May 12, 2021

FNC’s Williams suggests GOP lied about 2020’s BLM violence

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams went off the rails and accused “people on the right” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five” of making up last year’s violent Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

“I think the far left of the Democratic Party and all their woke language really alienates a lot of moderate voters not only in the Democratic Party but people who are on the right and you might have been discontented with President Trump, and they hear all this stuff, and they think this is a little too far for their taste,” Williams said.

He continued, “I wish there were people on the right who were willing to say we’ve got a problem with our extreme right, the people who were saying all those awful things before the January 6 riot at the Capitol.”

Williams further called out those on the right who refused to speak out on violent protests by BLM in 2020. “The people who want to put out lies like, ‘Oh yeah, the cities burned last summer.’ I think it’s important that people who are honest in American politics be able to hold honest discussions without allowing the extremists to set the agenda.”

Two of his Fox News co-hosts pushed back against his claims. Katie Pavlich responded, “I think it’s clear a number of Republicans across the board came out against what happened on Jan. 6 while it was happening.”

Fellow co-host Brian Kilmeade added “cities did burn, if you count Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, and Portland, but besides that, I think it was a pretty good summer.”

Williams held his position, noting, “That’s not true.”

According to The Federalist, “The riot damage from May 26 to June 20 in 20 states across the nation amounted to the most expensive manmade damage in history at $1 to $2 billion.”

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95 Responses

  1. Why in the hell do people of color support the demondcrats? Have they forgotten that the demondcrats were the KKK and fought a war, trying to keep them enslaved? The demondcrats are not doing anything favors for any people of color, or any of you folks from the DEEP south, (south of the Rio Grand). You all need to wake up and see what these demondcrats are doing to you and how they’re using you.

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    2. Everything that idiot stated applied to all the rioters all last summer. What a damned hypocrite.

      1. SO TRUE! JUAN is just about as DUMB AS THEY COME!!! I’m sure he doesn’t live under a rock BUT a VERY Large Boulder and it hit his head! He lives in another reality!

        1. KD you are 100% right about this moron. Juan is so wrapped in his hatred for the Republican Party he has a problem with what is real and what is not. Juan, how did our towns get destroyed, people killed, raped, beaten and a lot of black business were burnt to the ground? Juan you need to go peddle your BS some where else.

      2. JUAN WILLIAMS!!!!
        What about the videos clearly showing the RIOTS & FIRES????
        Are you losing your ability to see and think and be rational???
        No wonder that liberal group you use to work for, FIRED YOU!!!

    3. the democratic party is a “generational” thing that first time voters determine is the way to go because “mom & dad” would never vote for anything that would harm me or others”…hahaha – the “generational party politics” is just because those folks do not want to THINK for themselves OR don’t know how because the far left is filled with academia and they taint the thinking process of young people…and it has been that way for at least 4 generations in my own family – – until RECENTLY!!!

    4. Why in the hell does Fox News keep that freak on the air. He should have been fired a long time ago

      1. Thank you. I’ve been saying that for a long time now. He needs to go now. He cannot say anything positive if a republican comes up with a solution to anything. I can’t stand him. I like The Five but he’s going to cause me to stop watching it.

  2. Juan would like you to believe that it isn’t raining if you are standing outside and getting soaked in a downpour. What an idiot. Typical democrat communist mindset. Thinks people are stupid.

  3. I have been an avid watcher of all things FOX for 10 years now, was never much into politics until I realized Obama was dismantling our country. I actually thought Obama was going to help. I especially like the 5, watch daily first time I Voted in 54 years was when Trump ran but Juan Williams is ruining the 5 for me, he used to be ethical but is now a far left hack

    1. How True he needs to go—I stopped watching the Five because him and Rivera——-I must say Fox has fired some of the bad apple like Vetter and Smith. ——

      1. Well Wallace is still there, what’s his ra ting. Poor Juan is just blind, deaf and dumb. I enjoy when Gregg slams him down

        1. Agree with you on that one, Sharon… and, also, Dagyn… she lets him have it!!! Waters, too, for that matter but Greg really does get angry!! JUAN = STUPID!!!

