May 20, 2022

Former White House Spox says she was in ‘shock’ and ‘disbelief’ at news of Capitol riot

The attack on the U.S. Capitol took everyone by surprise. It was hardest on those closest to the action.

Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany revealed she’d been “expecting peace” before violence broke out on Jan. 6, Fox News reported.  McEnany described her emotions to Harris Falkner on “The Faulkner Focus” Tuesday.

“I think at the beginning of the day, before everyone went to the rally, everyone was expecting peace,” McEnany told the host. “We had been to hundreds of rallies — I’ve probably been to hundreds at this point, certainly many dozens — and they were nothing but peaceful events, and we expected that day to be the same,” she said in her first interview since leaving her former post.

“And then as those events transpired, it was disbelief, shock, somber, sad, horrified by the violence, and it was a very hard, difficult day in the White House, there is no doubt,” she said. McEnany recalled that her feelings were mirrored by everyone at the White House.

“A feeling that everyone felt, the — just completely condemning the actions of that day. Horrified and very somber,” she said. Shortly before a group of former President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building, he had addressed the crowd.

McEnany said Trump had urged them to “march peacefully and patriotically, and they did the opposite.” What he said that day was not incitement in the legal definition, but political adversaries tried to blame him for the events anyway. Trump was impeached for a second time based on that claim and but was ultimately acquitted.

The attack was initially blamed for five deaths, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick who early reports said succumbed to head injuries sustained during the attack. However, recent findings concluded that he was not struck in the head at all as previously reported, though his official cause of death still hasn’t been released.

It’s not that Sicknick’s death is any less tragic or that the attack on the Capitol was any less repugnant. However, the media’s jump to blame Trump and craft the narrative that a police officer died a violent death in the melee does point to the opportunism that shaped the way the events were covered and rehashed.  This attack was awful, Sicknick’s death was tragic, but using these events as an excuse to silence, ban, and marginalize Trump’s supporters is unconscionable. It’s apparent McEnany’s emotions were the same as most Americans experienced as events unfolded — that is, except those who were eager to score political points.

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grinnie (@guest_1161422)
1 year ago

The police officer died at home from a stroke per his wife in a news article.

patricia overbey (@guest_1161721)
Reply to  grinnie
1 year ago

ginnie that doesn’t fit into the dems propaganda they want President Trump to be responsible period. so sad god help President Trump & his family.

Maredu (@guest_1161805)
Reply to  patricia overbey
1 year ago

amen, Patricia!

Lyn (@guest_1161816)
Reply to  patricia overbey
1 year ago

I agree entirely. The monsters of the left will use their hatred of Americans, of Trump and of anyone opposing their narrative to discredit and then demolish the opposition. They will walk all over civilians, and literally spit on the grave of icons, like Rush, if they fear someone is going to call them out on the hypocrisy they sow.

robert w sanders (@guest_1162575)
Reply to  Lyn
1 year ago


Political Observer (@guest_1161826)
Reply to  patricia overbey
1 year ago

Exactly why Wray refuses to release COD of the officer. Doesn’t fit their narrative.

Marilyn M M Lindsay (@guest_1161866)
Reply to  Political Observer
1 year ago

Yes but also the Dems were behind all the turmoil. It was planned and that is why there wasn’t more law enforcement on site.

Richard Earl Kirkpatrick (@guest_1162617)
Reply to  Marilyn M M Lindsay
1 year ago

Yes, and Polosi should be impeached with all her Democratic followers that knew just what was going to happen on Jan. 6th. Full investigation should be done not appointed by her.

Susan (@guest_1161809)
Reply to  grinnie
1 year ago

But MSM, Dems and Christopher Wray are ignoring the families comments. Once again the left is politicizing an event to fit their narrative.

MICHAEL (@guest_1161428)
1 year ago

That situation on 1/6 was a disgrace and all who were involved need to pay a very high price and yes, there were Trump supporters there but I truly believe and what I have seen is that the vast majority of people who entered the Capital were ANTIFA and BLM and Piglosi and others knew it was going to happen days before it happened.

MICHAEL (@guest_1161432)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

I forgot to add that the ANTIFA and BLM were wearing MAG hats and caring Trump flags.

Shamoo (@guest_1161448)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

And Looks way Wray claims there were NO antifa, or BLM at the site.

The fruitcake is either on the take, being Blackmailed, or just too stupid to do his actual job.
He along with at least 100 other individuals are a total disgrace to this Nation.
May God have mercy on them.

