March 4, 2021

Fox News continues fall from grace among conservative viewers

For decades, Fox News, a seemingly unstoppable force in the cable news world, was the only real conservative-friendly voice Americans could turn to for right-leaning news coverage.

However, that all began to change, rapidly, in the aftermath of the 2020 election. According to The Blaze, a recent poll delivered a huge blow to the media outlet, with a paltry 34 percent of supporters of former President Donald Trump indicating that Fox News is their “most trusted source of news.” 

That number marks a staggering 24 percent fall in support from 2016 when 58 percent of Trump’s supporters at the time indicated that Fox News was their go-to cable news outlet. The USA Today/Suffolk poll comes on the heels of declining ratings at the network.

The steep drop in support appears to be considerably linked to the rise of alternative conservative media news outlets, like Newsmax TV and One American News Network (OANN). Both networks, especially after the 2020 election, have been touted by Trump and many of his top allies, as the networks cover the former president favorably in a vast majority of their reports about him.

Trump’s supporters obviously appreciate that coverage, unlike their gripe with Fox News coverage and certain personalities on the network that are very clearly left-leaning and not fans of the 45th president.

Newsmax TV scored 17 percent support from Trump’s supporters in the poll, while OANN garnered nine percent. Both of those numbers are lower than Fox, but really not by much and comparing the numbers at this point is somewhat skewed as both emerging networks were virtually unknown in 2016.

“At the time of our October 2016 poll, OANN and Newsmax were barely 2 years old, so they were not offered as options,” said David Paleologos, director of the polling center. “However, we do not believe that in 2016 they would have been trusted the most by a statistically significant portion of respondents.”

Paleologos also stated that the switch to the rising, conservative-friendly networks marks a “seismic shift in the landscape of trusted news sources for conservatives.”

Fox News has taken several hits after the 2020 election, which many believe is due to their early election call for the state of Arizona, among other controversies that erupted at the time. The cable news giant, for the first time, lost in the ratings to CNN following the election as well as taking a 32 percent drop in the golden 25-54 demographic that advertisers look for when buying air time.

Only time will tell what kind of a dent Newsmax TV and OANN make on Fox News’ total viewing audience, but it certainly isn’t looking good for the network at this point.


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83 Responses

    1. the five is a disgrace because they have the racist jerk Juan Williams on there. That Juan monster should be fired and take the idiot over to CNN Oh I forgot they had forget him at one time.

      1. Juan Williams is a bright, thinking, responsible person. Listen to what he’s saying. Very often, he sides with conservatives. You won’t see that on CNN, MSNBC, etc.

        1. no he is not… he only has his position due to identity…. he is disgraceful and the reason I can not watch the 5

        2. Every once in a while he says thing that appear to be conservative, but he is liberal through and through. He is trying to get sympathy to keep his job.

        3. I have watched the five for many months and never heard one b conservative sentence , he needs to leave the show.

        1. My comment was 100% correct for Helga Renfro – who said that Juan Williams was a racist jerk – My comment Was Not for Franklin Steele.

      2. I agree….he is repugnant !!!!!!! he lies without regrets. He and Chriss Wallace are the main reason for which I do not watch Fox any longer…….Do you think you can let them know………maybe they will let them go.

      3. Juan Williams is and has always been dumb and is so biased and lacking in rationality that he is downright offensive… he is the reason I stoped watching the 5

        I have sent numerous contacts to Fox asking that he be fired but …..

        dumb business move employing someone like Juan Williams

        1. Chris Wallace is also offensive and makes me cringe..

          fox killed itself by employing people like Wallace and Williams… and that Harph women is pretty repulsive as well

      4. Actually, Fox News should be lauded for actually covering both sides of the news. You can’t fight liberals unless you know what they are thinking. Sometimes Juan Williams and Chris Wallace have good points which conservatives can use to their advantage.

        Don’t play into the hands of the liberals with their cancel culture! Listen to all sides. It is the only way to co-exist for now and return to a more conservative approach starting in 2022.

