July 4, 2022

Former Kamala Harris adviser takes aim at White House COVID protocols

Kavita Patel, former adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign, argued against the White House’s COVID-19 restrictions, according to a Politico report.

“If this were the Trump administration, we would be talking about how they were putting staff and the health of their potentially unvaccinated household members in jeopardy,” Patel said.

However, a White House official defended the protocols regardless of the criticisms. “Our medical unit fields inquiries from many individuals every day, and works with each individual to create a custom plan based on the specifics of their situation,” the official said in the report.

“White House staff with questions about our testing program are always encouraged to ask them to the operations team,” the report added.

Patel is no friend to anti-vax advocates, however. The medical doctor recently tweeted her support of Los Angeles County schools mandating student COVID-19 vaccinations.

The battle regarding vaccination requirements has strongly divided Americans, from Main Street to Wall Street and from American homes to the White House.

The White House restrictions may be too much for Patel, but she certainly favors strong vaccine requirements. The recent Biden vaccine mandates will likely face much more legal scrutiny as Americans seek to uphold their freedoms regarding health and medical issues.

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