August 7, 2022

Former Dem. Rep. Max Rose slams Hunter Biden over foreign business dealings

In a move certain to infuriate President Joe Biden, a well-known Democrat Party politician recently told the New York Post that he believes first son Hunter Biden should be broadly condemned for his questionable foreign business entanglements that may have endangered the nation’s security.

Speaking to the outlet in an exclusive interview, former New York Rep. Max Rose (D), who is once again running for election to the House, declared, “There is no doubt in my mind that what Hunter Biden did was wrong, being on the [Ukrainian energy firm] Burisma board and engaging in whatever else he dealt with.”

The former Army officer also revealed his belief that the big tech censorship of damning information gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer just prior to the 2020 presidential election was wrong and that the Post, which was first to report on the alarming contents, got a “raw deal.”

The critique of Hunter Biden from Rose will likely sting the president all the more, given that the former congressman – who was ousted from his House seat in 2020 – spent a year serving in his administration as part of its COVID-19 response efforts, after which time assigned a grade of B- to the commander in chief’s performance.

As the Washington Examiner notes, Rose is currently campaigning to defeat his congressional successor, Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (NY), and he has not been afraid to criticize fellow Democrats who have deliberately steered clear of difficult primary contests and decided instead to run in districts where they stand greater chances of success.

“What kind of message does it send when Democrats run away to different districts because they think having to earn the votes of Republicans and independents means their political career is over,” Rose asked rhetorically, adding, “If we can only win in seats where Joe Biden won by more than 10 points, then we will never build the coalition we need to end gun violence, protect a woman’s right to choose, and make this country affordable.”

The Examiner noted that Rose is known for his centrist viewpoints and his willingness to get behind Republican-backed initiatives such as facilitating greater domestic energy production and boosting armed security in America’s schools.

Many observers are skeptical of Rose’s chances when it comes to unseating Malliotakis, according to the Post, with Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman recently stating that there is “no longer a viable path” for him to prevail this fall in light of the final version of New York’s new congressional district map.

Rose, however, remains undaunted, telling the Post, “Dave Wasserman, [political statistician] Nate Silver – all these guys are jokes. They sit in their pajamas and prognosticate all day on Twitter. If they were really so good at predicting they would be making money in the stock marked,” he quipped, and whether he is capable of pulling off a surprise win against the Republican incumbent in November, only time will tell.

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charles A wilkins (@guest_1288403)
1 month ago

biden talks up revolution on national TV, joe biden flying around the county talking up revolution on the jimmy Kimball show, of course on the tax payer dime, probably staying at hunters beach house paid for with art sales, sure, not their chinese friends. The tax payer foots the bill again, this is only going to last as long as you put of with this sxxx..The corrupt democrat machine, the walls are closing in. These crazy democrats have to go, the democrat biden recession is here, interest rates are rising, energy rates are rising, food cost keep rising, inflation is still rising, medical rates are rising, everything cost more, clothing cost more, transportation cost more, get these fxxxing crazy democrats out of office before a total depression and spend, tax and spend, enhance your own pockets, fxxx the tax payer, corruption corruption corruption,the new battle cry for these democrats. the mid terms are almost here vote them out keep them out, they just can’t govern. Look how much money the bidens have made off of china. They are trying to deflect their incompetence in government and of course cover over the real issues of real corruption. Midterms ar getting closer, vote them out, jail those who lied to congress and have returns returned that was stolen from taxpayers, biden wants too talks up revolutions, give him one at the polls.

Jamie Briseno (@guest_1288421)
1 month ago

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