August 19, 2022

Former Gaetz associate pleads guilty, promises cooperation with federal investigation

Former Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg, a known associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), has struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors in which he will be required to cooperate with ongoing investigations, according to the Washington Examiner, in a development that could cause serious difficulties for the Republican lawmaker whom reports suggest may be implicated in his crimes.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Greenberg, once the tax collector in Seminole County, is set to plead guilty to six federal offenses in a deal whereby he must provide cooperation in the “investigation and prosecution of other persons.” In exchange for the dismissal of 27 other counts against him, Greenberg will admit to sex trafficking of a minor, identity theft, wire fraud, stalking, and conspiracy to bribe a public official.

Though a spokesperson for the Florida congressman pointed out to the Examiner that Gaetz “doesn’t seem to be named or referenced in Mr. Greenberg’s plea” and stated that the lawmaker “has never had sex with a minor and has never paid for sex,” news reports earlier this year suggested that Gaetz was indeed under federal investigation with regard to Greenberg’s possible involvement in sex trafficking.

According to the Sentinel, investigators have been probing whether Gaetz had sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl Greenberg was alleged to have trafficked and whether the congressman paid for travel and sex with escorts, among other possible offenses.

The paper further noted that if Gaetz were to be charged and convicted with soliciting sex with a minor, he could face charges under the same trafficking statute as Greenberg, and he could be prosecuted under the Mann Act, which prohibits the transporting of anyone across state or national boundaries for purposes of prostitution, the Sentinel further noted.

Though he has vehemently denied accusations of wrongdoing, including during a bizarre March interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in which he claimed he was being extorted by a former Justice Department official, Greenberg’s plea deal is likely to be of significant concern to Gaetz.

Greenberg’s plea compels his cooperation in the ongoing probe widely believed to include Gaetz, and if he provides information that is of “substantial assistance” to the government, he will be eligible for a more favorable sentencing recommendation.

The charges to which Greenberg will plead guilty carry no less than 12 years in prison, and as a result of his admissions, he will be classified as a sex offender for the remainder of his life, creating a strong incentive for him to secure such concessions.

While it remains to be seen whether Gaetz was indeed involved in the type of nefarious activities to which Greenberg will admit on Monday, this plea deal seems likely to cause the congressman some sleepless nights.

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1259105)
1 year ago

Hooray awesome about time

robert w sanders (@guest_1259109)
1 year ago

linda and aquilar are fake. these companies are fake.

Cheryl (@guest_1259117)
1 year ago

Funny how you judge someone off of someone else. Reading your article, it says to me that Gaetz is guilty before even being arrested or given a trial. Because of articles like this, you poison peoples opinions before they are even tried making it harder for innocent people to get a fair trial, they have already been tried by these articles. I’m not just talking about this case but in all cases in the media now days.

Jasadim (@guest_1259141)
Reply to  Cheryl
1 year ago

That’s right, Cheryl…they are trying to make harder for innocent people to get a fair trial,,,uuff…

Roger Yaste (@guest_1259300)
Reply to  Cheryl
1 year ago

To the political left Gaetz has been guilty on numerous counts since he was elected. Count one, he is a real republican, a liberal progressive as per dictionary definitions. Count two, he is a supporter of President Trump. Count three he is a very strong supporter of president Donald J. Trump. County four, he knows the election was stolen from President Trump through voting fraud.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1259441)
Reply to  Roger Yaste
1 year ago

Perfectly stated! The demonrats are going after every true American… (Conservative). The demoinrats are the ones that need to be removed!

Jennifer O'Gavaghan (@guest_1259578)
Reply to  Cheryl
1 year ago

We need to take America back since our leaders cower to do their jobs in protecting our sacred Nation.
I’m serious. First stop for me is to sit in on a school board meeting. Speak up, I surely will! What the
heck are schools teaching kids today?!!! Someone up there sitting at the Board table please explain – in detail – what Critical Race Theory is and why it has been stuffed into an already over-burdened curriculum. I am a retired teacher – a disgusted teacher – with a mouth and a VOICE. I love America. The sooner my school board knows that the better off they all will be!!! I want to know what is being taught to our children today!!!!!

Lin (@guest_1259122)
1 year ago

New gatze was innocent! They are just out to get him because he will not take dark money! Very out spoken! CNN you failed again!

Katydid (@guest_1259128)
1 year ago

Since when does knowing a person that has committed a crime make you also guilty? That is what the fake media does best. Accuse someone without facts and cause that persons reputation to be tarnished forever. How do we let the media get by with such things? They need to be sued from here to eternity.