Judy (@guest_1161506)
Reply to  Shamoo
1 year ago

Defund the FBI Until it is cleaned up with new people

Tim (@guest_1161577)
Reply to  Judy
1 year ago

I agree the FBI DOJ SUPREME COURTS all should be DEFUNDED give that money to the american people. AS for WRAY he’s on the take so was BARR that treasonous traitor. INVESTIGATE them all.

Susan Short (@guest_1161824)
Reply to  Judy
1 year ago

You’re right, Judy! The FBI has become as corrupt as the Mafia, and Wray may even be more corrupt than Comey was! It is so discouraging to know that we are now living in a county where you can not trust your politicians, judges, the FBI, the honesty of elections, etc. America is becoming almost like a third-world country, and I am afraid of where this country is headed now, with Biden, the puppet, in the White house! It is so sad and discouraging!

Doug Allam (@guest_1161464)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

What is your source or is it a gut feeling.

MICHAEL (@guest_1161544)
Reply to  Doug Allam
1 year ago

Many sources. That Sullivan guy from Utah who was arrested, he is an ANTIFA leader. An off duty FBI Agent said that a bus full of ANTIFA showed up on the 5th. Need I go on??

patricia overbey (@guest_1161725)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Amen you won’t see that in the media or TV

patricia overbey (@guest_1161723)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Michel I believe the same thing it was staged to take down President Trump & the Conservative supporters.

T.Routh (@guest_1161429)
1 year ago

I completely agree with Kayleigh, particularly, her final comments. “This attack was awful, Sicknick’s death was tragic, but using these events as an excuse to silence, ban, and marginalize Trump’s supporters is unconscionable.”
And, I agree with the author of the article. “It’s apparent McEnany’s emotions were the same as most Americans experienced as events unfolded — that is, except those who were eager to score political points.”
I personally shed tears as I watched the activity at the Capitol. I just could not believe the political unrest had come to this. But, I also did not believe they were all Trump supporters. Facts now prove there were several extremist groups present. Nonetheless, it was horrific. All people breaking and entering the Capitol should be prosecuted. ALL the truth needs to come to the surface. Forget all the political bias. Just tell the truth.

Wilbert C. Jennings Jr (@guest_1161533)
Reply to  T.Routh
1 year ago

Arrest as they did the Capitol police for allowing the preplanned Antifa and BLM , and whoever else was in that bunch that the police allowed to enter. It was all planned just like the burning and rioting that the Democratic Governors and Mayor encouraged yet none of them have been charged and they are on video doing so??? The world sees the Democrats as dictators and cowards the only way they can win is to lie and cheat!!!!

Bj (@guest_1161438)
1 year ago

I don’t believe and will never believe Trum it his supporters were involved in that riot. I have so much disrespect and distrust for this current political mess! I whole heartedly believe this has been in the making since the Viet Nam war. It is a very sad day to see what politicians and higher learning institutions have done to our constitution and our Great Country. My prayers for all of us is, if we ever have a justice system or FBI ,Supreme Court again? Maybe we have a chance. Does not look good right now! They are all far more interested in their own agenda. Do not give a damn about “WE THE PEOPLE” I pray you come soon lord God Almighty!

Susan Short (@guest_1161825)
Reply to  Bj
1 year ago

I couldn’t agree with you more, and I am so looking forward to the day that God decides to bring down justice on this country! God is far more powerful than all the crooked politicians, judges, etc. put together. and when He comes to judge them all, it will not go well for them, because the media, which is also crooked, will not be able to help them!

Lena (@guest_1161450)
1 year ago

I am very ANGRY the Democrats spent 4 years using my tax money to bash Trump. I’m sick of Democrats as well as Republicans playing POLITICS and not taking care of the affairs of the USA. I’m appalled Biden opened the southern border and is letting diseases, criminals, child traffickers etc. in the US. I am……… MAD HE IS SENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO COUNTRIES THAT WANT TO HARM THE US. Take care of the US. You may think you are smart but look in the mirror and really look at how ignorant you are. How much money has Soros paid you to commit treason against the USA??? Our Supreme Court sold Americans out also. The whole bunch of you are lying traitors SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
PS Americans are smart enough to know how corrupt you are and we are FED UP WITH YOU.

nancy selzer (@guest_1161568)
Reply to  Lena
1 year ago

We Trump Supporters pretty much all feel this way. I could add about 20 more pages to your comment. Just know you are not alone. We are ALL angry!