      1. Tucker is most popular with conservatives … as are Ingram, Levin, Hannity, Leo (older Black gentleman who is an attorney) and the young Black man who is on Hannity a lot. My brain is tired so I cannot recall his name but
        both are stand up gentlemen.

    2. They would do a lot better,if they get rid of the back stabbers they have. Chris Wallace, Juan williams, Hillary Clinton’s former employee.Donna Brazil. All the Trump and conservative haters.

    3. Also Judge Jeanine,Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfeld, Steve Hilton, Kennedy, MacCallum ,Pirro, Fox and Friends , and a couple others. Shannon Bream. But losing TRISH Regan, Lou Dobbs, really hurt FOX in MY BOOK !! Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, Donna from CNN, are DOGS!!! CAN’T stand them !! WILL NOT WATCH THOSE @@@###### IDIOTS!!!!

    4. absolutely,the best. Also like Blaze,but hate CNN<CBC<CBS<NBC<Soros,all the internet trolls and their bosses. All the DemocRATS. They should be looked up in the basement of the White House with their sadist boss and his legs up side kick. To bad they were sheep and followed the wolf right to the kill. He promised them empty lies and then stuck the knife in and turned it. With alot of scumbag commie help.

    1. I agree I forgot about the monster Chris Wallace who is a disgrace to his father. The democratic party is evil and Biden the biggest criminal ever in the white house. Maybe Obama was worse but I am not sure any more. Both Obama/Biden should be charged with treason. And lets throw the criminal Clinton’s in there also. On second thought every democrat needs to be locked up at Gitmo.

      1. It seems that very much of CONGRES,, AND D.C., AND THE COMMUNIST PARTY NOW THERE, ARE VERY, VERY,

  1. What about Lou Dobbs? Since FOX Business News dropped Lou, I haven’t watched it for more than 15 seconds.
    FOX is comfiting Harry-Carry to themselves and deserve to tank as they are doing now.
    I guess it takes sh-for-brains to run a channel like that. And that’s what they have.

  2. Viewership at FNC did not drop off because of the start of OAN or Newsmax. FNC viewers went to those other networks because of the changes in the leadership at FNC and their directives to the on-air folks Who in their right mind would hire Paul Ryan (RINO dirtbag) fresh off his leaving the House leadership cause he did not like Trump.. That is the same Ryan who promised for years “elect us, we have a plan to replace Obamacare ready to go”, Trump gets elected, majorities in House and Senate – NO FREAKING MEDICAL PLAN – Ryan is a lying P O S don’t belong at FNC or anywhere (Ryan is not the only reason for the FNC demise) —- Hey, just my opinion — David

  3. As long as Juan the Moron, Chrissy Wallace, Donna “DimoKKKrat” Brazille, Brett Baer, and the rest of the commie fluffers are still there I ain’t watchin’. The token conservative crew need to find another home.

  4. Why do you restrict free speech? There were no vulgarities! Oh I know why you’re liberal thinking people and you don’t want to hurt their feelings! Aww that’s nice!

  5. As far as i’am concerned it started when you got rid of Bill O’rille. You got rid of some of your best hoist. The ones that got you to #1. Your as bad as the republicans that won’t stand up for what the American people want. You think you know better and now you can pay the price

  6. The minute Chris Wallace comes on Fox I change channels. Juan Williams just keeps talking forever and the rest can’t interrupt not a fan of him. I can stomach the rest of the dems that are on.

  7. When I watched Chris Wallace cheerleading for China Joe during the debate. That’s when I knew Fox news was on the way out.
    I did watch the election coverage on Fox, but after listening to Wallace call the election early, it told me either he’s in on the steal or he knows something that’s going on.
    The next morning we all saw the election stolen from our President.
    I haven’t watched Fox News since. Just a bunch of treasonous libturds, who I won’t watch their Network anymore. I have switched to The Blaze, OANN, News Max, and First News. I’m able to watch all the shows I want for free on Pluto TV. So if you have a Smart TV, Smart Phone, tablet or Amazon Fire Stick and internet just download the app and you can watch alot of great stuff. I’m even watching the old Addams Family in black and white. I’d forgotten what a great show it was, along with many other good old TV shows.

