September 30, 2022

Former Republican Rep. seeks rematch to unseat Rep. Golden and flip the House

Former representative and current Maine Republican Congressional candidate Bruce Poliquin said he plans to unseat Democratic Rep. Jared Golden to win back his seat and help return Republicans to power in the House.

“The people of Maine don’t understand why it makes sense to spend four, five, six trillion dollars of additional money. It’s all borrowed, or printed, which is worse,” Poliquin said during a “Breitbart News Saturday” podcast.

“Inflation is now taking off, and now we’re approaching winter. We have 75 percent of our homes depend on heating oil, but this winter, Matt, they’re paying another 35 percent for heating oil. Gasoline and diesel is up 50 percent. Our rent and groceries up about 20 percent. So all of this trillions and trillions of dollars of additional spending is driving up inflation,” he added.

So far, Poliquin’s message appears to be resonating with donors.

“With the support of people in every county in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, my 2022 campaign raised nearly $900,000 in our first 58 days,” he tweeted on Friday.

The former House member announced in August his plans to run in a rematch battle for his former seat.

The new match up may turn out well as Biden’s approval ratings struggle and Republicans seek a return to power following the 2022 midterm elections.




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