April 17, 2021

Fox correspondent Gillian Turner says she had COVID-19 in September

Fox Star Gillian Turner revealed on Monday afternoon that she was infected by the novel coronavirus last month, shocking fans that had no idea of her diagnosis for weeks.

Turner told “Outnumbered” on Monday that despite taking every precaution against contracting COVID-19, she still fell ill — albeit with a mild case — some weeks ago.

“I have some first-person perspective to offer here: I myself had COVID,” Turner told her fellow Fox colleagues. “I am fully recovered and it was a blessedly mild case but my doctors were not ever effectively able to figure out how I contracted it.”

“I wore masks all the time. I stayed away from other people indoors and somehow managed to contract it anyway,” she continued. “My husband at the same time who I obviously live with stayed negative the entire time. There are still mysteries about how the virus spreads. There are still a lot of details that we don’t know now, we’re not going to know for a long time.”

The White House’s outbreak of COVID-19 within the last week has reignited hysteria surrounding COVID-19 after several weeks of relative calm.

Now, as President Trump and the First Lady battle the virus, national attention has turned from the election coming up in just weeks back to the virus that has dominated the conversation since March.

Turner’s bombshell revelation was prompted by fellow Fox star Pete Hegseth’s confession that he was tested for COVID-19 after attending the ceremony nominating judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in September that is thought to be the origin of the high-profile Capitol Hill outbreak.

“I have been tested, I tested negative,” Hegseth explained. “There are people that were there that didn’t get it but I was talking about the president and his situation.”

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99 Responses

  1. This proves another point, contracting the virus even though adhering to stringent guidelines of wearing a mask and social distancing WILL NOT prevent one from being infected with the virus!!

    1. I know of quite a few people who adhered to the wearing of masks and social distancing religiously and still got the virus. Masks only prevent people who have the virus from spreading it to others. They don’t prevent anyone from getting the virus.

  2. COVID is a sars/flu created in China in a biolab owned or at least previously owned by Gates, Fauci, Soros and others. Look who is controlling the flow of the info and vaccine for it. This was a planned event and they even had a simulated test of what would happen. Why? To make us dependent on the government and create a crypto currency which gates hold the patent in (#060606) to control the flow of OUR money for the new world order. The Demoncrats are helping to facilitate the transfer of the USA into the NWO.
    vote carefully, vote all red.
    🇺🇸 Trump 🇺🇸

    1. That is know common knowledge but the mainstream media won’t speak of it. It is time we all quit watching and listening to the lying media and bankrupt them.

      1. I have seen the paperwork on their ownership of the biolab before China took it private (to hide what they were doing). It is true!

      2. Been watching OAN Encore for awhile now. Fair and honest reporting. REAL news! Available on Pluto and probably elsewhere. Very intelligent and in depth reporting. Give it a try!

        1. We are very happy with OAN. It is fair and so more truthful than many other networks. Also like Newsmax.

      3. I just recently finished my 10 day quarantine crap. I initially went through the scratchy throat, fever and body aches. After a day and a half, I was back at it at my home and outside. I’m a carpenter, building houses. I kept my distance from my employees and carried on with my life. Hence piss on every msm and liberal out there trying to scare you into their control. Wake up America!

    2. Comrade Altlurker, we have figured out you are a Russian bot slandering president Trump. Your email has been traced back to your base of operations snd we are taking actions against you as I type.
      You are terminated

    3. A few years ago Jesse Ventura’s TV show “Conspiracy Theory” had an episode that talked about the “Bilderberg” group had discussed a plan to reduce the world population to 7 million in an effort to save the planet and it’s resources.

  3. Thankfully President Trump appears to be better and ready to fight the swamp to sweep the election for the Republicans.
    God bless Trump 🇺🇸

  4. It is so obvious that the DEMON(CRATS) had A LOT to do with how this virus got started! Notice how none of them have come down with it. Wonder what they promised China!!

    1. How many viruses are there that attack other viruses . Not any and the dims are a virus so it will not attack them (The Democrats or demoncraps) it is Your choice .

  5. Trump is the most corrupt, evil man alive, he is a reincarnated Goebbels! You Republicans are falling for his lies, watch CNN for the real truth. Trump is stealing my votes. Vote for me and I will fix this country.

