September 30, 2022

Former Trump lawyer predicts when Trump and his family will be indicted

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen shared on CNN Tuesday that he believes former President Donald Trump and his children will be indicted.

Cohen, speaking of his own indictment, told CNN host Alisyn Camerota, “There were quite a few people involved. Eric Trump was involved, Allen Weisselberg, who was indicted, and Don Jr. and Ivanka, there were a slew of people involved in this. I was certainly not alone.”

Camerota later asked, “As you sit here today, you still believe that Donald Trump will be indicted for something?”

Cohen responded, “I do.”

Cohen tweeted on Nov. 22 that he was finally free of confinement from his own indictment.

Whether Cohen is correct or not is uncertain. His issue stemmed from involvement with the case of Stormie Daniels, a major controversy that threatened to rock the Trump presidency.

Now, however, Cohen has emerged from his confinement to immediately speak out against Trump and his family, reigniting the issue for the media and for America.




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