May 23, 2022

Florida Senate passes bill outlawing abortions after 15 weeks, legislation heading to Governor DeSantis

Abortion is still a contentious issue in America more than 40 years after the court decision to legalize it. However, the tide is turning for pro-lifers.

The Florida Senate passed a bill Thursday that would outlaw abortions in the state after 15 weeks of gestation, Breitbart reported. Lawmakers expect Gov. Ron DeSantis to sign it and for the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold it based on similar legislation.

The Florida Republican is expected to sign the bill dubbed “Fetal and Infant Mortality Reduction” when it comes to his desk. DeSantis, a Catholic conservative, previously called the measure “very reasonable” and said, “a lot of people would be happy with that.”

The bill would permit abortions after 15 weeks only in the case of “fatal fetal abnormality” that would “result in death upon birth imminently thereafter.” It would require two doctors to sign off on that fact as well as provide another provision for the life of the mother or in the case of “serious bodily injury.”

Notably, there are no exceptions for rape and incest that are usually included in such legislation. State Sen. Kelli Stargel said this was intentional because she believes a child shouldn’t die based on how it was conceived.

“These are babies,” Stargel said. “It is not a choice. It is a child. I know we’ve seen it on the posters, but it is the truth.”

This new law is patterned after similar legislation from Mississippi that is making its way through a challenge at the U.S. Supreme. That case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is considered a direct assault on the long-standing Roe v. Wade decision that decreed abortion a Constitutional right in 1973.

Florida’s legislation is certainly a step in the right direction for defending the unborn. However, it’s still troubling that there are any instances where the government would permit a mother to kill her child in utero. While it seems like a measure to reduce suffering, killing a baby even when there is little chance of survival is cruel and barbaric.

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