July 31, 2021

Florida police officers resign from SWAT team, say city valued safety of ‘dogs’ over theirs

It’s becoming quite clear that there is no tolerance for effective law enforcement in the US anymore, and the consequences of this sudden shift are beginning to crystalize.

10 officers in Hallandale Beach, Broward County, FL just submitted their resignation to their city’s SWAT team, citing “today’s political climate” as their reason for stepping down.

The officers wrote in their resignation letter that the city was “placing the safety of dogs over the safety of team members,” and said that they had been “minimally equipped, under-trained and often times restrained” in attempting to perform their duties.

Law enforcement officers have been targeted, vilified, and harassed like never before in recent days, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that signs of a mass exodus are beginning to grow.

Hundreds of police officers in New York are reportedly beginning to plan early exits from the force after both city leadership and law enforcement leadership bowed to the pressure to begin defunding the police.

Though woke leftists may celebrate police officers being forced to step down from service, normal Americans know what the real consequences will be.

In Los Angeles, CA, crime rates dramatically spiked the first week of June — when the most heated protests happened –, resulting in a 250 percent rise in homicides compared to the previous week and a 56 percent rise in the number of gunshot victims in the same time frame — a terrifying preview into what the future could hold if American leaders continue to veer to the left.

As more major cities jump aboard the push to defund already struggling police forces, it’s no wonder that officers nationwide — especially in large metropolitan areas — are looking to jump ship.

Are you worried about the direction law enforcement is going in the US? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know.

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35 Responses

  1. I don’t blame them one bit. I would resign if I were treated like I was a piece of #@*% on the ground. I wish they would all band together, let the population see what would happen. I stand behind EVERY OFFICER AND MILITARY PERSONAL 100%. (Although I do think the chokehold should be banned.

    1. Michelle, I agree with you one hundred percent. Who would want to become a police officer today when the mentality currently displayed is all police are bad. I have a great nephew working 12-hour days in Louisville, KY in a community where he is not appreciated. They are not paid enough to put their lives on the line every day they put on their uniform. That split thinking of “if I do this will I cause a riot” could cost them their lives.

  2. I predicted this months ago, not bragging just stating a fact. If law enforcement is not supported then the general public will suffer the consequences. It’s just the fact. I know many law enforcement officers and their good people with families and friends and dreams. The democraps and liberals have destroyed those dreams. I wish my son had not followed me into law enforcement, but he did. I constantly pray for him and his family and all the officers I know.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this but the police have been used & abused for awhile now. I support our blue & pray for them & their families. They too have been put in danger. May our Lord protect them all. Hopefully we can come to some kind of solution for all. God bless. It’s a shame for the few bad officers, the rest have to pay the price.

  4. I certainly don’t blain the police officers and members of swat teams. They all need to ban together and go after these demonic idiots that think it is ok to be a lawless country. I also believe every security members that protect politicians should all step down , maybe these idiots that stand behind guards will have to stand alone. See what will happen then. People are sick and tired of the treasonous tyrant that run our states and disrespect the office of the Presidency. God Help this country . He has been trying to get our attention and these demons have been ignoring all the signs. Time is growing near. Trump 2020

  5. I agree with both Michelle & Fred 2638, they are right , ? what happens if you find someone in your house, who the hell do you call.? if there is no police, your brother, Aunt, Mother, sister? think about it, there are some people that have there head up there As>> .

    1. get a gun, get trained in how to use it, how to clean it and how to store the guns and the ammo. I bet there are clubs within 50 miles of you that have shooting for pleasure and will offer assistance to you

      1. I am 1 week from 77 years old, and I have Parkinson’s. I do not think you want me to handle a gun, there is no training on earth that would make that safe for ANYONE! I cannot afford to hire a bodyguard, so I am as vulnerable as anyone can be, I guess. There may be lots of people like us out there. What would you have us do? Serious question. It takes me a long time to type these comments.

  6. No i feel the cities will get what they and the people voted for(in
    the politicians) deserve. If you don’t manage government. Then
    Suffer the consequences.

  7. If the police forces are defunded then you better get yourself a pair of six shooters and do some serious practicing a the range because the old west (seen in the movies) is about to return.

  8. I can’t imagine anyone working
    For a police force where their
    Hands are tied by administration or politicans.

  9. I can’t imagine anyone working
    For a police force where their
    Hands are tied by administration or politicans.

  10. Stupidity breeds contempt which in turn results in more people arming themselves for protection of their homes and self. Those advocating defunding law enforcement should be denied any form of protection. Then see how long that lasts.

  11. The fun Part of this is the Police are the only thing keeping the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks alive Oh well liberal garbage dying doesn’t do any harm

  12. It’s rather sad that USA has decided to vilify and target her police force all over the nation especially in big cities following the unfortunate killing of American American by a one notorious police officer while three others stood aside and looked without doing a thing.
    That is horrific and barbaric no doubt about it. I personally have difficulties watching the video.
    But now it’s time to move on. Already there are sweeping reforms in the pipe line to straighten out all those areas that gave some bad eggs among the force the loopholes to carry out their nefarious activities. So at this point there is no reason defunding a police force that is already under funded.
    It’s important to note that there are hundreds of thousands of great police officers out there who are unfortunately been exposed to harm by the current situation of things. Defunding the force will expose them even to a point they may become incapable of policing their communities.
    Furthermore we must not forget that the one legitimate purpose of government any where is to secure and safe atmosphere where citizens can safely conduct their businesses without fear of harassment by any one. Security and safety are fundamental to getting the African American race out of their current predicament. Only at peaceful times will American be able to listen to the genuine concerns of the people with a view to solving the challenges they are facing.
    I’m calling on all police forces and law enforcement agencies around the world both serving and retired to support American Police at this difficult time by helping American to understand that defunding their police force may not be the best option for dealing with police brutality against African Americans.

