July 7, 2022

FNC’s Williams suggests GOP lied about 2020’s BLM violence

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams went off the rails and accused “people on the right” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five” of making up last year’s violent Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

“I think the far left of the Democratic Party and all their woke language really alienates a lot of moderate voters not only in the Democratic Party but people who are on the right and you might have been discontented with President Trump, and they hear all this stuff, and they think this is a little too far for their taste,” Williams said.

He continued, “I wish there were people on the right who were willing to say we’ve got a problem with our extreme right, the people who were saying all those awful things before the January 6 riot at the Capitol.”

Williams further called out those on the right who refused to speak out on violent protests by BLM in 2020. “The people who want to put out lies like, ‘Oh yeah, the cities burned last summer.’ I think it’s important that people who are honest in American politics be able to hold honest discussions without allowing the extremists to set the agenda.”

Two of his Fox News co-hosts pushed back against his claims. Katie Pavlich responded, “I think it’s clear a number of Republicans across the board came out against what happened on Jan. 6 while it was happening.”

Fellow co-host Brian Kilmeade added “cities did burn, if you count Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, and Portland, but besides that, I think it was a pretty good summer.”

Williams held his position, noting, “That’s not true.”

According to The Federalist, “The riot damage from May 26 to June 20 in 20 states across the nation amounted to the most expensive manmade damage in history at $1 to $2 billion.”

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Merrie Lena (@guest_1233633)
1 year ago

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1233640)
1 year ago

Really Juan Fox lied?
Hey FNC fire him, Juan lies

Gary Smith (@guest_1233659)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

I agree

Richard Larrimore (@guest_1233664)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago


Jim (@guest_1233682)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Haven’t you noticed the Brown Ring around Williams nose? Biden and Obama bent over and you can guess what happened then. Juan is a Liar, just like the rest of the Dem’s . If got the chance, I would be right in his face. But an old fart like myself at 82, don’t see that happening

DONNA MARIE KELLEY (@guest_1233694)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Juam williams is so brainless like the rest of the democrats. Most of them support the burning, looting, killings. and bailing the scum out. I wish fox would fire him and chris Wallace another brainless idiot.

Lanny Joe Webb (@guest_1233749)
1 year ago

Donna, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Juan Williams and Chris Wallace are a constant downer to FOX.
Juan is so slanted and without merit that no one pays any attention to him. Chris Wallace can’t find good
in anyone. His non-ending scrutiny makes him a threat to all around him. He needs to join CNN and
get out of the way. His monologue is just as his Dad’s, BORING.

J (@guest_1233641)
1 year ago

Time for Juan to take his delusions to CNN

steveo (@guest_1233658)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

i was one that called for the right wing extremists that attacked the capital to be charged.most ot the crowd was peaceful until these jerks started their crap!he’s a liar and doesn’t belong on fox news!

Gary Smith (@guest_1233665)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

CNN and Juan believe the same BS

Frances (@guest_1233671)
Reply to  J
1 year ago


Ginny (@guest_1233643)
1 year ago

Juan Williams is such a BIG jerk and represents the dem by lying all the time….funny thing is his family do not support him at all ….it is like the old saying ” you can drag a horse to water but he will not drink ” Not too smart either.

Thomas (@guest_1233645)
1 year ago

Juan is my least favorite on air personality at Fox… stopped watching The Five last year because of his presence… he is a buffoon, not even black (he is privliged and comes from the islands) but he has become buffoonish in his irrational attempts to provide the leftist counterpoint….. just a tool w no credibility

truly bothered by this low IQ jerk…. demeans Fox and all he touches

Sandra (@guest_1233646)
1 year ago

He absolutely lives in an alternate universe, It was ALL OVER the news etc.for weeks. He is so pathetic. I don’t know why Fox keeps him on their network. He doesn’t even have a give opinions of logic.

Judith Oldiges (@guest_1233677)
Reply to  Sandra
1 year ago

I imagine he’s got a long term contract and they have to use him somewhere. I found Mr. Ford refreshing as a Democrat on The Five last week.

Doris (@guest_1233704)
Reply to  Judith Oldiges
1 year ago

I agree.

Danny Lanning (@guest_1233648)
1 year ago

The deep state traitors have gone deep state into Juan’s brain. It is hard to believe any one can be that stupid

Rose Trahan (@guest_1233649)
1 year ago

I have to mute sound every time he starts spewing his lies and hatred. He just turns my stomach.

BC (@guest_1233650)
1 year ago

Williams is a lying piece of trash and ought to be FIRED!!!

Gary Smith (@guest_1233672)
Reply to  BC
1 year ago

I completly agree

rm (@guest_1233673)
Reply to  BC
1 year ago

BC…ever thought Mr. Williams is just a token at FNC?? Like the required quotas when Benjamin Hooks was at the FCC in the 1970s and dems ran both houses of congress?

jack (@guest_1233651)
1 year ago

little jaun w is an ignorant little racist prick. he’s an al sharpton wannabe.

