June 14, 2021

Fox News dismisses anchor Ed Henry over sexual misconduct allegations

Fox News just confirmed that “America’s Newsroom” host Ed Henry has been fired as of Wednesday. The network reportedly fired Henry due to sexual misconduct allegations made by a former Fox employee on June 25.

The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday that Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and Fox News Media President and Executive Editor Jay Wallace sent a memo to network staffers that they had received a complaint last week alleging willful sexual misconduct on Henry’s part two years ago.

Fox suspended Henry the day the complaint was filed and after outside investigators probed the complaint, the network opted to dismiss the prominent anchor.

“We would love to bring a very serious matter to your attention in an effort toward full transparency given the actions we have taken to improve the culture here over the past four years,” the memo read.

“FOX New Media strictly prohibits all forms of sexual harassment, misconduct and discrimination. We will continue striving to maintain a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees.”

Henry has been with Fox since 2011, originally joining the network as its White House correspondent during the Obama administration after leaving CNN. He moved to a position as a late-morning news anchor as he began climbing the ladder at Fox.

An extra-marital affair sidelined his career in 2016. He took a four-month leave of absence to work on his marriage with NPR’s Chief Washington Editor Shirley Hung after a Las Vegas cocktail waitress revealed that the two had been having an affair for ten months.

Henry rejoined the network as chief national correspondent in 2017. He then moved to co-host “America’s Newsroom” in December of 2019.

Details of the accusations against Henry have yet to be released, and the network only said that the alleged incident happened “years ago.”

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131 Responses

  1. Why does Fox News fire someone over something that happened years ago. If it had just happened, that would be different. Everyone has made mistakes years ago, but it shouldn’t put them out of a job now. He is a great anchor and reporter.

    Fox News doesn’t mind getting rid of someone the Democrats don’t like, but to fire someone for something in their past from years ago is just plain STUPID!!!!

      1. FOX is becoming more and more like CNN.

        I now only watch 3 of the people on FOX. Tucker, Laura, Levin and the Fiery Judge

        The rest NO MORE
        Either FOX no tiene webbos, or they are turning commie
        Yolanda Martinez

        1. Those three and we like Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs on the business channel.

          But does this maybe sound like a setup job on Ed Henry? I do wonder. Perhaps because he came out about his turn around to strong faith -perhaps a conversion and confession? Sure makes a person wonder.

        2. I totally agree. We also watch Tucker, and the rest that you mentioned. Fox is turning so liberal. Very sad. They are losing listeners daily!

          Connie Rishwain–Stockton, CA

      1. If you don’t lie or cheat, they will fire you. But be a good reporter….well no, they cannot handle that.

        1. Yes Donna Brazil gave hillary a list of all the questions so she could rehearse her answer

    1. I guess you believe that Trumps sexual exploits are ok as they took place (we hope) before he took office!!!!!!!! We can only imagine how many (bad deeds), for lack of better words, he has committed since he has been in office……he has a track record of that as you well know & that type of person never changes!

    2. Agree! This was reported on back then and after some apparent disciplinary action Fox brought him back and even promoted him!
      That says it all!
      Now if it had been Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazille, Cavuto…, Fox liberals who I refuse to even watch, I would still believe it was an illegal move on Fox’s part. Believe firing him at this stage is against Federal Labor law since it was old issue and they had already disciplined him, and then promoted him!

        1. Agree–Those people in my thinking–they are all Comunnist pigs–and should be shipped to China or Russia—or even make be Venezuela. We do not need crooks/treators in my country.

        2. I agree with you 100 percent, Brazille and Williams ruin the Five with their wild spin on everything. DJT can do nothing right in their eyes,

          1. I have been noticing the changes! I have been watching only a couple of hours each week. The five is getting so bad with Williams, when he opens his mouth you can expect his democratic pablum. At that point I turn off!
            Tucker seems to keep on track. He does his homework and makes sense.

        3. Your 110% right!!! I don’t understand how they (FOX) could even hire Donna Brazille AFTER THE FACT, she gave Hillary Clinton answers to the question’s during a debate with Sander’s in the 2016 election.

      1. I agree , everyone is entitled to a second
        Chance. I think he is a great anchor ,
        Please bring him back . 2020 is a bad enough year don’t make it any worst.

