July 4, 2022

Foreign policy experts say Biden’s meeting with Putin could cause problems in relationship with China

President Joe Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin has generated significant criticism from foreign policy experts. Not only did Biden fail to stand up to Russia, but he may also have emboldened China.

Former intelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency Rebekah Koffler commented that Biden, “Allowing Putin to berate and discredit us in a solo press conference is quite a mistake for the Biden administration. To give them that ability, China comes out on top.”

The President of the United States has the unique responsibility to keep both Russia and China in check. Letting one of them get the upper hand gives both an advantage.

Another foreign policy expert claimed that not only did Biden make an opening for China, but he also failed outright with Russia.

Former CIA Moscow station chief Daniel Hoffman said, “Putin got what we wanted, which was a big summit before his parliamentary elections. I think China’s happy that Russia is such a thorn in our side. We take so much of our time and our energy and our resources to deal with Russia we have less to deal with China.”

The President’s first foreign trip has been, by many metrics, a total disaster for American interests abroad. However, we aren’t the only ones losing because of Biden’s weak foreign policy.

Ukraine has been one of the first countries to feel the consequences of Biden’s poor foreign policy. An arms package meant to deter Russian aggression was canceled by the Biden administration, increasing the chances of a conflict in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to Biden’s weakness, both our allies in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are losing confidence in us. The consequences of Biden’s weak foreign policy could be devastating and irreparable.

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