patricia overbey (@guest_1161727)
Reply to  nancy selzer
1 year ago

yes we are GOD BLESS

RB (@guest_1161451)
1 year ago

FBI states no evidence of blm or antifa .Just Domestic Terrorist storming the Capitol.The Big Lie continues to throw out more lies

Disgusted taxpayer (@guest_1161459)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago

Well it is time to do away with the FBI the CIA BIDEN Pelosi Shummer the entire swamp all they are doing is trying to make themselves rich from our tax dollars and point fingers accusing others to be doing the dirty deeds on their shoulders. A disgusting bunch of sinners!

nancy selzer (@guest_1161570)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago

FBI doesn’t need to give evidence. Didn’t you see the interview with the BLM member who was part of the storming and admitted to being there with BLM? Didn’t you see the videos where Antifa members were recognized? They were later confirmed Antifa members through computer facial recognition programs. Not sure you will be able to search for these videos, as anything pro-Trump seems be be getting cancelled or censored these days.

George (@guest_1161455)
1 year ago

The facts continue to be distorted to suit the anti-Trump agenda. The fact is that the riot at the Capitol began a half hour BEFORE Trump finished his speech. It was those who had planned the violence that began their riot before the people who attended the rally could arrive at the Capitol. Some were Antifa. Others were the right wing crowd. There were instructions online that instructed the rioters to come dressed like Trump supporters. There may have been some who were real Trump supporters that got caught up in the action and followed the crowd. But the majority of those who invaded the Capitol I don’t believe attended the Trump rally. But those facts don’t fit with the liberal’s intended narrative. So they conveniently leave them out.

Rick (@guest_1161460)
1 year ago

What about the woman the police officer shot point blank in the face through the door? Who is she what happened to the police officer? You don’t hear much about that do you.

nancy selzer (@guest_1161572)
Reply to  Rick
1 year ago

The black police officer is in hiding! Wow, can you imagine if a white police officer had shot a black protester?
Hardly any news outlet mentions that the cop was black!

Cheryl (@guest_1161461)
1 year ago

The news forgets to show all the Trumpers backing up chanting “No Antifa!”. In the end it to Pelosi’s fault for denying the National Guards. They heard the stories weeks before (I believe they hired them & that’s why the Guard requests were shot down) Pelosi’s office is responsible for protection, it stops at her office. Two failed impeachment’s and a failure at blaming Trump for what happened in Washington, Nancy & Schumer will do anything to make Republicans look bad. They are willing to bring down America by putting Biden in the President seat (stolen election) even though he is unable to do the duty as a President! We need to pray that we don’t get our lunch eaten before the vote in 2022 and then 2024! God Bless America!

James K (@guest_1161468)
1 year ago

Blm/antifa rioted all last year and crazy nancy and her democrat minions never said anything about it. Because Trump had a rally promoting peaceful protest he’s automatically responsible for the radicals who stormed the capitol? Pelosi is responsible, mad maxine is responsible, the squad of nutty house dems are responsible, nadler and shifty schiff are responsible ….they all pushed lies and false divisive crap to the fake news. THE FRAUD IN THE ELECTION SELECTING NOT ELECTING biden is a root of our hatred for democrats in office. 2022 is coming soon enough.

robert adams (@guest_1161470)
1 year ago

IMO the Capital disruption (and that’s what it was) could have been avoided in so many ways I lost count. I postulated the violence would continue to escalate until people were hurt or there was loss of life. And that culminated on 1/6 in the Capital building. I expected when Biden won the election the rioting would subside. The Democrats won and can no longer blame Trump for everything. But the violence didn’t end. Who or what was controlling the violence had lost control. BLM is not about black lives. It’s like Biden’s cancer organization – IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY. Antifa are a bunch of misguided people that don’t understand they are being used. Events of 1/6 were tragic. ANY rioting should not be allowed. You want to defund the police? Who’s going to pick up the litter in front of Mayor Lightfoot’s house. Why does she get 100 police guarding her house? How about 50 police guarding EVERYONE’s house? How about 10? How about even 1? I hope the NG guarding the Capital have a better place to sleep then a parking garage. If your going to finally arrest rioters a good place to start is Portland Oregon and don’t let Harris’s organization bail them out. The Democrats can stop the riots that are destroying our cities but they won’t even acknowledge that the riots exist.

