August 19, 2022

Former CBP leader: White House must remove Mayorkas from leadership

With the crisis at the nation’s southern border showing no signs of slowing, three former Trump administration officials – including former Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan – have come forward to demand the dismissal of current Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Mayorkas, as Breitbart reports.

Morgan, joined by former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Tom Homan and former Acting DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, issued a statement arguing that Mayorkas has engaged in “reckless abandonment” of his duty to secure the border and has “abjectly failed” in the oath he swore to defend the United States, as Fox News noted.

The demand for Mayorkas’ firing comes amid the administration’s ongoing failure to contain a record surge of migrants attempting to enter the country and to manage the roughly 20,000 unaccompanied youth currently held in federal custody.

In blasting the DHS secretary’s job performance and calling for his ouster, the joint statement said, “Mayorkas has shown that he is the wrong person to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Rather than providing the support and tools his agencies need to execute their fundamental missions, he has created an unmitigated crisis where both immigration enforcement and border security are almost non-existent.”

The statement continued, saying, “Border apprehensions are at a history high, while deportations are at an all-time low. In defiance of existing federal law, ICE agents have been ordered not to arrest known public safety threats, as well as ignore a federal judge’s order to deport criminals, after receiving due process at great taxpayer expense” adding:

The number of migrant children in federal custody is through the roof. Criminal cartels and human traffickers are proliferating and profiting at unimaginable levels.

Having clearly reached the limits of their patience with the situation, the three top border enforcement officials declared, “Enough is enough. The nation needs a Secretary of Homeland Security who will actually secure the homeland and fix – not facilitate – the border crisis.” Calling on President Joe Biden to take action, the trio declared, “We’re running out of time Mr. President. The American people are watching.”

Mayorkas testified earlier this month before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and instead of accepting responsibility for the increasing challenges posed by the migrant influx, he attempted to place blame on Trump-era immigration policies.

“They did nothing to facilitate addressing the surge, what they did was they dismantled the tools that we had to address it, and they tore down the programs that could have helped alleviate the pressure,” he told lawmakers, in comments Morgan said were “the final straw” which prompted his calls for Mayorkas’ job.

“Rather than be honest with the American people and take ownership of the crisis they created at our southern border, he continued the spin, misdirection, and blatant lies being pushed by the Biden administration,” declared Morgan, expressing sentiments with which growing numbers of Americans agree.

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1 year ago

Will they?? when?

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Billy (@guest_1263821)
1 year ago

Get rid of him. His Social/communist vision is not working.

Jack Spring (@guest_1263822)
1 year ago

Oh, my God, my stove is broken! It must be Trump’s fault. I wonder if any of the dems can even spell the word ‘responsibility’.

Willie1955 (@guest_1263837)
1 year ago

The biden administration is a total disaster, not a single one of bidens picks are qualified for the positions they occupy. The entire world is laughing at the U. S. for this bumbling bunch of circus clowns. Iran, China, Russia and north Korea are rubbing their hands in glee over the weak no spine Biden knowing they can do as they please and all biden will do is shake his finger at them then go hide in his basement and cry into his cocoa.

Nathan (@guest_1263854)
1 year ago

Who the hell ever said the border patrol are supose to ignore the known criminals and not deport them and what ever else they need to ignore biden and deport that BS anyway for the safety of we the people you can’t just let the criminals come in especially if they are known criminals deport every one ot the illegals that come through the border who the hell cares what biden says he has done nothing but cause problems all the demo crats need to be fired and impeached and thrown in prison for all the illegal [email protected]@#$%it they have done

george (@guest_1263860)
Reply to  Nathan
1 year ago

Sorry, but I voted for Trump.!

Al Tallant (@guest_1263855)
1 year ago

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I, _____, do solemnly swear [or affirm] that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of ________, and all local ordinances, and that I will faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of _____, according to the law and the best of my ability.
Penalty for violating Oath of Office:
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Al Tallant (@guest_1263856)
Reply to  Al Tallant
1 year ago


Texas Girl (@guest_1263868)
1 year ago


Liyasaaa (@guest_1263875)
1 year ago

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Yeah me (@guest_1263894)
1 year ago

Is there no shame in the headlines they put out so which is worse Democrat to Republican that they want mayorkas doesn’t mean he is out call me when something real happens

Jasadim (@guest_1264081)
1 year ago

Mayorkas has shown that he is the wrong person to lead the Department of Homeland Security.
Enough is enough. The nation needs a Secretary of Homeland Security who will actually secure the homeland and fix – not facilitate – the border crisis!



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