  8. I rarely log on to FOX anymore; I got sick of them holding my comments for 30 minutes before they were published. Their website sucks; I hate the pop up box at the bottom right corner. Sometimes I can turn it off; but, most of the time, I am forced to look at hag nancy, dementia joe or the hoe…makes me want to puke, so I just log out.

  9. If you remember when Murdock stepped down he gave control to his 2 boys who were reportedly Liberals, so this is what happens when the children are in charge. Typically they killed the business.

  10. Never trust FOX again. What they did once they will do again. That is the guaranteed pattern of criminals. Stay away from them and watch how they will go right back to their left wing direction as the next election begins.

  11. You get rid of Lou Dobbs and keep giving air time to brain dead libs like Donna Brazil, Chris Wallace, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Brett Baer and wonder why your ratings are in the sewer. Your joining the sewer by eliminating the only lighthouse of truth in all of news media. And now Rush is gone. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the future of Fox News. Soon there will soon be other alternatives. I have already canceled Fox since that seems to be the latest fad.

  12. Excuse me, but the lose of viewers is not due to the rise of other news stations. The lose is due to Fox News swing to the left after the election. That’s why I stopped watching Fox News. Fox News starting running left wing opinions and I disagree with that view.

  13. You have been told by many people, many times that you have people on FoxNews that should go! They are Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, Donna Brazil, Geraldo Rivera and you continue to keep them. So IF you want you ratings to go down….keep them. You have also gone LEFT – not a smart thing for the conservative people who started to watch FOX for that very reason. You got rid of Lou Dobbs – one of the worse decisions you could have made. My guess is that you are being blackmailed or MONEY is part of your decision. Wake up!! I stopped watching Fox News on November 3 and have never looked back.

  14. There are a few too many leftists being used on Fox during different shows. Some have salient points in the conversations but the majority promote a leftist views. Jesse Waters does a good job on keeping Juan Williams in check but when Waters isn’t there, no one really questions the far left remarks of Juan’s. The result is that more people are turned off by the excessive leftist views being promoted by some staff members. I don’t watch as much of Fox as I used to or these reasons.

    1. I love Jesse Waters!! He is my favorite Fox person!! The others that we like to watch are Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeannine, Mark Levin, and Steve Hilton.
      Unfortunately, some of the others on Fox are unwatchable, but at least Fox gives us some of the best ones!

  15. At lest the news medias that then are talking about for not fake news medias like all the rest I’m talking about and you know why they are.

  16. Phones news, you talk about some thing or publish it enough people start to believe it. No one could have lower rating then CNN, NBC ,CBS, ABC

  17. I wrote the Board of Director months before the election you political team was going to cost you veiwer’s, I name the personal you had on your team, and told you they were too left wing. I was right now living with your own faliures. I will not every come back to Fox!

  18. If she was appointed by Obama that tells me all I need to know. If the Biden people endorse her, and say she is qualified, judging form the rest of the qualified people the Biden has appointed. It does not bode well for her. If she is to be appointed while Biden is in office then someone on the Supreme Court had better die soon.

  19. It was all Cuomo’s fault;
    It was not Trump playing political football ( as that idiot DeRosa said ) that made the mess it was Cuomo. When he ordered infected people into the nursing homes he knew what he was doing. He was told by doctors, advisors, and others not to do this. But he went ahead and did it anyway. So quit being stupid and blaming Trump for what Cuomo did. As far as what Chris and Andrew did on CNN was nothing more than a deflection campaign, to blame Trump, and I guess it must have worked to some degree as the idiot DeRosa believed it.

