August 7, 2022

Former Trump White House aide Peter Navarro arrested after contempt of Congress indictment

Democrats are still attempting to squeeze political points out of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. This has led to some questionable behavior and perhaps even misconduct.

Former White House aide Peter Navarro was arrested Friday after a grand jury indicted him on two counts of contempt of Congress, the Washington Examiner reported. Notably, the 72-year-old had recently filed a lawsuit against the Jan. 6 committee on the basis of its illegitimacy.

“This is not the way that America is supposed to function,” Navarro told the judge at his arraignment. “No American should be treated the way these people treated me today.”

Navarro was taken into custody while attempting to board a plane at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. “They intercepted me getting on the plane, and then they put me in handcuffs, they bring me here,” he said.

“They put me in leg irons. They stick me in a cell,” Navarro told the press the night of his arrest. “What they did to me today violated the Constitution.”

Navarro, who served under former President Donald Trump, has failed to produce requested documents and did not appear for a deposition for the Jan. 6 commission. However, the former aide has invoked executive privilege that he maintains bars him from speaking about it.

Because this arrest came shortly after he sued against the committee, Navarro further contends the charges against him amount to “prosecutorial misconduct.” An 88-page complaint Navarro filed last week called out the committee for its partisan abuse of power, the New York Post reported.

He accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other committee members of playing “a ‘repeatable strategic game’ of ‘gotcha'” with the legal system for political gain. Navarro went on to say they have used the process to “punish political rivals” as well as “deny individuals the opportunity to effectively run for political office or serve in government.”

Democrats are trying to use this issue to stir up support ahead of the midterms. However, voters instinctively recognize these partisan games for what they are.

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Alexander Hunter (@guest_1288278)
2 months ago

This was a disgusting move by a politically motivated FBI, operating no doubt under orders by the DOJ head. Handcuffs and shackles really? No doubt their were cameramen available to take pix, if not they could always fabricate them anyway. This will be further spun to cast the honourable Peter Navarro as some kind of criminal, all because he rightly sees the Jan. 6, Insurrection claims as a “hoax” and “strictly biased political use of official US powers. This was right out of Orwells 1984, is anyone listening or thinking out there. This should have never happened.

Gladys Beam (@guest_1288282)
Reply to  Alexander Hunter
2 months ago

o doubt their were c

Margaret Knipp (@guest_1288341)
Reply to  Gladys Beam
1 month ago

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Joslyn James (@guest_1288283)
2 months ago

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