          1. I agree That Wallace, Williams, and Brazille need to go.
            Fox keeps on firing people I will stop watching.

      2. Think you are absolutely correct Fox is falling in line with CNN going to stop watching some off the hacks and Fox is going to be out like CNN!!!!

    3. Fox has been going downhill for some time now. Wonder what would happen if all fox executives were investigated for their past? Makes no sense to punish someone now for what they did in the past treading on thin ice there. There are very few who do not have something in their past they are not proud of. Surely there is more to this story than is being told.

      1. Soros has found the key to eliminating one of the few conservative leaning “news outlets” still functioning. Namely, choose a target, then find someone willing to trade their “morality” for cash.. Bye, bye target! Repeat until there are no targets left.

        1. Totally agree!!!!!!! Personally, I feel Soros is behind much happening in this country – not to our likening!!! He has set out to destroy America, with his 200 Organizations & paid to the greedy & weak, to do his dirty work. Observe everyone what is happening (all over the country!)

    4. because they are knuckling under to the demorat scum of D.C.. fox use to be a good news station but now their just another news media for the crooked demorats.

    5. I totally agree. they have a bad habit of getting rid of the best people and mostly Our Men. I’m disgusted with them.

    6. Fox News… you finally got in bed with the Left. Does Fair and Balanced mean anything as that is your slogan! If you need a replacement for Ed Henry, you should give little “don lemon” a call or you can ask Juan and Donna to call a few of their buddies! Fox change your name to Liberal Now News.

  2. No bad deed goes unpunished. This should
    Apply to all in the media. Even the main stream media should be examined. The swamp is deep indeed.

    1. That used to be a true standard, but nowadays only conservatives face this. It seems like liberals get out of it one way or another. The double standard is fast becoming the norm, and most of us have had a gut full of it. Notice how they didn’t care about Brett Cavenaugh’s situation happening so many years ago? And Hillary Clinton should’ve been in the pen after the Bengahzi deal. The Bible says that toward the end, good will be called bad, and vice-a-versa.

  3. I am absolutely stunned to hear this news. Ed was a favorite of mine since he came to FOX and was a down to earth person, or I thought so. Ed, how can you do this to your career and find a cocktail waitress in Vegas worth it??
    This has destroyed your married life and also your life forever with your children and also your career when we can’t look up to you any longer?
    I can only wish you the best in your future, but I’m SO disappointed in you as a person I respected for years.

  4. I hope Fox News will reconsider. Something done that many years ago is just too dumb to remove now or is there another reason? Fox News is not in the best shape and this isn’t going well with your supporters who like and think Henry is doing a great job and very pleasant to watch. Take a deep breath, and get yourself together. Bring Henry back. All of your employees are not perfect and neither are you. Fox looks like it is losing customers. Wonder why?

    1. Agree 100%. FOX is now judge and jury of conservative staff only. Donna Brazil gave campaign questions to her idol HRC. And then FOX hired her cheating butt.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this, if true ok if not what a mistake!!! I agree he is needed for Fox we need
    proof not allegations!

    1. Exactly, they have to stop destroying lives over allegations. Stop acting like Judge & Jury, that doesn’t happen to Dem’s.

  6. Fox seems to be getting rid of the people who have a conservative view point.
    I just wish they would get rid of Donna Brasile, Juan Williams and Chris Wallace. I’m don’t like to hear the garbage they spew like the rest of the MSM. I think pretty soon I will not be watch much more news. I’ll have to read it from various places on the internet.

    1. Who is going to be next? Carlson, Hannity ? It seems like Fox is getting more like CNN all the time. I don’t watch it like I used to. They are hiring people like Brazill, Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and seems like everyone of their “panels” has some idiot that should be working for CNN. It seems like most of the people are turning more liberal all the time. I hate to see what is happening to FOX. I used to enjoy watching it. Not any more.

    2. You are on target. FOX has been the only conservative news channel but firing for a past infraction after it was dealt with and after a promotion deserves an in depth probe into the unfair culture there. It deserves a lawsuit and a reinstatement. He could own it. LOL

    3. These Boy’s better wake up. I also don’t like the above mentioned, I put up with them because I do believe in Fair & Balanced, and tolerate them. often I change the channel, but I don’t demand they get rid of them.

    1. Your comment to get rid of Donna Brazil is absolutely true. Ed Henry is one of the largest reasons we watch FOX. Bring Ed back.

