April 21, 2021

Florida governor says state has quelled violence for 24 hours straight

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced on Tuesday that state law enforcement has successfully shut down riots in the Sunshine state with “no significant law enforcement or civilian injuries or deaths.”

Many Democrat-run states and cities are struggling to control the catastrophic explosions of violence prompted by the death of George Floyd last week, but DeSantis’ quick action has kept the state relatively free of the destruction.

DeSantis tweeted on Tuesday “Thanks to the collaborative efforts of local officials, law enforcement, @FLGuard, and Florida Highway Patrol @FLHSMV, over the past 24 hours @fdlepio reports no significant civilian or law enforcement injuries and no widespread property damage.”

De Santis indicated that peaceful protests continued throughout the same timeframe, but no additional violence occurred.

“Florida will not tolerate rioting, looting, or violence. We encourage all residents and visitors to continue abiding by local curfews and directives and thank everyone for their cooperation,” DeSantis concluded.

As demonstrations across the nation turned violent over the weekend, DeSantis did not hesitate to call in his state’s national guard. Most of Florida’s violence was concentrated in the Tampa Bay area, but was rapidly quelled after DeSantis ordered the “mobilization of 700 Florida National Guard soldiers who are specially trained to support law enforcement.”

A new Morning Consult poll found that the vast majority of American voters — on both sides — support calling in the national guard to keep demonstrations from devolving into riots.

Despite the fact that large swathes of the US population are disturbed by the outbreak of violence that resulted from initially peaceful protests against police brutality, several Democrat leaders have refused to call up the national guard.

Most notably, as protests spiraled into chaos in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to accept assistance from the state’s national guard. Looting, fires, and violent attacks on police officers across the city have run rampant for multiple nights in a row.

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27 Responses

  1. That sorry excuse of a Mayor for New York City, de Blasio, should be removed from office for failing to protect the people of New York City. He failed to protect the people in the Nursing/Retirement Homes by sending sick people to those facilities … there were ample other facilities available for the virus patients but the “so called mayor of New York City” did not send those sick people with the virus to those facilities. Remember that de Blasio is a lying, sorry, no good excuse of a Mayor folks. Many old people died in those nursing homes due to the failure if the so called mayor to do his job. Sue the “sorry rascal” for his failure to do his job.

  2. Protesting What? Where is the protest about those that have killed in the riots, where is the protest about those that have broken into stores and robbed the owners? Where is all of the travel expenses for those that travel about to lead the protest? Surely they need money to travel and stay in hotels while there and we are supposed to think they are poor. Bless the hearts of those that think they are doing good, yet they are being sucked up into the violence and being praised by the media. They are willing idiots/pawns of those that seek to take America down. If you think socialism is great, study History and look at Venezuela, Cuba, where you are supported by others that will eventually become feeders as well. There are many Black people that have overcome, such as Booker T. Washington because they depended upon themselves rather tan become slaves to the government.

  3. Wish our Democratic govenor would take notes… we now have a Curfew from 9 PM to 5 am. Wish we could say “Rioters beware” but we cant.

  4. Massachusetts doesn’t have a castle law that entitles citizens to take a stand inside their home and protect their property, but we should.

  5. So, we are wondering: did Desantis go the the Florida hotspots i.e, Tampa to listen and talk with the protesters? It is very easy to just call in the heavily loaded guards and give them carteblanc to quell those “thugs” as our caring Prezzie says.
    No, Desantis just toots his horn like so many repugs.
    No kudos, sorry!

    1. He did what he needed to do, Democratic run states are working on destroying yours and my country wake up Americans.


    3. Whether he is a Democrat, Independent, Constuttionalist, Republican, etc., etc., etc. it is his responsibility as Governor of the State of Florida to keep the citizens in the State of Florida safe. Hopefully the curfew can be lifted soon.

    4. I live in Florida and know Ron and he IS everything we say he is. He loves Florida and does whatever he can to make it a great place to live, for EVERYONE, Black, White, Brown, Asian, Native Americans, etc.

  6. Congratulations Governor Desantis you are a awesome Governor. The Constitution rules and wins every time and has for over 200 years. THANK YOU.

  7. Liberal cities are burning because liberal leaders want them to. They know how to end this mess but they refuse in the hopes it will stop people voting for Trump. Truth is we all look at these leaders and wonder why anyone would vote for a party that encourages the looting of businesses, the burning of cities and the attacks and fatalities these liberal paid thugs brought down on them. Biden bailing them out, liberals in congress backing them, and Hollywood elites helping them burn your cities and states down. Really, what kind of stupid does it take to vote for these people? These are you businesses, your jobs, your cities and your people that the liberal politicians are allowing to be destroyed. It isn’t happening in conservative states so ask yourselves why.

  8. Any sane person would want to save their cities and stop the craziness. Doing anything else is just stupid especially when it’s just to cripple our President! Leave politics out of this and do what’s best for the American people.

  9. Kay is spot on. The Dem run areas want as much destruction as possible so they can blame Trump, and then get they’re sorry messed up cities bailed out with our tax dollars.

  10. Any one notice that the states protecting their citizens and businesses are Republicans and the Demorat states are just letting their people run around like animals

  11. The Democrats are Communists and, they are trying to destroy our way of life for their own gains. America doesn’t mean anything to them

  12. I live in Florida, and after seeing the: chaos, destruction of: infrastructure, personal and private property, the killings of innocent people, looting, violence and rioting, I am forever grateful that Governor DeSantis is our Governor. It is with the greatest of gratitude and respect that I extend my thanks and good wishes to our Governor for going out of his way to protect the residents and our State. We have an angel watching over each and everyone of us.

  13. The loony liberals are totally incapable of doing anything that will save the Country unless it means they have TOTAL control. This is something they do not deserve from top to bottom. Who wants to live under Newsom, Cuomo, Whitmer, Pritzker, Inslee, black face Northam, Walz, Baker, Murphy or Sisolak or be represented by Pelosi, Schummer, Waters, Schiff, Nadler who all “govern” via the liberal manifesto.

  14. Can we borrow him here in RHODE island ti we can raise a real intelligent Politician of our own before the next big election

  15. It’s great to hear of Florida’s Governor’s success in handling the riots.

    NOW. !

    Let’s see some success in the arrest and prosecution of the leaders, backers, supporters organizers, and directors of the riot:
    Ranking Members of the Democratic Communist Party
    The “Deep State”
    Black Lives Matter
    George Soros
    Bill & Melinda Gates
    The Cast of Many Subversive Hollywood Types Who Aided & Abetted the Rioters
    et al

    Capital Murder would be a good starting charge for them, followed by
    Attempted Capital Murder
    And numerous add’l felonies, both Federal and State

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