August 9, 2022

Former Rep. Doug Collins says he won’t run for any elected position in 2022

Former Georgia Congressman Doug Collins (R), rumored by some to challenge Gov. Brian Kemp, announced Monday that he’s quitting the political game for now and wont be running for governor or U.S. Senate in 2022.

The former congressman’s announcement will likely come as a welcome relief to Kemp. The Georgia leader faced intense backlash from former President Donald Trump and other conservatives following the 2020 election.

Collins had also been rumored as a Senate challenger to Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock. Warnock won a special runoff election in January 2021 against Kelly Loeffler to help  give Democrats an advantage in the Senate.

The announcement will lead to a new focus on Georgia Republican candidates to face off against Warnock in 2022. NFL legend and former University of Georgia star Hershel Walker has been among those noted.

In addition, Reps. Buddy Carter and Drew Ferguson has indicated interest in helping win back the Georgia Senate seat for Republicans.

Trump’s influence may make a tremendous advantage in the state. Losing by only a small margin in 2020, his endorsement will be coveted by those seeking to run for Senate in the Peach State.

The same endorsement may still return to haunt the governor in the 2022 election. Though no Republican challenger has yet announced a run, a Trump-backed candidate could give Kemp a formidable battle.

The 2022 election cycle continues to heat up, especially in Georgia. Both the leader of the state and the battle for the state’s next Senator will stand as a strong indicator heading toward the 2024 presidential election.

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1229415)
1 year ago

Another RINO gone, awesome, Hoorah Yes

DS (@guest_1229898)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

I think GEORGIA is going to GET exactly what they DESERVE in the next 2 years.

charles A wilkins (@guest_1229419)
1 year ago

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mikemm (@guest_1229430)
1 year ago

Doug Collins quit us when America needed him most. Good bye rhino.

Lois-Anne Nichols (@guest_1229465)
1 year ago

Who can blame him? Politics is a dirty game!! Not for the faint of heart!

Fred Amirault (@guest_1229515)
1 year ago

Obama got us out of a Recession that Bush got us into. Tump got half a million killed by Covid, Our allies were harmed, And he has Fox News Talking about Russia like we are best friend. ou are HYpnotized by this anti-
Christ. Before you say Obama Read Matthew chapter 24 Then Explain how Obama fit into that book

Papa (@guest_1229536)
Reply to  Fred Amirault
1 year ago

You’re an idiot so you’re still blaming Trump Biden is putting us back into that recession that Trump got us out of look at all those jobs that President Trump brought back to the US gas prices were down but under this dumb idiot the gas prices are going higher and higher

carol exposito (@guest_1229539)
Reply to  Fred Amirault
1 year ago

You are crazy! Where did you learn how to think? You need a re-education.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1229871)
1 year ago

Must be only one stone on his yellow brick road. Berry Sorta was not even a U.S. citizen and created nothing but chaos. Try to find some white lines and stay between them next time. Shoulder driving usually doesn’t end well, unless it’s a snow plow.



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