  7. This is ridiculous. I was a real fan of Fox. Then they began leaning to the left and several employees – Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazil to name a few (there are many more) who are bringing this station down. I rarely watch anymore after being an avid fan. If there is no more to this asinine story, you should never have let him go. Goodbye Fox, I am totally done with you now. Many of my friends have also left.

  8. Good question, why would Fox fire him now for something that happened years ago. Especially since he had already been disciplined. I want to know what liberal is running Fox now? If Fox doesn’t reconsider their liberal ways and continue to do the honest way of doing the news then they have lost me and my spouse as a viewer.

  9. If the man was given punishment years ago and now he is fired it is almost like double jeopardy unless new charges have been made. I hope he sues for whatever he can get and wins,

  10. I use to watch Fox News, but finally got away from it. I don’t watch any news programs at all. OAN seems to be pretty good, they seem to be neutral. I do like Tucker, Hannity, Lsura, and Jeanine Perro. Ed Henry seemed to me to be one of the good ones.

    1. Loud mouthed, talk over everyone demonrats do not need to be on Fox News. Get rid of Williams, Harf, Wallace and Brazile. My wife and I both are considering leaving FNC behind and moving to NewsMax or OAN to get some relief.

  11. If this matter with Ed Henry was taken care of two years ago why is it being brought up now? So many other people Fox should be firing. Wallace, Williams and Brazil to start.

  12. Shame on you, Fox News. You should NOT have fired him !!!!!! I am getting fed up with Fox.

    1. This is not right! they should be firing Wallace, Williams and Brazil! This was a Conservative station but they are constantly harassing Tucker, Lsura, Hannity and Jeanine! I love watching them! Maybe they need to change to a Conservative station! Thank God for them! I hope they hang in there! I support them!

  13. Don’t hold the man responsible now for what is alleged 2 years ago. If he already was disciplined that should be it. Again it might matter how serious is was. You are bringing on these flaming leftists and getting rid of some good conservatives. Please reconsider. There are so many liberal networks, we need Fox to stick to a conservative mode. I don’t mind having a liberal in a panel to hear the other side but I need Fox to be an island I can retreat to after hearing the left monopolize airways.

  14. Ed Henry is a great reporter,yes, he made a bad mistake,years ago. I believe the only reason he was fired was because he was a conservative not a ,liberal, They need to get rid of some very bad liberal reporters .

  15. This rubs me the wrong way. Ed Henry is fired after he was accused of sexual misconduct over 2 years ago? OK what about the scandal against Joe Biden? What happened to that? OH his a libtard so it just goes away. I am sick and tiered of this two tier justice around here. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Juan Williams is a host on THE FIVE. He is so rude to other hosts there, he yells and argues with everyone, you can feel the tension when he’s on and he’s still there. I have sent so many complaints in regarding his rudeness to his other co-hosts on the show but yep he’s still there. The show is so much more enjoyable when he’s not there. But again he’s a libtard and nothing is done to him. He brings the value of the show down. He berates our President in every segment and I mean every segment leads back to our President. He came from NPR he should go back.

  16. Fire everyone and we will go to the damn Democrats stations for all of our lies that’s supposed to be news,Fox was the best at one time but your going down the tubes and it started when you let O’Reilly go what a stupid move and your still making them.

  17. Yes, bring Ed Henry back. Wallace, Williams, and Brazil need to go. Ed might
    even be related to me. My mother’s maiden name was Henry. So bring him back

  18. If Ed would be a liberal he would not be punished! People plotted against a legitimate President in a coup and still not paid the price! How come Ed has been punished twice??? I will stop watching FOX since I don’t watch Donna Brazil,Chris Wallace,Williams! And how come Biden is still a nominee after sex scandal? I wonder why?

  19. Fox needs to stick with the conservative views. This is your audience! If we want to hear all the fake hatred spewed by the left we can listen to CNN. I hope you FOX people listen to all of these responses! Fire one more conservative voice and I am finished with you! Show some guts and get rid of Wallace and Brazil.

  20. I agree with Joann Martin, who backed up Ed Henry. He is one of the most sensitive, informed and diplomatic members of the FOX team. If the case against him were so pressing, why didn’t they take care of it at the time?

    What about left-leaning Donna Brazile, who illegally pre-fed answers to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 elections? Donna lied big-time and never admitted it. Donna has no compunction about lies. I used to like her, but now when I see her raise her voice and try to lord it over her colleagues on a FOX show, I feel sick to the stomach. She has no shame and a lot less respect than she thinks.

