May 25, 2022

Fox News host Jesse Watters calls Texas synagogue hostage situation ‘suspicious’

Fox News host Jesse Watters expressed his concerns over Saturday’s synagogue hostage situation in Colleyville, Texas, calling the story “suspicious.” Not only were the circumstances around the situation suspicious, but President Biden may very well have been responsible for the murder of four Americans had things gone badly.

This horrifying situation demonstrated that there are real consequences to President Biden’s broken borders.

Watters shared the concerns during a conversation on Fox News’ “The Five” on Monday.

“This guy wasn’t on your radar? Mr. President, you gave him a visa two weeks ago to come into this country. What kind of visa was it? Did you vet him? Was he on a watch list? Usually, the Feds are all over these people,” Watters said.

“And then they do a raid immediately in England with associates or people affiliated with them. So Scotland Yard didn’t know anything about this? MI6 had no clue about this guy?” he added.

The attack at Congregation Beth Israel on Saturday took four people hostages. The attacker, British citizen Malik Faisal Akram, was later killed by authorities in a standoff after more than 10 hours.

Watters noted several concerns, including the man’s visa, ability to buy a guy, and even how he died.

The FBI also initially expressed doubt over whether the incident was antisemitic, later calling it a “terrorism-related matter” that targeted the Jewish community.

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