September 30, 2022

Fox News host accuses Chicago Teachers Union of ‘child abuse’ for return to remote learning

Fox News host Will Cain said on Wednesday that the Chicago Teachers Union that voted to return to virtual learning is guilty of “child abuse.”

The union voted on Tuesday to stop in-person learning “indefinitely” until COVID-19 cases drop or a new agreement is met.

Cain shared the comments on “Fox News Primetime” regarding the harm remote learning will have on children during the pandemic.

“It’s child abuse. It is not tantamount to child abuse. It is child abuse,” he said. “After two years, we know there is isolation, depression, loss of learning, and increasing risk of suicide.”

“We have sacrificed our children on the altar of fear and power and all the other ugly human sins,” he continued. “I don’t know what they want. Money? Power? All I know is they do not want what is best for our children.”

The controversial claim may sound shocking, but the impact may be accurate as the long-term remote learning has led to growing mental health concerns among America’s students.




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