    Henry, on the other hand, strikes me as one of the most deferential, judicious commentators on any network. He calls a spade a spade in polite, respectful terms but never talks over anybody and certainly relates to the truth much better than many of your other regular FOXES who represent the Democrat view that routinely bash Trump. These folk should be on FOX to present meaningful contrapuntal to the Republican view but instead sound like silly, irrational idiots.

    I think that the FOX judgement to trash Henry for a private impropriety of years past reveals the spineless side of Republican Rhinos. They give lip service to Trump yet devote far too much airtime to hateful, Democratic rebuttals, sort of half-baked allegiance to Trump. Whom do they represent? They will eat their own children for lunch before they dare defend the righteous. A very great injustice has been done to Ed Henry.

    I admire Ed Henry, thoroughly enjoyed his presentations, and am sure that most all of us will deeply regret the loss of this beloved announcer from FOX.

  21. I like Ed Henry. He should have his day in court. For those without sin, go ahead and cast your stone. Just know, Karma is a bitch!

  22. …so as many of our statutes are toppled allegedly due to indiscretions decades old, in my opinion, another is toppled by “allegations”. Where will any organization find any person without a past indiscretion or without a character flaw? What about his co-host? Some of us are in the know. As a woman, I am offended by the double standard. Perhaps if Ed Henry wore lipstick, showed his cleavage, or knew how to bat his eyes as we women can do, he would still be a FOX employee. The question is, to whom had Ed Henry become a thorn in the side? Was he not ‘woke’ enough for Wallace and Brazil?
    If Fox seeks commentary from slanderous Brazil, how old is she now..seventy….if this is the “depth” and experience Fox now craves..go for it Fox and realize your true colors are showing and they are NOT red, white, and blue.

    A great man, not perfect himself, once said He who is without fault, cast the first stone. When The Left handed FOX a stone, they quickly threw it.

    Good luck with that when the next stone has YOUR name on it.

    1. The fine print says that his aggrieved spouse is NPR’s Chief Washington Editor, Shirley Huang. That may explain why this issue arose again.

  23. If Ed Henry sexually assaulted any one I am president Trump. Fox u gonna keep on until no one watches u any more for these base allegations u throw around. I for one and a bunch of people living in my complex are so tired of your Holier than Thou approach . Hire him back and give him a raise,. He is 1 of the truly last of the good guys u have. Caint u C what the Democrats are doing 2 u. Your the only news media left we have and your fading fast. Sorry 4 u,. Stapler

  24. This will lead to the downfall of Fox News which the democrats wants in order to control the news media. All will burned in hell when they die as punishment for going against the biblical principles such as the Ten Commandments.

  25. Henry is a wonderful new caster. Has this allegation been proven? I think you are inappropriate since he didn’t have his current position. I will be very sorry to see him go.

  26. Do you suppose hillary clinton is saying, what difference does it make now?
    bill clinton asking if the guy has an airplane and a private island?

  27. I agree That Wallace, Williams, and Brazille need to go.
    Fox keeps on firing people I will stop watching.

    I have not said this before!!!!
    I do believe that you people are all DemWits.

  28. I think that this seems like Double jeopardy, he was off, worked on his marriage and came back and then these charges came up from years ago. I don’t think he should have been fired, would like to know what these charges are, sometimes these charges are flimsy at best especially when they are from years ago! I think Ed Henry deserves a chance, he was always so personable.

  29. fox news executive higher up you are despicable you have Wallace, Williams, and Brazille they are terrible they side without and thought for anyone else with the democrats every time no matter what. and a lot of the people you have on are so grievous and full of lies and would never back america no matter what they support in justice and killing of police and anyone else that stands in the way of the left agenda. Higher Ed Henry back he was really good at his job and well mannered. Like the rest of these people if fox keeps backing the left and has been the only conservative channel i will quit watching it and you will look like CNN with no followers real soon.

  30. Thinking Ed Henry did this before (Miss Las Vegas)and took off for a few months, and this is a NEW allegation that has surfaced…coworker? Not my favorite anchor, but this new allegation should be looked into…SEVERAL YEARS AGO?? PLEASE, why the long wait? RIDICULOUS!

  31. I have mostly switched to OAN News and Newsmax, FOX is sliding left more and more, so
    it will go down and out……….William

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