June 29, 2022

Former VP to travel to Hungary for pro-family summit

Former Vice President Mike Pence is traveling to Hungary this week to speak at a conference no increasing birthrates as global population growth slows.

The European Large Families Confederation conference will also include Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, and the prime ministers of Slovenia, Poland and Czech Republic, according to Breitbart News.

The former vice president has maintained an active speaking schedule since leaving office in January. He has spoken nationwide at Republican events, including recent visits to Iowa and South Carolina.

Internationally, Pence has a strong following among many evangelical Christians. He is also a strong advocate of Israel, where he was recently named number one in a list of Israel’s top allies.

“Recognizing the heroic work of our Christian supporters is an important display of our gratitude toward them,” Israel Allies Foundation President Josh Reinstein said.

“It is only due to Christian political support for Israel, which we refer to as faith-based diplomacy, that Israel enjoys such steady support from its allies around the world. It is Christians, not countries that we can count on to always stand with Israel,” he added.

This week, Pence also spoke out concerning Democrats who have sought to remove funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense.

Pence’s move may signal a run for the White House in the future, though much depends on whether former President Donald Trump decides to run in a comeback bid.

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