May 24, 2022

Former Obama campaign advisor believes Donald Trump will not run in 2024

Former President Donald Trump is still a Republican powerhouse despite being voted out of office. There has been much speculation about whether he will run for president again in 2024.

David Plouffe, who managed former President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, thinks Trump will not run again, Breitbart reported. Plouffe believes despite the enthusiasm for the former president that many in his party “say it’s time for something new.”

Plouffe made this prediction on MSNBC’s “The Beat” Monday after being asked about whether he believes Trump will seek office. “I said for some time — and I may end up eating these words — I doubt he ends up running,” he told host Ari Melber.

“Because I think, at end of the day, you can see the trend lines. In some focus groups that have been reported on Republicans, even people like him say it’s time for something new because they think that is the best route to win,” Plouffe said

“And what is fascinating about the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago is I believe it’s likely Republicans that are most successful this November, in true swing competitive Senate, Governor and House races, are those that show a little distance from Trump,” Plouffe added. He went on to flesh out his wishful thinking about what a disaster another Trump candidacy would be for the GOP.

“What Trump is doing is deeply damaging his party,” Plouffe said. “You remember back in ’10 and ’12. The Republicans left three, four, five Senate races on the cutting-room floor because they nominated people that could not win general elections.”

“I think that some of the people Trump’s laying hands on may lose winnable races,” Plouffe said. “The reason I say I don’t think he is not going to run, and I’m way out on a limb here, is we saw our democracy is just about ended right now.”

This theory sounds an awful lot like what people on the left were saying about Trump ahead of the 2016 election that he ended up winning. Trump may be a polarizing figure, but his base is unshakably loyal — and the former president has never discounted that.

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cozycalico (@guest_1286190)
1 month ago

Hope Trump stays well but if not he will at least admit it unlike Biden.I will vote for whomever Trump supports if he doesn’t run himself.

Catherine Terry (@guest_1286209)
Reply to  cozycalico
1 month ago

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