September 29, 2022

Former head of United States law enforcement criticizes Merrick Garland decisions for the DOJ

Former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker had harsh words for current U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, saying the nation’s top law enforcement officer should be focused on street crimes rather than American parents. 

According to Whitaker’s comments Newsmax during a recent interview, the attorney general isn’t doing his job going after parents who are attempting to intervene in the way their children are taught in public schools and unruly airline passengers, rather than attempting to solve bigger problems:

“Garland appears to be as detached from reality as his boss, Joe Biden, is,” Whitaker said Thursday on “Stinchfield.”

“Whitaker pointed to the memo released in early October in which Garland instructed the FBI to aid local officials with threats against school officials,” Newsmax reported in their report on Whitaker’s interview.

“The memo was the result of a letter sent to President Joe Biden in September from the National School Boards Association using the term ‘domestic terrorism’ in connection with parents upset at their children being forced to wear masks, taught critical race theory or forced to use bathrooms with transgender students.”

The NSBA later rescinded their latter and backed away from calling parents “domestic terrorists,” in their references to the interactions with school board members, however Garland has not yet recalled the FBI directive regarding the initial concerns.

Whitaker noted during his interview that in a separate interview, Garland actually order the Department of Justice to put a priority on the prosecution of those in violation of airline flight regulations:

“These are not the issues facing Americans,” Whitaker told guest host Joe Pinion. “The issues facing Americans are children getting hit with stray bullets when they’re playing in their front yard. It is people being attacked on our streets in broad daylight.

“When you have a southern border as porous as this southern border is with tens and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into our country without the application of the rule of law to them … you’re going to end up with an element of our society that disregard the laws in and try to go get what theirs is by illegal means,” Whitaker said.




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