October 5, 2022

Fox News host Sean Hannity calls out Biden for travel ban hypocrisy and skyrocketing coronavirus deaths, time for Biden to resign

Before President Joe Biden was elected, he was critical of the measures President Donald Trump took against COVID-19. Will he hold himself to his own standards?

Biden had railed against a travel ban and said any president who lost 220,000 Americans to a virus “should not remain president of the United States of America,” Fox News reported. However, network host Sean Hannity called Biden out for being a hypocrite now that he’s the one in the oval office.

“Based on Joe’s statement, he should not remain the president of the United States – 350,000 dead Americans on his watch,” Hannity pointed out on his program Monday. “Per usual, he was lying for political gain,” he added.

The host also noted that Biden implemented a travel ban to deal with the omicron variant of COVID-19 that is similar to Trump’s — the same ban he spoke out against during the 2020 presidential campaign. “He called Trump’s initial travel ban … hysteria, xenophobia, fearmongering,” Hannity said.

Hannity recalled how Biden said the ban on travelers from African nations was an effort to “make it harder for black and brown people to emigrate to the United States” when Trump did it. “Well, guess who just implemented a brand-new African ban? Joe Biden,” Hannity said.

“Is he playing the race card for political gain, or is he a hysterical xenophobic fearmongering racist disgrace of a human being? It’s either one of the other, Joe,” Hannity charged.

Hannity then pivoted to Biden’s inability to make it through a news briefing without stumbling and appearing confused. “This is beyond embarrassing,” Hannity said. “It is humiliating for the entire country and frankly, it is also now extremely dangerous as every one of our enemies, every hostile regime on this planet Earth, they see this as well,” he said. “He obviously needed a nappy time,” Hannity later quipped.

It’s stunning to watch how brazenly hypocritical Biden’s administration is while the mainstream media simply ignores it. However, the American people are paying attention and won’t forget come 2024 — if the frail president even makes it that long.




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