  20. When I heard Chris Wallace swoon every time Biden opened his mouth, I decided that FOX has gone over to the other side. I still listen to Carlson and Hannity but for the rest of the time, I’m an AON fan

  21. I have limited funds and no money available to contribute. However: Watch the “OAN – ABSOLUTE PROOF” (2 hour documentary) after reading the following:
    I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America.
    There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left. Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.) Democ’rats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is either ignorant or lacks even an ounce of intelligence.
    Just make sure as Republican members/candidates for the Senate and House you will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!

  22. As long as fox allows the lineup of boring BS artist like Williams,Wallace one
    that should be sent back to Panama to sell coconuts to tourist and the other
    to stop living off of his father fame and reputation.I have always watched the
    five and the ones that are still in touch with reality like Watters and Gutfeld.
    Perino could easily be replaced by Emily campagno she is far more ept at
    what is happening and has a vast knowledge of the law. while Perino thinks
    she has be coronated as the queen of the airways and that a rival such as
    Emily is a real threat to her ego….

  23. I always thought that Fox was racist by having a black man (juan) act like a complete fool.
    and so uninformed.

  24. We stopped watching Fox except for Jesse,Tucker,Sean, and Laura. They should all move to newsmax ,also Steve
    Hilton, Greg,Judge Jeanine,Levin. Fox deserves to tank in the ratings!!!!!!!

  25. Now is the time to start the vetting process for Republican candidates (Actually should have started way before),
    However, without viable Conservatives, who have clean records, and don’t mind having the Lame Stream Media
    checking out their rubbish barrels, and looking into every crevice of their life, We, (The Conservative Right) have a great chance of getting the Senate Majority back in OUR CONTROL.
    Since Biden has destroyed America’s Oil Independence, via: (EO) (EXECUTIVE ORDERS), Opened the Borders during a world wide pandemic, Agreeing to join again with the Paris Accord, Allowing DACA to stand which was illegal when instituted by Obama, Opened up the sites for Obamacare to be started up again, Put a Traitor to the United States, into a Position of authority, John Kerry, and this is just the beginning of his reign of Left wing missteps, to bring OUR COUNTRY down. We all know they are not waiting to start their campaign for the 2022 elections. Go to 2022 State Senate Elections. See what states have retiring Senators. If your state has a retiring Senators, or (Intent is unknown, as in Oklahoma) (North Carolina Retiring), Pennsylvania ( Toomey Retiring) (Everett Stern Running in Pa, Check out this guy)He’s running for Toomey’s seat.
    EVERYBODY READING THIS!!!>>>> WE… ALL OF US…. Have to get with the program NOW.
    November 8th 2022 is right around the corner Make SURE YOUR CANDIDATES “Stand with President Trump!”

  26. Juan would be better off living in another (Country) where
    his opinion would mean something to his followers like the
    “United plaque Of Mexico” formally known as California in
    the House of pelosi, Now a mental institution.!

  27. Juan Williams name should be Wrong Williams. He is definitely hard to take and needs to be replaced. Send him back to PBS.

  28. Although I tune in to Newsmax and Parler, I still watch Fox News, esp. since there are programs/hosts that I like listening to….Mark Levin, Steve Hilton, Judge Jeanine, Fox News programs in the early morning hours, Tucker Carlson and Hannity (I like their guts and honesty when they call a lie, a lie!), Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartoromo, but I miss Lou Dobbs….that guy REALLY spoke up for Trump! I also subscribe and watch Fox Nation on my PC, and Fox Nation has some very interesting offerings….I esp. like the 4-part research that Lara Logan has recently done on the southern border, also the American history pieces done by Brian Kilmeade. But I just hate watching those left-leaning “personalities” on Fox such as Juan Williams (I turn the channel when he comes on!), and ANYTHING that Chris Wallace does, and for heaven’s sake, why does Fox news keep that stout, black woman (can’t remember her name now….I guess I change the channel when she comes on, too!) who is obviously a leftist, and a DEMOCRAT! who makes her commentaries on air. I thought that Fox News was a channel for conservative viewers, not a mix-mash of leftists interspersed! Makes watching TV a channel-changing humbug! Remove those leftists….they can go to any of those leftist TV channels.

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