January 24, 2021

Fox News announces layoffs as part of restructuring

Fox News has announced a series of layoffs as part of an organization-wide restructuring.

“As Fox News Media has evolved into a streamlined multi-platform organization, we are realigning several functions and restructuring various divisions in order to position all of our businesses for ongoing success,” the network said in a statement.

So what does that mean for viewers?

According to the network, no on-air talent will be affected. Many of those affected were hair and makeup staff, who had been unable to work due to Covid restrictions.

Deadline reports:

A source with knowledge of the matter said that the changes are not due to the COVID-19 pandemic, except those related to the hair and makeup department. About 90% of the staff has not worked since the start of the pandemic, but have been paid throughout. They will be given enhanced severance and benefit packages.

Guests will no longer receive makeup and hair services; only anchors and contributors will because of concerns over safety amid the pandemic.

That’s good news for Fox fans, bad news for bed-headed guests.

While the layoffs don’t appear to be caused by any economic stress, Fox has alienated some key conservatives recently, and they would do well to remember that today’s layoffs look like a picnic compared to what they’d be forced to do if conservatives decided to abandon the network in droves.

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216 Responses

  1. I nominate Juan Williams and Sandra Smith to be fired… Williams has become a joke and has overstayed his welcome, ruins thefive as he has become irrational in his partisanship

    1. Yes Juan Williams needs to go. His rhetoric is disgusting. He opposes anything that is of value to the United States of America

        1. I totally agree that Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto and the weekend hosts during the day need to go as well Juan Williams, Marie Harf. Donna Brazile – they are so full of hate and so biased.
          The worst is Chris Wallace – he is a National position and is so incredibly biased against the right – he cannot hide it – he is obsequious with the left.
          Fox has changed so very much – you give more air time to Juan on the Five than the others – intentional?
          Disappointed as I am now watching Oan and newsmax –
          Love Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levine, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters – Sean too however he talks to much often. Tucker is truly the best.

          1. I totally agree that Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto and the weekend hosts during the day need to go as well Juan Williams, Marie Harf. Donna Brazile – they are so full of hate and so biased.
            The worst is Chris Wallace – he is a National position and is so incredibly biased against the right – he cannot hide it – he is obsequious with the left.
            Fox has changed so very much – you give more air time to Juan on the Five than the others – intentional?
            Disappointed as I am now watching Oan and newsmax –
            Love Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levine, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters – Sean too however he talks to much often. Tucker is truly the best.

        2. I’ll second that…………You know it’s about…..RATINGS, AD REVENUE, HOW MUCH SOROS CONTRIBUTES with companies Advertising constantly on these stations………” Truth Be Told ” Nothing Matters but $$$$$$$$$$$

          We need TERM LIMITS in Washington, at TV STATIONS, IN MANAGEMENT, EDITORIAL ETC. We are loosing
          AMERICAS FREEDOMS thanks to the GREEDY ATTITUDES. Selling out AMERICA……Shame on YOU…..

      1. Juan Williams, Donna Brazil, Chris Wallace, Sandra Smith, Stirwalt and many of those Fox contributes who doesn’t know what they are talking about should be fired. Those guys are a joke when they give their own left-wing opinions. Non of those guys give a clear answers and circumvent the fake.

        1. Agree about Sandra Smith and Stirwalt – whenever we see him we turn it off we always know where he is on any issue and does it with a smirk – doesn’t work.
          I think you should found some new talent and promote some of the great ones that you have.

    2. Mr. Williams should move on over to CNN as he favors their viewpoints more than anyone at Fox. He is so hateful in his political views he starts fights, talks over others in a rude fashion, thinks he’s smarter than anyone else in the room, you know, typical elitist phony intellectual blather. Why is it that the leftists always think that by interrupting people, talking over them, not allowing anyone who disagrees with them to finish a sentence, and shouting makes their position more tenable. My mother would say it is just “plain rude”. Fire Williams, keep the make-up guys, they actually do something of value.

    3. I agree with Thomas A.Arnold, Juan Williams, Sandra Smith, Chris Wallace, Chris Stirwalt & Donna Brazil should go to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC. I will watch OAN or Newsmax a lot of people are getting disgusted with the above people. I use to watch CNN since 1999, then I discovered FOX in 2005 & love it & have been watching it since then.