Jasadim (@guest_1259145)
Reply to  Katydid
1 year ago

Indeed!,,they are trying to make harder for innocent people to get a fair trial

Robert G Stone (@guest_1259133)
1 year ago

Once again the corrupt liberals are going after a Vocal Republican that makes them look as bad as they are. Their next move is to offer a plea deal if the person that they have charged will lie so they can charge Matt Gaetz. This corruption will continue until we clean up Washington D. C. and get rid of all the corrupt liberals and rinos.

kc (@guest_1259164)
Reply to  Robert G Stone
1 year ago

Trump’s DOJ started the investigation of Rep.Gaetz last year ,if convicted boy will be popular

Heinrich (@guest_1259144)
1 year ago

He is innocent! GOP have no spine, can’t do anything! I believe, they want Trump out of office.
They prove nothing more than an “Establishment Mouthpiece.” Liz Cheeny, and so many more! Why are they so, so blind? My family and my friends, they are money lovers. Ecclesiastes 3:9 oben please!
Have a great day!

Crazy Elf (@guest_1259150)
1 year ago

Greenberg gets 12 years. With 1/2 off with good behavior if he “snitches” against Rep Gaetze! Pretty sweet deal. Now, what if it’s found Greenberg was/is LYING? What then!
As far as I’m concerned, Greenberg better hope it isn’t found out that the dems paid him!

And, as for a side note for Greenberg, watch out for bubba!

jboo7 (@guest_1259157)
1 year ago

The danger is here that this “Deal” would force Greenberg to say things, a the prosecutor wishes, true or lie – no matter, as prosecutors cannot be prosecuted for such crimes.

patriot1961 (@guest_1259166)
1 year ago

How is it right for greenberg to get a deal and have 27 counts against him dismissed for cooperating with prosecutors when hes probably going to say just what they tell him to say?

Nancy (@guest_1259171)
1 year ago

When will the liberals stop destroying other peoples lives. Gaetz did nothing wrong and said so on national TV. Notice how Fox would not touch Gaetz with a ten foot pole. He did nothing wrong and was charged with nothing but the press dirtied Gaetz up. I can’t stand this country any longer. Obama and Soros has destroyed America. And the will keep destroying until Obama is Hing of America. He is serving his third term now and of course it’s illegal just like Obama.

BC (@guest_1259172)
1 year ago

DemocRATS CANNOT be trusted NOW and possible forever!! That is the FACT that matters here. They do not care about truth but only keeping their power which he is fighting! There are more corrupt Democrats in our government that Tur*s in the NY sewer system!! And smell the same too!!!

MarieAnna Dvorak (@guest_1259176)
1 year ago

I knew Matt was innocent. The communists are at the stage of destroying the opposing party and thus they are looking for targets. They are following Stalinism: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” 

DS (@guest_1259184)
1 year ago

Matt is innocent and we all know it

Wayne (@guest_1259192)
1 year ago

DEMOCRATS and Rinos trying to silence all who oppose their evil anti American agenda. Congressman Matt Geatz is not guilty. As for Mr. Greenberg the U S. Attorneys are holding a gun to his head. That makes for an uncoersed testimony. Not!

lizzardman (@guest_1259203)
1 year ago

There is NO LIE that liberals won’t tell and NO SMEAR they won’t use to attempt to implicate any conservative who stands against the traitorous liberal line. There are countless swamp rats in government and just being an elected official does NOT implicate everyone employed as such. Our legal system remains intact and persons are INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY.

Roger Yaste (@guest_1259304)
1 year ago

LOL The Democrats misappropriated the adjectives “liberal and progressive”. From the start of that party to the present they have been the conservatives. The Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep minorities enslaved. They implemented black codes and Jim crow laws. The KKK served as their terror enforcement squad. Even now they insist minorities are unable to muster enough intelligence to obtain any form of identification. Racists, white supremacist’s, Nazis, and Fascists here in America are all registered upstanding Democrats. Even the current Democrat president is an old guard rabid racist and very conservative in wanting a return to the good old days when minorities were enslaved.
The Democrat leadership has to be aware they have been and still are acting to pervert the constitution. Democrat voters/supporters tend to be willfully ignorant of the ideology and agenda and naively believe all they are told by their leaders. The supporters view themselves as being dictionary liberals.
I separate Democrats into two groups: Democrat politicians, most of whom are in on the con, and the willfully ignorant and duped supporters of those Democrat politicians.

Ralph Garrity (@guest_1259326)
1 year ago

What happened to the Hunter Biden investigation. he and his Father are both Pedophiles .The FBI will not do a thing they are the Democrats flunkies’.The republican’s get found guilty without an arrest or trial.What a disgrace

sandraexy7 (@guest_1259370)
1 year ago

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Randy Justice (@guest_1259403)
1 year ago

Haven’t you people come to recognize a CNN hit job yet ?????? This is a typical example of “GUILT BY MEDIA” !!! Maybe they should be looking into the prosecutors past !!!!!

jimbo (@guest_1259623)
1 year ago

GUILTY.. prove you are not guilty … the verdict your guilty hearsay, innuendo, news release, public opinion . then the punishment phase [ whats that you say ] well ok maybe there should be a trail … but hurry my beer is getting warm ! is this to be the new normal??? just sayin jimbo

Billy (@guest_1260692)
1 year ago

How do you trust him after his sweet deal ?



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