Hate communism (@guest_1233652)
1 year ago

You fox news got rid of Lou Dobbs and let the trash Juan stay. Wonder why you lost reviewers! Keep up the good work fox news the nazi regime will reward you NOT !

Bill (@guest_1233653)
1 year ago

Bring back Bob Beckel!!

John (@guest_1233678)
Reply to  Bill
1 year ago

“Bloviating Blob” Beckel is dead, Bill.

Patricia Cochran (@guest_1233654)
1 year ago

I am so sick of listening to Juan every day that I have been turning off the sound when he’s on. You know he’s jus going to poo poo whatever anyone says and roll his eyes so far they might sick in their sockets. I really enjoy the day he’s off and think he should be off more days, like all of them. There’s plenty of opposite opinions that we could actually find beneficial.

Jo Ann (@guest_1233718)
Reply to  Patricia Cochran
1 year ago

I agree to that.

Cbnjky (@guest_1233655)
1 year ago

Juan was a TERMITE to Fox News and Donald Trump. Glad he’s gone. American Indians would have removed his tongue before letting him go.

Louise Black (@guest_1233656)
1 year ago

Juan, you need to wise up! Are you Telling the American people you didn’t see cities burned???????? Where have your been?????????

Gary Smith (@guest_1233681)
Reply to  Louise Black
1 year ago

Good ? I guess he believed CNN reports of mostly peaceful protests while fires burned

Bonnie Clarke (@guest_1233660)
1 year ago

I can hardly watch “The Five” anymore! The only way is to mute when Juan comes on or change the channel. He doesn’t seem to understand what he is asked and then rambles on “in my mind” etc. which most of the time is not even close to the truth. Why is he still on the five? Why is he still with Fox? Maybe they cannot afford to say goodbye to him but he sure does his best to ruin the program.

Juan Sucks (@guest_1233661)
1 year ago

I guess all the videos of them rioting and looting were fake,Williams is nothing but the top of the racist list and his mouth proves it,he’s one of the worst news reporters out there and should be taken off the air,how anyone listens to his trash is beyond me

gwilson (@guest_1233663)
1 year ago

There are at least three major contributors that I would like Fox News to drop and remove them from their programs. Two of them are Juan Williams, & Chris Wallace. Both of them totally support the Left and never are truthful when it comes to the Conservatives. What Fox News needs to do is bring back Bill O’Reilly who always gave fair and balanced Reporting.

J Lara (@guest_1233726)
Reply to  gwilson
1 year ago

AND bring back Lou Dobbs! Juan was fired from another station if I remember correctly! And as far as LOU, he only the told the truth and had great and truthful folks on his shows! So what is fox doing trying to keep it level so to speak? Not if Dad was calling the shots! Has anyone else noticed how awful ALL the stations have become? Some have reruns from years ago. Afraid to put on real stuff cuz someones feeling will be hurt? THATS LIFE, LIVE WITH IT!

joseph Flocco (@guest_1233679)
1 year ago

I Believe That Mr. Williams Is Mentally Unstable And Needs Care, As For His Being A Christian I Do Believe That His Values Are Askew And That He Is Not True To His Faith, Never Believing Any Other Opinion But His Own, Unless This Is All A Ploy To Excite The Right With His Far Left Rhetoric

unclejim (@guest_1233684)
1 year ago

Good Morning there’s no bigger A-Hole than juan williams oh along with chris wallace bird 🐦of the feather flock together it’s time for the both of them get off the T V well nothing will be done because fox news moved to the left also that’s why newsmax became so popular

Come on man! (@guest_1233686)
1 year ago

I really don’t know what’s wrong with juan, does he really believe the crap coming out of his mouth? Guess he missed all the videos, look at Minneapolis and Portland for just 2 examples. They look like Baghdad, thanks to Democrats, shame on you juan, you and the rest go live there instead of destroying the once beautiful and free America.

Alan H (@guest_1233689)
1 year ago

Fox is one of the very few that even HAS someone as far left as Juan acting a foil for the conservative flow of the daily programming. I’d call that fair. Find a conservative (who wasn’t invited to make them a punching bag) on one of the Marxist megaphone news outlets some time. Good luck.

Louis Finkbeiner (@guest_1233693)
1 year ago

Williams has always had blinders on, he only sees republicans as the enemy and never and i mean never gives republicans credit for anything. I don’t know how he has lasted on FOX for all these years.I always thought it was,give and take in politics, but with Williams it is all TAKE TAKE. I don’t condone violence, but I am tired of being told that because i am white I am not a good American. I didn’t make a living protesting anything and everything. I worked all my life. These people don’t look past the end of their noses. We live in the greatest country in the world and that isn’t enough, they want everything free. As for politicians they should not get a paycheck as long as we are shutdown, maybe they would work a little harder to fix all the problems we have. FIX THE BORDER BIDEN PROBLEM… HE GETS AN F F F F IN MY BOOK.