    1. Wallace is hanging onto his daddies coat tails not just to get his job, but for his entire career. So, we can add despot, to his other shining virtues. TALK ABOUT A PRIVILEGED WHITE GUY! Like all liberals, he thinks he is smarter than he is. His smug superior nature has caused me to actually TURN OFF FOX NEWS! I cannot stomach the guy. FIRE WALLACE AND WILLIAMS! I BET YOUR RATINGS GO EVEN HIGHER!

      1. Chris Wallace is smug and is NEVER fair and balanced – his arrogance is incredible and his bias comes through on every issue.
        Chris Wallace is truly the worst – Juan is a joke but you put Chris Wallace in primary position and why? his ratings are terrible – only when he had Trump did anything move from 1.4 M viewers. Pathetic compared to
        Fox and Friends, The Five, Martha, Bret, Tucker, Hannity. Laura, and Shannon.
        Wake up Fox – who are you trying to be? just let us know. clearly you give way too much airtime to Wallace vs. all of your lead shows.

  2. I watch FOX everyday. I use to watch Chris Wallace until his interview with President Trump, he was very rude and would not let the President answer the questions without interrupting! Juan is a joke. Donna Brazile is full of hate, always race baiting!
    It would be nice to see FOX sign Michelle Malkin or Candace Owens. These two women are very learned about their subjects of discussions. They never talk about race, but being an American and what a person can achieve by education!
    Watters World shows how ignorant the college students are in the history of the United States. Can’t blame the students, because of bad teachers that don’t do their jobs!

    1. I agree with both should Chris Wallace, Donna Brazile, I change the channel as soon they lie and deny everything.

    2. Michelle would be a great fit. She has fought in the trenches and is a very smart, and tough, lady. Great idea! You listening FOX?

    1. They’re biased as well, Robert. I use my computer for my news now. I never use a TV for anything. Try Western Journal on the computer.

  3. I agree with all of the comments listed above, I too am a fan of Fox News because I believe they report the truth!

    1. Then you must not listen to Chris Wallace who doesn’t always tell the truth about Trump, and he is who will be on the 1st debate. Hope he gives Trump easy questions if he gives them to Biden!!

      1. Wallace will be on the first debate? Because he is from FOX and hates Trump someone,obviously the DEMS, selected him! Now they will say Wallace is “unbiased” because he is from Fox. The way to fix this is to fire him before the debates!

      2. Truly disgusted that Chris Wallace is doing the debate he will do nothing other than disparage President Trump and let Biden get away with everything he wants to say. So discouraged that Fox allowed him to do this – Bret Baier is a much better host – he is FAIR AND BALANCED – a total professional – always. Chris Wallace never is anything other than biased to the left. Great job Fox – once again you are letting us know what is happening with the network.

      3. I have quit watching Fox News Sunday because of liberal Chris Wallace and Juan Williams. Haven’t watched for over 6 months and glad of it.

  4. I would like to see FOX News fire Juan Williams, Chris Wallace & Donna Brazille. They are extremely partisan & have no place in a Fair & Balanced newscast.

  5. I have continually contacted Fox News about some of their lame attempts to give us conservatives a balanced perspective by allowing idiotic liberals on their network. My list of folks to fire start with Donna Brazille (who actually cheated by giving the questions to the Clinton campaign prior to a debate), Juan Williams, there are about three other moronic liberals who I just can’t remember their names as well. All are stupid. All are loud. All are liars. Then, get rid of the RINO Chris Wallace, the other no account Sandra Smith, weak and wishy washy Martha Macallum, and Neil Cavuto. These supposed conservatives are clearly not conservatives. I watch Fox News because I am sick and tired of the left wing, liberal, BS. If I wanted to be exposed to it, I can watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC. I DON’T FOR A REASON. So, if they continue to allow these boobs to continue to spread their puke on Fox, I will leave.

    1. Fox News would be better off if they fired Juan Williams.He is a complete idiot.Donna Brizille is discraceful âne à liar.Sandra Smith, is aweful.Boring.The good shows comes on with Tucker Carlson.Hannity and Laura Ingrahm.You have to have people that makes you want to watch FOX.

