October 5, 2022

Former CNN anchor arrested after hit-and-run crash

The Washington Examiner reports that Felicia Taylor, the former CNN anchor, was recently arrested following an alleged hit-and-run car crash. 

The incident took place on July 28 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Taylor, who was driving a white Mercedes, is reported to have crashed into a black Ford vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light. Then, according to the police report, she was witnessed fleeing the scene, “without rendering aid or stopping to provide information.”

Taylor, though, subsequently returned to the scene of the crash several times with her damaged car.

It was on one of those drive-bys that she was stopped by a police officer.

Taylor admitted to the police officer that she was responsible for hitting the black Ford. But, she also told the police officer that it was “not a big deal” and that it is “hard to be a good person.”

Taylor was arrested and charged with careless driving as well as leaving the scene of an accident involving an injury.

The black Ford was being driven by a 24-year-old man who suffered several injuries in the crash, including to his neck, jaw, and back.

Bail for Taylor was set at $3,000, which she paid. She has also pleaded “not guilty” to the charges against her.


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