Rebecca Flippo (@guest_1161479)
1 year ago

It will soon be discovered that the deed that took place on Jan 6th 2021 was planned. But it was not, peaceful patriates, that did that most hateful, disgraceful, attack on the Capital. It was intended to look as if it was Trump supporters, but it was not. God has a plan, pray, & wait, for the plan to work as it is meant to do. God Bless America, & God Bless All Americans.

nancy selzer (@guest_1161575)
Reply to  Rebecca Flippo
1 year ago

Personally myself, I don’t think it was that disgraceful & hateful. We don’t label the Boston Tea Party as disgraceful & hateful…only rebelling, and that’s what this was and I think they had a right to do it!

WoodieThompson (@guest_1161502)
1 year ago

Seriously ? That was hearbreaking for you? What will your headline be if something g sad happens to someone ? This is getting tiresome !

Terry (@guest_1161542)
Reply to  WoodieThompson
1 year ago

The FBI. Should be investigated. Seems the head guy is lying and on the take from pelosi and Biden The riot was all Set up to look like it was trumps fault. BLM and antifa thugs dressed up like trump supporters. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out the truth will come out pelosi and Schumer. Ru scared?

Lillie Simon (@guest_1161508)
1 year ago

Everyone knows that the people who went into the capital were not Trump supporters and that it was planned before Jan 6th with the knowledge of Nancy Pelosi who by the way refused offers made to her for the National Guard to be present at the event on the 6th. This article is nothing but another attempt to smear President Trump and the conservatives who support him.
Just more fake news by fake journalists who are part of the problem we have in America today.

Patty (@guest_1161509)
1 year ago

TRUMP didn’t incite what happened Jan. 6th, those who RIGGED the election did. My first time as an Election Judge was in 2012, Obama’s 2nd run for President. Several voters told me BACK THEN that their votes were flipping to the Democrats Candidates. They said they had to change their vote back a couple of times before they stuck. Notice that Obama said, Tell Putin I’ll have more flexibility AFTER I’m re elected, not IF, but AFTER. Like it was a SURE THING. Hillary lost by the Electoral Votes. So this time, they made sure Biden won by the ELECTORAL, that’s why they imported ballots in from OTHER states. It makes me SICK to think that MY vote may have been flipped to Biden.

Kenneth (@guest_1161512)
1 year ago

I don’t think that Sullivan the die hard liberal would have showed up if MSNBC and CNN had not aid him $70,000.00 His fb account told his followers to infiltrate Trump supporters. I looked it up after the riot and it was still up advertizing. Democrats knew exactly what would happen. A lot of the pictures of the people looked like the ANTIFA and BLM riots that have gone on for over a year now. And if Nancy can’t take care of the National Guard correctly, they need to go home.

Wes (@guest_1161523)
1 year ago

Today Dr. Seuss got canceled. Dr. Fauci should be cancelled as well for all the misinformation that has caused deaths. No need for a mask. You need a mask. Two masks is better. Biden and all the rest of the den of deceivers need to be cancelled. I try and be a positive person like others. Just their negative attitude and actions is depressing. Thought leaders were supposed to unite and encourage people? I see this is not possible with this group of narcissistic, heartless group of haters.

bob (@guest_1161536)
1 year ago

The truth comes out ,, according to the F.B.I. , Homeland Security , and the D.C. Police ,, radical groups like the proud boys , black trash matters and antifa planned the violence weeks in advance . Thier investigation PROVED President Trump did NOT incite nothing ,,, if it was planned ahead of time , then there was No incitement on that same day . The chingus dems rushed to impeachment instead of waiting for a thorough investigation , so Trumps’ impeachment is ILLEGITIMATE !!!!

joey t (@guest_1161588)
1 year ago

Trump wanted 10,000 troops. Piglousy stopped the request. That pos needs to be in the hot seat.

BoopyDoo (@guest_1161838)
1 year ago

Antifa are a bunch of bored rich kids acting out their video game Ninja Warrior fantasies.

MMK (@guest_1162007)
1 year ago

It wasn’t Trump supporters who did the despicable things. It was preplanned by leftists to make it look like Trump supporters. And we all know that President Trump requested support from Pelosi prior to his rally and she refused. Just more leftist swamp lies.

PissedOffPatriot (@guest_1162039)
1 year ago

What about the busload of antifa and blm animals that were there with breakin tools and with a master plan to make as much damage as possible to make the real President Trump look bad. Let’s get real folks. President Trump has had over 600 rallies over the past 4.5 years and nary a problem. We had 57,000 great Americans at a rally in Latrobe, PA and it was a great lovefest of real people who loved their president. There were two in walking distance from my home one for Pence and the other for the Prez and they were very well run with people standing outside for hours and in a drizzling rain for one of them. That was typical for many of them where the venues were full to capacity.



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