August 16, 2022

Former intern accuses top Democrat NYC governor candidate of sexual assault

A top Democrat New York City gubernatorial candidate has been accused of sexual misconduct from a former intern.

Attorney Patricia Pastor, who represents the unnamed accuser, claimed New York City Democrat candidate for mayor and current city Comptroller Scott Stringer “groped her, repeatedly touched her sexually without her consent, made multiple sexual advances toward her which she rejected.”

The accuser came from an intern who served in Stringer’s 2001 campaign for public advocate in 2001, according to Pastor’s report.

The report also alleged Stringer told the woman “not to tell anyone about the sexual misconduct and offered to get her a role as District Leader.”

“It’s unfortunately all too common that women report having been touched sexually without consent, and often men who engage this way are in a position of power and influence over the woman. I have great respect for women who choose to say, ‘Enough is enough,’” Pastor wrote in a statement.

Stringer issued a statement Tuesday night. “I firmly believe that all survivors of harassment have the right to come forward. I will reserve further comment until this person has had the opportunity to share their story.”

He added, “For now, let me say without equivocation: these allegations are untrue and do not reflect my interactions with anyone, including any woman or member of my staff.”

The accuser is expected to appear at a press conference outside the comptroller’s office on Wednesday morning, according to the New York Post.

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Mike (@guest_1230515)
1 year ago

Is that you Hunter???

Poor White Boy (@guest_1230650)
1 year ago

Again….I ask the question….WHY do these woman wait 20 years to file a complaint?

diego rodrigo (@guest_1230936)
Reply to  Poor White Boy
1 year ago

They develop a sense of “Deep Pocket” Syndrome, I think.

patricia overbey (@guest_1230953)
Reply to  Poor White Boy
1 year ago

I agree.

Claude (@guest_1230669)
1 year ago

Famous Court proceedings > “Dear Judge and jury – (8) YEARS AGO : It was rape – rape – rape all summer long , I couldn’t take it ant longer” Query : What took you so long in denouncing this crime . Answer : ” Too busy with many other things” ????????????????????????????????????

John Stuczynski (@guest_1231743)
1 year ago

Now tell me, do you expect anything else from a democrat?



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