October 6, 2022

Former football player makes catch of a lifetime

America still has heroes and Phillip Blanks is one of them. The former football player made the catch of a lifetime long after his football career ended — and it was caught on video. 

On July 3rd, while visiting a friend in Phoenix, Blanks, also a former US marine, was drawn outside the apartment by a disturbance and screaming. The top floor of a neighboring apartment building was engulfed in flames and a woman and her toddler were on a balcony on the third floor.

Just as Rachel Long, 30, dropped her baby over the rail, Blanks’ instincts kicked in as he dove to catch the falling child.

Blanks explained: “I immediately got tunnel vision of the baby and somehow managed to catch him.”

Long, after saving her toddler, went back into her apartment to save her 8-year-old daughter, but she did not survive.

Thankfully, Blanks wasn’t the only hero that day. D’Artagnan Alexander, 42, father of a 9-year-old and a 3-year-old,  heard screaming coming from the burning apartment and ran in to save the toddler’s 8-year-old sister. Alexander suffered minor burns but brought the girl to safety.

The Long children suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Blanks told the Washington Post about his lifechanging experience:

Saving this child changed my entire perspective. It made me realize how short life is, and how we need to protect each other and treat people better.

Alexander expressed his gratitude for what happened also. “I couldn’t be more thankful that we both happened to be there.”

Phillip Blanks and D’Artagnon Alexander are true heroes.

This is the best video on the internet. Watch:


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