October 6, 2022

Florida police officers resign from SWAT team, say city valued safety of ‘dogs’ over theirs

It’s becoming quite clear that there is no tolerance for effective law enforcement in the US anymore, and the consequences of this sudden shift are beginning to crystalize.

10 officers in Hallandale Beach, Broward County, FL just submitted their resignation to their city’s SWAT team, citing “today’s political climate” as their reason for stepping down.

The officers wrote in their resignation letter that the city was “placing the safety of dogs over the safety of team members,” and said that they had been “minimally equipped, under-trained and often times restrained” in attempting to perform their duties.

Law enforcement officers have been targeted, vilified, and harassed like never before in recent days, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that signs of a mass exodus are beginning to grow.

Hundreds of police officers in New York are reportedly beginning to plan early exits from the force after both city leadership and law enforcement leadership bowed to the pressure to begin defunding the police.

Though woke leftists may celebrate police officers being forced to step down from service, normal Americans know what the real consequences will be.

In Los Angeles, CA, crime rates dramatically spiked the first week of June — when the most heated protests happened –, resulting in a 250 percent rise in homicides compared to the previous week and a 56 percent rise in the number of gunshot victims in the same time frame — a terrifying preview into what the future could hold if American leaders continue to veer to the left.

As more major cities jump aboard the push to defund already struggling police forces, it’s no wonder that officers nationwide — especially in large metropolitan areas — are looking to jump ship.

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