    2. Well said. I live in Taiwan and all of a sudden the only major US news source is CNN! Oh yeah, I want to listen to that communist propaganda! I can listen to the REAL PROPAGANDA over here, straight from the horses mouth! Guess what? CNN and the CCP are in lockstep!

    3. I too have continually contacted Fox News and have never received a response – quite shocking that they do not care to have customer service to respond – so yes there are alternatives and we need to make them be the new Fox newsmax and oann – as Fox is becoming the Main Stream Media and it breaks my heart have watched from the beginning and have seen the changes. What happened to Harris Faulkner – she has become a Pollyanna and has so lost her strength.
      I have written about Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, Marie Harf. Never bothered about Martha and Neil as they go whichever way the wind blows – Cavuto truly the worst. I used to love Martha however she has so changed – she stands for nothing.

  6. Alternate Views are OK – How else can a network be “fair and balanced”. But common sense is never agreed upon by the liberal side 100% of the time. How can a group always disagree with GOP policy 100% of the time

    1. Have always liked Capri Cafaro – she has a good background and is fair and balanced – even when I disagree I always listen – Fox needs to find more of the same and not the flame throwers – if you think we watch because of the crazies – trust me we turn it off and if we see that Donna Brazile is on we never watch – while watching the other shows like the Five – we fast forward through Juan – he is an idiot.

  7. I too am also in favor of dumping Juan Williams. I had been a “Five” favorite fan for many years and then started recording it so I could fast forward every time Juan came on. I will not watch any other Fox show if Juan is a guest. I am not a Republican either.

  8. Juan has to be regarded as a disgrace to anyone claiming “fair and balanced” as a motto. Perhaps Fox is in the process of going “_____ and Unbalanced”. Fill in the blank however you wish. Am certainly in agreement with Gary about Chris Wallace and Sandra Smith. I read one comment recently which posed the question as to whether Fox is intentionally offending 90% of their viewers when hosts seem to move the balance point too far in favor of the Left. It does seem to me that Donna Brazille is allowed to drown out conservative conservative guests by filibustering what is purported to be “Fair and Balanced”. Personally, I don’t bother wasting my time viewing anything Cris Wallace is involved with and I him off almost as quickly as I do Juan Williams. I suppose I will have to look at him if I want to watch the up coming debates. Maybe I won’t bother watching. Hard to decide

    1. OMG – totally agree with everything that you wrote – so disgusted with Chris Wallace, never bother to watch Sandra Smith – Juan Williams is totally an idiot – they allow him to dominate the Five with his stupidity I too fast forward when Juan is on and never watch Chris Wallace – he is full of hate and totally biased.

  9. I agree 100% that Juan and Sandra need to be let go. They both show their bias thinking about President Trump. Juan is a total idiot and Sandra is totally full of herself and constantly ask questions that she already had heard the answers too but she likes to hear herself . When either of these 2 knit-wits appear I turn the channel to OAN which I now enjoy more than Fox. Many of our friends and relatives feel the same. Many Conservatives are turning like us to OAN more often than Fox.

  10. I use to watch Fox all the time, but for all of the above stated reasons, I now view NewsMax. It’s free! Check out Chris Salcedo……awesome liberty loving Latino!

  11. All of the above is true, if you kept these liberals that hate America like Juan no brain–brase-ill the liar-crisco walleyed you will loose a lot of watchers. Fox watchers want the truth BUT from people that do not stretch and lie.

  12. Agree with the majority of comments concerning Juan Williams and Donna Brazille – they are both bad for the network.

  13. I am sick and tired of the “Pillow Man” commercials. From 6 pm until 10 pm they run every 10 minutes. Hard to watch Fox because of that. They must have free ads for them.

  14. Juan, Wallace and especially Brazille can’t be gone quick enough. Why in the world would you hire Brazille. She is a powder key and you sure don’t need her.

  15. All of you are so right. I watched Fox all the time, but not much anymore. They have changed big time. I’m like everybody else We watch OAN and Newsmax. Especially OAN they show all the rallies now Peaceful Protests with no interruptions. One you forgot Jessica she has so much hatred too.

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