      1. WE know you what you are and so does the GOD that you threw out of Congress and tore his Bible, Even Moses was prevented from seeing the promised land because of his actions but you will see hell as promised for sure.

      2. Hey Nancy, I think I’ll read a book and solve my ignorance. What are you going to do to solve being an ugly louse?

        1. Stop the racist Republicans from getting any bills through congress after we take back the senate and the presidency.
          Read that if you are able.

        1. STFU you clown Joe Biden
          Piglosi w you
          Haven’t done anything good for Americans period. You gotta go!

      1. Well there will be vote counting then after a few weeks when the mail in votes are counted I will be declared the President elect. You should understand that if you are going to vote! Republicans appear to all be dumb racist white rednecks.

          1. Mail it in or get Covid?
            Your call but I win either way.
            Trump can not win at this point.

    1. He is stealing your votes?? You butt heads are the ones ballot harvesting, and mail voting fraud.
      47 years and all you have done for the american people is get rich on our dime!

        1. This is exactly what America doesn’t need or want. A mouthy disrespectful President on our watch. No thank you a**hole. How you like that? Back at you.

    2. You are so full of It. All of you Democraps are seriously Corrupt and have no sense of decency. Any Lie to get the election will do even if it is so outlandish and far from the truth. I find you so hypocritical that from the very onset, you were trying to blame Trump for the things You were doing to cover up your crimes, including Crocked Hillery and Slick Willey. This was happening from before we even knew how many Treasonst acts that Obama and Crocked Hillery preformed.

      Such as Selling Putin Bomb Grade Nuclear Fuel, and Obama giving 800 Billion in Cash to his Muslim brothers in Iran. Isn’t it funny that their name is “I RAN” like the cowards they are.

      1. It is spelled Democrat dirtbag!
        I am the Democrat party now,
        and your new president for
        eight, count them, eight years!

    3. This isn’t Biden. He can’t read or write. The biggest clue is he watches CNN. The lowest rated news program on the air. It is just like the Dems supporting Killary even though she is a proven traitor, crook, thief and liar. Now they are ignoring the Biden corruption and his boss Odumba, both who are crooks, liars, thieves and traitors. I just don’t understand how they can support these people. Makes me think they are just like them. Now Biden is trying to flip back to moderate. He doesn’t know which way to turn. He will leave you Libterds behind.

  6. If your just like face Book and decide who will be allowed to comment 18 response is all you will get. There are other sites more open and more are being formed and the strangle hold that has been applied (( censorship)) will not be needed because we will use other sites.

  7. PATRIOTS Duckduckgo says Google and Facebook are Duopoly. SOOO Patriots USE DUCKDUCKGO AS YOUR SEARCH ENGINE WITH PRIVACY A PRIORITY.

  8. I firmly believe China intentionally developed this virus and I truly believe they ought to be brought down to their knees for committing such evil!!!

    1. Just the communist regime, the Chinese people are actually very nice and are just a collection of various peoples forced under the communist flag. Let us bring them freedom from the oppression.

      1. Be careful, when I spent time in China there were a lot of Chinese that openly showed hatred for Americans. Not all but a lot.

  9. Hey altlurker, you got a little somein somein on your lip, ooopsie it’s poopie. F’ing pinko commie loser. Go back to Russia and swallow Putin you pos beauch!
    🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸

  10. Can‘t believe Pestlozy and Biden would actually comment on line, making the comments that they did ! ! ! ! They are a disgrace to America ! ! ! At least they are not pretending to be on the side of GOD. Also. . . . not a Part of the Republicans ! ! ! ! ! !

  11. Gees, Look up Antifia and BLM web site all money raised goes to Pedephille Joe Biden.When are arrest going to happen for this Cou de ta.2015 thur 2020? Obama is a CIA Farm Kid…Vote Red…They intend to take your home beat you kill you just like the did in South Africa.Wake up America.

  12. Is Biden really running for office or running from the true meaning of Liberty…I wonder if he ever looks in the mirror to see himself in liar/communist mode???

  13. If you just give me a chance I can prove
    myself and my ideas to you in four years.
    I am an honest person and am not lying
    to you all when I say I will make a huge
    difference in the new American future.
    I am healthy in spite of what you have heard and I don’t use any devices to help
    me speak. I smanaverageJoe like you all.

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