      2. I stopped watching Fox news election night 2020. They rigged the election result. Not going back to Fox even if they enlist my favorites – Mike Pompeo, Larry Kudlow & Trey Gowdy.

  4. Personally, I believe Juan Williams should be fired from Fox…he is a radical Dem that does nothing but try to justify the left’s lies and anti-American rhetoric. He does NOTHING for the “5” but sit there with that “feces eating grin” or rolls his eyes and nod his head when he knows “his party” is lying and destroying America. It’s hard to believe that he must actually want his children & grand children to experience REAL descrimination, because that’s what he’s endorsing by not condemning the violence of BLM/Antifa, and the agenda of the Dems encourage racial separatism.

  5. Juan Williams is a delusional fool. He pisses on your hat and wants you to believe its just rain. We SAW who was rioting in Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis. It damned sure wasn’t the “far right”! Williams is an incompetent commentator drifting in the Washington DC and New York “woke” echo chamber. He hard to watch. If it wasn’t for Greg Gutfeld’s sanity I would drop The Five.

    1. I stopped watching The Five because Juan Williams
      literally makes my stomach turn. Just looking at him
      even before he opens his ignorant mouth makes me
      want to puke.

      1. Every time he says, “Well, in my mind…”, and it’s often, I want to throw something at my TV set! Love it when either Greg or Jesse trounce all over him. And he is always quoting polls to support Biden or detract Trump. He must pull those polls from some Democrat’s rear end!

  6. Hey Friends on the “right”. Take it easy on Juan and wish him an Emmy for his acting. Juan has a role to play and from all the anti-juan opinions, I’d say he’s real good at what Fox hired him to be; a voice for the other side. Personally, I
    enjoy the debate that Juan brings to the set and I know he’d make a good neighbor, friend etc

    Buckeye JIm

  7. Well, it is clear that the left is getting desperate. Williams has to know that what he’s saying can be debunked–its a ‘hail Mary’ play to encourage the dupes on the left that just listen to the headlines and to discourage the dupes on the right who do the same.

  8. By keeping Williams on the air, FNC is doing themselves much more harm than good. Get rid of the idiot and the ratings will surge immediately.

  9. Juan has lost his mind. I’ve never liked him, and it has nothing to do with him being black. He’s an idiot.
    Tell Juan he can go to youtube and watch the videos of blm rioting, looting and burning public & private property.
    There is no excuse for him lying like that.

  10. “Don juan” has been hiding under a rock and doesn’t even know what’s going on in the USA-ship the jackwagon to Africa where he belongs.

  11. Juan Williams is either blind or a damn fool.
    If he thinks there weren’t RIOTS last summer and contends that it’s all
    a bunch of lies he is the LIAR. Fire the SOB!!!!
    He’s a damn disgrace to journalism as are most of the media talking heads.

  12. Everyday Williams is on THE FIVE is a date with more fun of the mouth BS from him. His mannerisms when the others make comments about topics is a indication he’s a total A-HOLE. He will twist their words and instigate any disruption to any topic, whether it be GOP or DEMOCRAT. I have no respect for his reports and wish FOX would smarten up!

  13. Hitler said a lie told often enough becomes a believable fact. Wonder how many times the fascist left and Williams will repeat this LIE.

  14. Williams is nothing more than a ventriloquist
    dummy that has spent a lot of time on Obama’s
    lap.The five has become the “Juan Williams Hour”
    he never shut’s up and the others do nothing about
    The program managers and the rest of the panel
    are the one’s that allowed this to happen at the
    cost of their viewership and the slow demise of the
    show entirely.Send that racist excuse for an American
    back to Panama where he belongs.
    And bring back integrity to the Five and Fox network.

  15. If you think about it, it makes for controversy on the show which riles up the viewer base. That keeps the viewers coming back to see what the idiot will say next. That is why they have Juan on the show. Not sure if he actually believes the crap he speaks half the time or not. Just makes for good TV controversy and entertainment. I used to dislike it when he was on or one of the others was on, but then realized it was a show. Some truth, some fiction, but all for entertainment. Just my opinion.

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