October 5, 2022

Former Olympic athlete, trainer, and author John Abdo found dead at 66

Top athletes and their trainers are experts at optimizing the body. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop death from coming too soon for them.

Former Olympic athlete, trainer, and author John Abdo passed away Wednesday, according to The Capital Sports Reporter. Although no official word was given on the cause of death for the 66-year-old, a post on Abdo’s Facebook page said he died via “euthanasia” after “battling cancer for quite some time.”

“With sorrow and heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our dear friend John Abdo. John has been battling cancer for quite some time and had kept it to himself,” the post said. “He fought hard and brave, but the cancer kept coming back harder.”

“The past couple of months was the hardest. With his bravery and dignity he turned to euthanasia,” the post shockingly stated.Β “John Abdo passed away yesterday afternoon 8/9/22 at 4:43pm in his Marina Del Rey home peacefully.”

“We all know John through his dedication hard work, through his books and inspiring millions of people to stay strong and healthy,” the post continued. “John was a champion until the end. John will be missed dearly.”

It’s unclear who is behind Abdo’s unverified Facebook page, though the social media post had several comments that purported to be from family and friends. Many expressed grief and shock.

A YouTube channel also purporting to belong to Abdo posthumously posted a video of the trainer and author speaking about his disease. The description included a statement on his decision to seek euthanasia. “Know, that as controversial as it may be for some people, being euthanized is a smart way to rid yourself of chronic, endless pain, and for those who are being cared for, remove the strain off family and friends,” he said.

Taking care of one’s health is important, but it doesn’t guarantee longevity. Still, intentionally ending a life — even one marred by a fatal disease — is never the answer.


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