J Lara (@guest_1233731)
Reply to  Louis Finkbeiner
1 year ago

Also STOP paying ALL teachers in their UNION! Schools closed? NO PAY! That includeds all you rats in Congress! WE are suffering and you sit back and laugh! Still have NOT got tax refunds from FEB or 600 stim checks? OH but the criminals in jail get them! Yeah you in Govt try to live on SS, that you have worked 40 years for! OH but give it free to illegals? joe and hoe gotta go!

CRAIG (@guest_1233695)
1 year ago


Ron C (@guest_1233699)
1 year ago

To my mind…Juan Williams wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up his back-side…Fact!

Richard Hennessy (@guest_1233710)
1 year ago

Williams is still on Fox News? I didn’t know because I haven’t watched since the election fiasco by Fox News.

Larry Paul (@guest_1233711)
1 year ago

Juan is a solid Demorat who speaks with forked tongue. I enjoy Fox News but find myself cutting off the TV every time he speaks-don’t want to hear his lies anymore. The Dems do not even claim him because he is not black enough because he was not born in the USA. Juan when are you going to wake up because the Dems are the racist and the Conservatives will accept you if you stop lying for them. Blessings

Peter Johnson (@guest_1233713)
1 year ago

Like many of your comments, I cannot stand Juan Williams. He is just a voice for the far left. He used to be reasonable, when Obama was there, now he is just a bitter old man. He hated Trump from the start and then got worse. I like the Five minus one. Has anyone told him Trump is not President. Nearly every time a question is asked of him he starts by blaming Trump, even when the question has nothing to do with the former President. He is, I am afraid, sick mentally.

Geri Slazes (@guest_1233732)
Reply to  Peter Johnson
1 year ago

You took the words right out of my mouth. I feel the same as you do

rb (@guest_1233716)
1 year ago

Juan admits his errors, as has FOX and now NEWSMAX both dropping statements that voting machines were responsible for Trumps lose .With both saying that there No evidence from any of the audits

Jw (@guest_1233724)
1 year ago

He is only there to irritate the others on the show and have them expound on the truth.
He is only being used to show how irrational the other side is.

David (@guest_1233738)
1 year ago

That Idiot would not make pimple on a real journalist
azz.!Send him back to Panama where he belongs.It will
be a cold day in hell when anyone would call him an
American.If fox does nothing about removing that moron
from the Five they will lose their viewership of that program
and it will be the fault of that Obama lap dog, Williams.
He needs to be reminded that he is of no earthly value to
this Country in anyway.
It took Obama 8yrs to create the world that Wiliams lives in
at the cost of free Americans.

Joan Arnold (@guest_1233740)
1 year ago

Juan, Acting so stupid does not impress anyone.

Kathy (@guest_1233742)
1 year ago

Is he blind or stupid? I think both. Where does he get there were no riots? All these dempRATS are just crazy!

Cindy L Clonch (@guest_1233743)
1 year ago

Juan Williams is a brown nosing pea brain. He disagrees just to disagree. I believe that’s where his paycheck comes from….arguing the facts. Nobody could actually be “that” blind and stupid. 🤪

American Son (@guest_1233744)
1 year ago


Dana C (@guest_1233745)
1 year ago

You, Juan Williams, are completely out of your F_CKING MIND. You’re a d_mned TREASONOUS COMMUNIST B_STARED! You’ll fit right in with the rest of those TREASONOUS COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS!

Doris A FRAZIER (@guest_1233748)
1 year ago

Hey Juan, why don’t you leave Fox and go to CNN,CBS,ABC and continue with the lies and cover up of all the damage done to numerous cities. Burning down businesses, trying to burn down ICE stations and Police stations even with people inside, and all the looting. BLM and Antifa both are violent rioters and it was plain to see by coverage on TV. Take off the dam blinders and see it for what it is. These people are violent and need to be stopped period, Babies being shot, young children being shot, black on black killings. There have been a lot more black on black killings and police killed by ambushes than any blacks killed by justified shots by police. I am not a racists, I have several black friends who I think the world of but there are bad in any color skin. Stop covering the truth,

Lonie (@guest_1233752)
1 year ago

I agree with he ruins the five. Let’s just stick with four.

Rock Salt (@guest_1233755)
1 year ago

Just another activist c__n…

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1233757)
1 year ago

So I guess Juan would have us believe that what we saw being broadcast on the news that was on film was just a made up bunch of Hollywood fictional stuff. Does Juan actually believe that the average American is as stupid as he is?



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