  13. I think it’s a shame that law enforcement people are losing their self-worth keep them from doing a job that is so important to me and I know others, also.
    The left is stupid, crazy and lack ANY common sense if they think getting rid of law enforcement can make our nation greater. All they are doing is making sure that law breaking will increase beyond measure and NO ONE will be safe.

  14. Short of perhaps the last days of the Roman empire, I fail to come up with another society who so wantonly abandons the rule of law and common sense. The Roman’s perhaps could blame their stupidity on greed and on the lead pipes used for their drinking water. What is our excuse?

  15. Officers have their hands tied, Some even behind their back, Get spit on called every name in the book, By the people they have to give their lives for, Bullshit, I would tell them to go to Hell and quit also, They are not appreciated by BLM people, Looters, Rioters, Nor shown any compassion from their superiors, One little mistake, Jail, Quit friends , There is always something better without getting shit on everyday, All lives matter, even out police officers, Firemen, First responders,Doctors, Nurses, etc. Your Demonstrations and Riots, Looters are just expanding the Hatred across America, Obama started this Bullshit with his and Michelle’s Hatred of white folks, Who voted him into office to help stop this B.S. Only to be Vilified further into hatred by his actions , So SAD ! I support BLM, But All Lives Matter also,

  16. I am surprised the police didn’t do this sooner! They are being treated very badly and they should all get together and walk out in a huge block, with no celebrities allowed to hire body guards. I salute our police everywhere and I am heartsick over what is going on in this country.
    God help us all.

    1. I agree. They shouldn’t allow Pelosi and the other Democrats to have security either. They need to get a real feeling of fear for their lives and their families since they are the ones who are supporting all the crap going on now.

  17. More police agencies need to become more reactive like Chicago. Let the thugs thin themselves out and save yourselves (Police)the headaches. Pick up the bodies, fill out the paperwork and go home. No use of force complaint, the bad guy get’s to breathe and so do the cops. Only the thugs win/lose? Who cares, apparently most of Americans don’t.

  18. Friends = we must understand the utter desperation of our Democrats, socialists, communists, racists and other components of the so-called Democrat Party. Their own New York Pravda (aka Times) predicted Hillary’s win as being 98.8% certain. I guess the remaining 1.2% was reserved for the possibility of sudden Martian invasion.

  19. I understand guys but it frightens me to think of the chaos. Please be careful,take some downtime and We the People and Barr will work on this .God Bless

  20. When the lawlessness gets bad enough, Citizens will step up and end the violence. Those who would commit crimes would be targeted like wild animals by the American Citizens armed just for this moment. Gangs roaming the street with no regard for the Law or other people will be in the Gun Sights of regular Citizens and former Police. Those guarding the Politicians will also step down and leave them unprotected just like they let the People. It will be, when you see a crime being committed, it will be shoot first then yell Stop!!!!

  21. If and when the military is called up to end the violence , you can bet the police, well armed citizens , and combat veterans will also take up arms in support of our military. Mr. Trump, we are waiting for your call to arms.

  22. Leave the ungrateful bullies and brats. Let the cities become like Seattle, a law unto themselves! They voted for their leadership, let them live or die with it. Go where law abiding citizens want to pay for and respect your protection.

  23. If we don’t have any cops,law,nor order…..then we won’t have a country. Communism will surely take over. We can’t let this happen. Mr.president….you need to send in the military with orders to shoot to kill….and do it! Shoot every last one of the communist bastards.! It’s past time that our country gets rid of these communists. If you dont do it…..we the people, are going too. We are left with no choice.

  24. Black lives matter?? What about white lives!? Red lives!? Brown lives!? Yellow lives!? Blm is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such! There’s more white people that get killed by cops every year than there are all races put together. There’s no race that’s discriminated more against than the white man. That’s right! I said it! Now get over it! I’m proud of my heritage and ain’t apologizing for it like the majority of the spineless white race are doing! Grow some balls and Stand up and be heard!

  25. I will be among the first to admit that the police do have some bad apples in their ranks but so does society where our police come from and those bad apples can be weeded out. However I will also (maybe not among the first)be there to defend most of our police officers. If they are disbanded we will definitely face severe consequences. It takes a special breed,especially in this day and time,to put that uniform on go out into the street where you know you are a target for every crackpot in town and that you have to walk on eggshells all day to prevent prosecution for seemingly doing the job you were hired and trained to do.Good luck and may God protect you officers doing your jobs. Not everyone is against you.

  26. Alright, alright,…..i get it! Enough is enough! The cop shouldn’t have had his knee on George Floyd’s back for 8 minutes ( if indeed that’s the truth ), but he didn’t die from asphyxiation like they say he did. He died from a heart attack due to the coronavirus,stress he was under,and from meth. which he was high on at the time. If George Floyd wouldn’t have resisted arrest and obeyed the law, he’d be alive today but nobody seems to care about that. The bottom line is…. the majority of of the blacks out in the streets don’t want any law….period. That’s right! I said it! Now get over it!

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