, Obama plays herself, and when announcing the upcoming taping on social media back in October, the former first lady heaped praise in the show, saying, “I’ve long been a fan of Black-ish’s wit and all-around brilliance.”

It is worth noting that Mrs. Obama and her husband, former President Barack Obama, have been heavily involved in other media endeavors since departing D.C., having entered into a multi-year agreement with streaming giant Netflix to develop feature films and series under the umbrella of their company, Higher Ground Productions.

Michelle Obama is also a top-selling author, with her 2018 autobiography, Becoming, bringing in sales numbers that put it in the company of some of the most widely-purchased memoirs of all time, as Fortune has noted.

Many liberals have long harbored hopes that Mrs. Obama might entertain the notion of running for president herself one day, and though she has repeatedly dismissed such suggestions by saying there is “zero chance” that she will ever seek the top job, Arroyo may still be correct that she does not intend to disappear from the public arena in its entirety anytime soon.




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